The result tells you everything, this is the biggest loss of the season. Players probably thought more on upcoming holidays than on the match. After five straight league victories all with clean sheet, we lost last three consecutive matches without scoring a goal and with score 0:12. This si very poor end of the season.

MS Odense showed great team play when all their six goals were scored by different players and everybody from Paolo Baggio to their front striker Jelko Idinhar gave their best. I am very disappointed that we didn’t score single goal althought we won couple of regular chances and quick special event. Their defence with fantastic goalkeeper worked really well.

Club legend and capitan Libor Hajn said

The result is such a shame, we were never really in the game. We were outplayed, outmuscled, outclassed. It was very harsh lesson to our young players and we need to pick ourself up. Next match we play very easy opponent in domestic cup and I hope that this is the real opportunity to improve our low confidence.

You can feel that yesterday was very difficult day, not even for the players, but also for the coach. He was completely wordless in his postmatch press conference:

ehm, what can I say? I don’t know… This is a disaster, we did not even fight for a minor succes. I think that there is only one way back from this performance. And that is my resignation. I hope that team will do well in the upcoming seasons but I feel that I have no more to give to the team. I am really disappointed to leave after such a poor match.

Yes, it was disaster. And it looks like that it hurts the manager too. Especially when Arsenal lost the same day 4:0 to AC Milan. The score of the day was 0:10 for me. That tells you all…

I wish all best to MS Odense next season and all worst to Paolo Baggio on Friday 😛 although I believe he will develop into great keeper, but I will not keep my fingers crossed to him tomorrow…

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