Shooting range or not?

Well, we are ready for the last game of the season which will hopefully increase our confidence before our IV. division debut. We have got two matches to go till our league campaign starts and we should win both of them easily. But what makes our next opponent dangerous is our head to head history. They lead 2-1 although they were always outsiders expected to leave the stadium in tears.

However they look significantly weakened after the departure of Paolo “Goldenboy” Baggio and although they have purchased three new players since Baggio left, they still don’t look as strong as they were last season. The only thing we know is that their tactics is to make sure that we underestimate them. How on earth would they show their lineup day before kick off?

Coach Alfonso Revull said:

It is really weird, what they have been doing. Their manager said that we are going to play 330 hatstats and that is obviously not true. With almost none Team Spirit and with some training duties, we will be happy if we manage 280 hatstats. The truth is that the cabin is all over me and noone listens to me. I will be happy if we play atleast half as good as we did in final league round.

Even manager noticed small revolution in the team and when young Leoš brought a bottle of alcohol to the training, coach Alfonso Revull was upseted  so much that his leadership declined. It was clear that Leoš wanted to celebrate his birthday, which he couldn’t celebrate earlier because of the ongoing season, team promotion and his improvement as a player. Manager found that reasons sufficient enough to permit celebration and he joined it too. As I said, the only result was that coach’s leadership declined from passable to inadequate. :(

The fact of the thay is that MS Odense will be the first team to play a player with titanic mainskill trained only in Kamenice. We hope that Leoš Chlebek will do some damage to them although he will play at unfamiliar wing back position.

Noone knows if the match will be a sooting range or not. It all depends on how FCOB Kamenice players will be concentrated on the performance. But the situation in the cabin is very bad and I feel that we might not be strong enough to beat MS Odense. The match starts at 2 p.m. Feel free to watch!

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