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In this page there are described players who went trought our youth academy Kamenice Lamers and are worth to mentoied (has the potential to reach 50k TSI, or have reached 50 000 TSI).

The first and the oldest is Milan Ledecký. He is the first excellent player who came out of the academy. He was not far away of playing in Czech U20 team. He was 5. – 6. Inner midfieler at his age in the Czech Republic. And he also had a good age for playing in U20 World Cup Qualification. But U20 coach decided not to call him to the squad also thanks to that he doesn’t have any speciality. We sold him for 45 000 000 Kč (around 1 100 000 Euros). He has been enjoying time with team les udos since his transfer out of Kamenice.

Second is Tadeáš Těthal. When he was transferred out of Kamenice, he didn’t look like player to achieve big things in Hattrick. He came out as a solid playmaker without speciality and secondary skills. But following some good transfers, he has been still improving and now he has reached 50k TSI. He is an example that without bags of talent, you can still become top player.

The third is Otmar Barek who is the most expensive player who has ever left FCOB Kamenice. At 17 yo and 0 days, when he was promoted to the senior team he had excellent PM and inadequate PG and D. But the advatage is that he has Head speciality and also very good age for U20 World Cup. Pure talent. He was sold for 180 000 000 Kč (around 4 500 000 euros) and he has been training under excellent coach. He made his U20 debut on 28th September 2011 and is likely to play in Worl Cup finals (if Czech republic qualify).  He was a big deal. Could be a big player.

I hope that more and more players will be added to this page 😀

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Student from the Czech republic, Arsenal fan, hattrick player