It was season no 31, when we decided to play our first friendly cup ever. We decided to play in 9th RIPANJ TROPHY, because of manager Horus, who chose that cup and invited all HTU bloggers to take a part in this cup. We accepted that offer, because the possibility of a match between two bloggers, which is not only a friendly match gives to the Wednesday friendly another dimension, something what makes hattrick more funny. Also the winning price – two months of supporter – is something what makes your decision making easier.

We were drawed to the group A with Grobari zmajevo from hat 1, Dragon Boy’s FC from hat 3 and Apocalipsa by S.A. from hat 4. That means we were drawed from hat 2 and that in the group stage, we played two games at home. Before the start, we had a look to our opponents and we thought that we are second the best and also favorites to advance. But we knew that nothing would be free…

Team Played Win Draw Lost Goals Points
Dragon Boy’s FC 3 2 0 1 14:5 6
FCOB Kamenice 3 2 0 1 11:8 6
 Apocalipsa by S.A. 3 2 0 1 10:11 6
Grobari zmajevo 3 0 0 3 7:18 0



Round 1 24.08.2011. Grobari zmajevo 2 : 5 Apocalipsa by S.A.
FCOB Kamenice 0 : 3 Dragon Boy’s FC
Round 2 31.08.2011. Apocalipsa by S.A. 4 : 3 Dragon Boy’s FC
Grobari zmajevo 4 : 5 FCOB Kamenice
Round 3 7.09.2011. FCOB Kamenice 6 : 1 Apocalipsa by S.A.
Dragon Boy’s FC 8 : 1 Grobari zmajevo

After the 3rd round, we were really happy that we managed to advance. Before the last match, we needed to win by more than three goals againts the team who won previous two matches. And we managed it with our reserve team. That was great success and we started to look for 1/8 match. We were paired with FK Heroj, and unlucky for us, we had to play it away.

1/8 final:  FK Heroj – Kamenice 1:2 (aet)

Fortunately, we still managed to win after extra time and in a match interrupted by many injuries(but only on our side) we weren’t the better side. But this is hattrick and we went into the quaterfinals with three wins in a row.

1/4 final: FCOB Kamenice – Dana’s FC 0:1 (aet)

It was late penalty, which decided the winner and we were eliminated. Althought we had the same possession like our opponent, in the match, when was almost impossible to score from a regular chance they got two free kick. They missed one in the first half but scored a penalty in 2nd minute of extra time to end our hopes to win 2 months of supporter package.

When I look back on our performances at Ripanj Trophy, I can only say that it was pleasure to play it. When you play in a boring league, you are the best and when your “B” team beat 3 league opponents with ease, it is much better to join a competition like this. It is quiet funny, because you can expect every single result. You can win, draw, lost when thought that only win is possible. It only depends on how seriously the manager of the second team want to win the game. I can only recommend to you playing in similar cup and it was quiet disappointing that I didn’t meet any of other HTU bloggers participating in that cup.

Now, when I won promotion to the fifth division, you can expect more balanced games and need of every single player to be ready and healthy. So playing with A team in cup like that is out of the question for me. And because playing in a friendly cup with B team until you get eliminated is not as funny as playing with A team in closing stages of the tournament. I will probably prefer Golden League to any friendly cup for a couple of seasons to go…

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