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this should be an introduce to this web page of hattrick club FCOB Kamenice, lets write something about it:

The name FCOB Kamenice. Maybe you should ask what does FCOB means… obviously FC means footbal club but OB, that is abbreviation of “Orientační běh” (English: “Orienteering”) and that is also my favourite sport. And Kamenice isn’t the town, where I live and it isn’t the town of my favourite czech football club, Kamenice is town where my orienteering club is from.

So now, you know how the name was made and this is the time to write something from history.

FCOB Kamenice were found 25.1.2009 and in the first season we won promotion. Since then we have been in the same league and we have been starting looking for another promotion. The first chance for promotion came in the seadon 30. when we won the league but we didn’t have enough points to advance directly so we were forced to play qualification. Unfortunately, we lost but we hope that this got us stronger and will help us to advance next season. My YA was created at the same time, like senior team, but instead of fighting against relegation in first couple of season, my YA were always at the top of the league. Also money, which I got pro solded players at the age of 17 are pretty high(around 400 000 000 Kč – 10 000 000 euros). I think I have been very successful in developing young players…

I hope that this page will be interesting and you will visit it again…

About the Author

Student from the Czech republic, Arsenal fan, hattrick player