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First loss of points

On Saturday we played with the second team and everybody hoped that our victory will be easy. But our team is still in CUP so start line-up was combined with players from B-team.

FC Prague Slivers – AC Sparta Bojkovice 3:3

We tried to surprise our opponent attack on wing but in the first half our attacks were not successful. On the other hand our opponent scored two goals from his two normal chances. SO the first half was a nightmare for us.
In the break we did some changes and in 64th minute we balanced to 2:2. The second goal we poured the blood into the veins and our fans chased us to ahead but we were the first who got the third goal. Fortunately we were able to quickly compare to 3:3, but this was all what we did. This was a first time in this season what we didn’t won.

We are still in the CUP so I devided to give a chance a players who didn’t play in a league. It’s a pity that we didn’t win because we could 6 points lead. But if we will win in the CUP I won’t angry at the guys for this league match.

This said our coach after Saturday match.

On Wednesday our team will play a historical match in 8th CUP round so who can arrive to our stadium so come.


We rewrote a history

Incredible! We promoted to 8th CUP round and we rewrote our history.
Today we played CUP match on home staidum after 9 season and next week we will back to our stadium with another home sound.

FC Prague Slivers – FC Jihlava 4:3

It is very nice feeling. I am glad that my teamwork is seen on the stadium. I am at the team’s third season as coach and my achievements are big. I hope that the team will continue with good reasults and will back to 3rd division.

These words said our coach Petr Šimáček after victory Cup match.

In today match we had the highest attendance 68 286 our fans.
After the fisrt half we led 4:1 and everybody knew that victory is our. But in the second half our team missed a lot of chances and came a punishment. We got two goals and so we worried about the result. Unfortunately no goals were scored and we could celebrate victory and historical promotion to 8th round.

After this match our invincibility is on 20 matches and we hope that It will continue in league to 21 matches.
In the league our leadership is about 3 points and next two matches we will play with second team, so if we will win both matches our way to 3rd division is free. :-)


CUP will be in our stadium

It is here. After Wednesday victory 4:2 in CUP match we knew a opponent for 7th round and for our surprise we will play on our stadium.
This is a historical moment, because our last home CUP match was before a long 9 seasons. We lost this match so everybody hope that next match we will win.

FC HV 1964 – FC Prague Slivers 2:4

In this match opponent had very high midfield but nothing else. So we tried to balance a midfield. And we succeeded. Although home team was the first who celebrated to score goal. This was only action in the first half. After changing sides our team showed who is better. During 7 minutes we turned the scored to 2:1 and if in 83rd minute Coufalík added the third goal everybody thought that the end of the match will calm. Nevertheless in 86th minute we got goal from headed and we started to worry about score. One minute latef home team had another chance but they missed and so Jiří Mika who come to field in 85th minute scored goal to 4:2 after 3 minutes in the grass. So we won this match in the second half.
And one bonus in this match. In this match we played the best hatstats in our history (407).

It is incredible. Last season we lost in the 7 round and now we will play in the same round but at home, so this is big plus for us. Our opponent is friend from last season league so we know what we can wait. We will do everything that we will play in 8 round. I hoep that nobody will injure in league match or get red card.

This said happy coach Petr Šimáček after CUP match.

In Saturday our team will play with the weakest team in our league, so important players will rest.


Leadership in league about 3 points

FC DKA Fighters – FC Prague Slivers 3:6

This match was in our direciton. We have already decided this match in the 1st half. Only one black stain in this match was injured our star Messi Jelínek but he would be ready to next league match. Instead came up Ondřej Hataš who scored 2 goals in the second half and confirmed our victory. Too bad that we got two goals in one minute and the final score wasn’t so nice. These goals are the first which we got in the league.
After 3 matches we have 9 points and score 16:3. Next match we will play with team HUSKY. It will be derby and probably the most difficlt match in this season.

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2nd week was very successful

We promoted to 4th round in CUP where we will play with our friend from one federation. :-) So this round will be very interesting our us and our friend in federation but we hope that we will win and play in 5th round.

In league we played with “live” manager and we destroyed him. Final score 5:0 says it all. :-) In this match we played hastats 400. This is a third time what we played this number. Finally we jumped up to 1st position where we would stay to end of this season.

After two victories with AFCW last week he tried our lucky again but he failed. The other two matches we WON again, so our mutual matches are 4:0 for us :-)
On the end of April we played with Korean double champion. We could only surprise everyone. In 60th minutes we led 3:0 but we get a pullback and It was over. :-( Paquebot’s team showed experince and compared in normal time on 3:3. In extra time he added one goal and we lost 4:3.

I am proud of my team. They showed that he could measured with a better teams. Now we can try to defeat Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno but It will be very difficult.

This said our couch Petr Šimáček and prepare to next matches.