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Summary of the season

This week a new season is starting so I must to do a summary of the last season.

We started the second time in the 5th division.
Nobody believed that we could finished in TOP3.
If random did like us, so we could finish on the first position. But two lost and 3 ties managed only to the second position.
Everybody hopes that this season we will have a more lucky than the last season and we will win a title.

The Cup:
We lost in the 3rd round. Again. This is a fourth in a row. :-(
This season we will want to play in 5th round :-)

Golden league:
After a strong battle, we finished on the 4th position. :-(
Again random lost our matches 😀

Youth academy:
We have a very good and talent players in a youth academy.
In youth academy Cup we will play a quarter-final.
In HTUM Division II we are on the 1st position but we lost an invincibility in league matches :-)


4st position in Golden league

The first season of Golden league is over.

We did what we could but It was a little. :-( We finished on the (potatoes) 4th place. Only 3 points misses us.
It is one goal to hat-trick or one victory. Random doesn’t like us because it lost our 2 matches. :-(

We can’t excuse to random. We lost it ourselves. :-( For example we had to win a match with Vi flæsker jer. We were better but without goals nobody can win.

It is a shame that we didn’t finish in TOP3. The 4th place is very nice but I am not satisfied with it. :-( I think that we had to more.
There’s no point to complain on it. Anybody doesn’t change it.
I like this championship. It is a very good idea. We will play a Golden league season 2, but we will prefer to collect a rare flags so we will play GL if we don’t have a friendly match. 😉

These words said manager Ballinho, when he saw a final results in the last Golden league match.

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The best will be the 3rd position

The Golden league will finish the next week.
The last two matches finished very bad for us. Two lost mean that we will play about the 3rd place.

FC Prague Slivers – Vi flæsker jer 0:3

We knew that Coumos played on defense. So we got all our chances to attack. But our forward failed. :-( We prepared only one chance which rival goalkeeper caught.
The first half finished without goals but after break random began to rage. :-)

The chance from left used away defender. After this goal away team got two special events which decided this match.
Hatstats was: 266:230 for us. But the lucky team won.

0:1 Celino Prieto 56′
0:2 Ramón Moreno 69′
0:3 Kai Rheinheimer 80′
1 booking accumulated Aronne Murgia 76′
Got injured Olli Bruun 68′
Got injured Abel Gordillo 77′

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