The best period in youth academy

Last week our youth academy played the last match in HTUM Division II.
We played with Falcon Fledglings. The first match finished 2:2.
If we won the last match we won a title in Division II.

FC Sliver Junior – Falcon Fledglings 4:1

We had a better start that Falcons and in the 26th minute we led 1:0 after goal from corner kick. But immediately Falcons balanced on 1:1.
In the first half we scored another goal, and this half we won 2:1.
After break both of teams did some changes in a line-up. But only we scored goals. During 4 minutes we scored 2 goals and Miloš Bajger scored a his the first hat-trick in his career.
Final score 4:1.


Division II – Season 1
1 FC Sliver Junior (Czech Rep) 10 7 1 2 31-9 22
2 Langer House Yuva (India) 10 7 0 3 24-14 21
3 Young Charlemagnes (Poland) 10 5 1 4 21-16 16
4 Falcon Fledglings (Czech Rep) 10 4 3 3 21-13 15
5 X Team Jr (Romania) 10 4 1 5 19-19 13
6 Leeds Youth Academy (England) 10 0 0 10 6-51 0


We are finished in a quarter-final

1. FC Olomouc U-19 – FC Sliver Junior 4:1
The first match we won 4:3 at home and everybody knew that we expect a difficult the second match.
We did everything that we won but our rival was better.
Our rival had more shoot than we. We had only one five minutes to the end of the match and we corrected final score to 4:1.
Final score from both matches was 5:7 for our rival and he will play in semi-final Youth academy cup.

I think that we left a good impression in this Cup. I am proud on our boys. They showed the best what it is in them.
Now we are playing in HTUM U18 Championship and we want to play in TOP3 :-) We have a few very talent players as Rastislav Jelínek or Vojtěch Maršík.

The first match in HTUM U18 Championship

Manse JR – FC Sliver Junior 1:1
This match was very boring. Only three chances in all match. In the first half in the 5th minute we lost 1:0 but after break we balanced to 1:1.
We had one chance after our goal but opponent goalkeeper caught this chance.
The next match we will play with Langer House Yuva on our stadium and parents of our players hope that we will win.

About ballinho

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