We are a leader. Unbelievable

Two matches with Průraz team. Our opponent is still in the CUP so in league he played with weaker start line-up.

Průraz – FC Prague Slivers 1:6

Our start was very slow and we lost 1:0 in the 34th minutes. But this goal was only one in our net. After this moment our players started to play. The reward was two fast goals for us and our leadership after 1st half.
And what we showed in the 2nd half was glory. Funs had to entertain our game. We scored 4 goals in 2nd half and for example Rastislav Jelínek played with his opponents players like cat and mouse.
Final score 6:1.

After this match we moved to 1st position by score.

FC Prague Slivers – Průraz 3:1

This game was watched by 62 740 fans. This is the biggest visit in this season and the 3rd in our history. Our opponent surprised us counter attack tactic, but they scored only one goal as in home match. Our approach to match was play in calm so we scored “only” 3 goals.
We won 3:1 and thanks to favorable results in the league we are a leader and our lead 2 points.

Our interviewer could make on Monday after a training Gustav Opálka and asked him a some question:

František Nýč: Hello Gustav, Do you have a moment to a short interview?
Gustav Opálka: Hello Franta. Of course yes.

FN: Our form in last 6 matches in better and better. You scored 7 goals in last 6 matches. Where you took it in yourself?
GO: (laugh) I don’t know. After this goals I scored only 13 goals, but every goal is very good for me and very important for our team. I think that isn’t important who scored goal but victory is more important.

FN: But you are a defender, last man before goalkeeper. How you got to attack?
GO: I have the best playmates. If I go to attack, somebody go to my place. It is a small reward for me.

FN: I hope that you will continue in this in the next matches. Thank you for your time.
GO: Me too, but if we win and I won’t score any goal It won’t matter. Thank you too. bye

On Wednesday we will play wit team from Al Kuwayt so who can watch to nice match, arrive to our stadium 😉

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