Leadership in league about 3 points

FC DKA Fighters – FC Prague Slivers 3:6

This match was in our direciton. We have already decided this match in the 1st half. Only one black stain in this match was injured our star Messi Jelínek but he would be ready to next league match. Instead came up Ondřej Hataš who scored 2 goals in the second half and confirmed our victory. Too bad that we got two goals in one minute and the final score wasn’t so nice. These goals are the first which we got in the league.
After 3 matches we have 9 points and score 16:3. Next match we will play with team HUSKY. It will be derby and probably the most difficlt match in this season.

On Monday we played quarter-final in HTUM Challenge Trophy with novice in this tournament SVV Schiedam.
Opponent played CA. This would be a probelm for us a few month ago, but now we know how we play with these opponents. Yet we beat 4x AFC Wirschtlstand, who got hit really cruel debacle from our next opponent in semi-final. So we must be on guard. This won’t be easy match but we hope that we will play in final after a long time.
We won in quarter-final positively 5:1.

And now a few words about dramatic CUP match.

FC Flaming Ostrava – FC Prague Slivers 2:3 ET

Opponent’s manager is our good friend so this match was very interesting for us and our friend in federation. We told about this match all week and we arranged PIC deal and promised that this match will be dramatic.
From the start of the match we could see that this match will be very attractive. Home team celebrated as the first. After only 9 minutes we compered to 1:1 when youngster Jiří Mika scored his 3rd CUP goal. This scored was after 1st half, because any chances didn’t finish in goal. The 2nd half started as the fisrt. Home team went into lead. After this goal we pushed a pushed but we didn’t get to shoot. If yes we missed. The small complication occured in 83rd minute when first goal scorer had to go form stadium for injured. On to the field arrived Ondřej Hataš but still we lost 2:1. Nevertheless in the last minute, more precisely in 89:15 Jochen Lazar scored his the important goal in his career. This goal meant that our match will continue in extra time. And now the moment came for Ondřej Hataš. After his individual action he scored the victorious goal. Hero was born.

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