CUP will be in our stadium

It is here. After Wednesday victory 4:2 in CUP match we knew a opponent for 7th round and for our surprise we will play on our stadium.
This is a historical moment, because our last home CUP match was before a long 9 seasons. We lost this match so everybody hope that next match we will win.

FC HV 1964 – FC Prague Slivers 2:4

In this match opponent had very high midfield but nothing else. So we tried to balance a midfield. And we succeeded. Although home team was the first who celebrated to score goal. This was only action in the first half. After changing sides our team showed who is better. During 7 minutes we turned the scored to 2:1 and if in 83rd minute Coufalík added the third goal everybody thought that the end of the match will calm. Nevertheless in 86th minute we got goal from headed and we started to worry about score. One minute latef home team had another chance but they missed and so Jiří Mika who come to field in 85th minute scored goal to 4:2 after 3 minutes in the grass. So we won this match in the second half.
And one bonus in this match. In this match we played the best hatstats in our history (407).

It is incredible. Last season we lost in the 7 round and now we will play in the same round but at home, so this is big plus for us. Our opponent is friend from last season league so we know what we can wait. We will do everything that we will play in 8 round. I hoep that nobody will injure in league match or get red card.

This said happy coach Petr Šimáček after CUP match.

In Saturday our team will play with the weakest team in our league, so important players will rest.

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