We rewrote a history

Incredible! We promoted to 8th CUP round and we rewrote our history.
Today we played CUP match on home staidum after 9 season and next week we will back to our stadium with another home sound.

FC Prague Slivers – FC Jihlava 4:3

It is very nice feeling. I am glad that my teamwork is seen on the stadium. I am at the team’s third season as coach and my achievements are big. I hope that the team will continue with good reasults and will back to 3rd division.

These words said our coach Petr Šimáček after victory Cup match.

In today match we had the highest attendance 68 286 our fans.
After the fisrt half we led 4:1 and everybody knew that victory is our. But in the second half our team missed a lot of chances and came a punishment. We got two goals and so we worried about the result. Unfortunately no goals were scored and we could celebrate victory and historical promotion to 8th round.

After this match our invincibility is on 20 matches and we hope that It will continue in league to 21 matches.
In the league our leadership is about 3 points and next two matches we will play with second team, so if we will win both matches our way to 3rd division is free. :-)

About ballinho

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