First loss of points

On Saturday we played with the second team and everybody hoped that our victory will be easy. But our team is still in CUP so start line-up was combined with players from B-team.

FC Prague Slivers – AC Sparta Bojkovice 3:3

We tried to surprise our opponent attack on wing but in the first half our attacks were not successful. On the other hand our opponent scored two goals from his two normal chances. SO the first half was a nightmare for us.
In the break we did some changes and in 64th minute we balanced to 2:2. The second goal we poured the blood into the veins and our fans chased us to ahead but we were the first who got the third goal. Fortunately we were able to quickly compare to 3:3, but this was all what we did. This was a first time in this season what we didn’t won.

We are still in the CUP so I devided to give a chance a players who didn’t play in a league. It’s a pity that we didn’t win because we could 6 points lead. But if we will win in the CUP I won’t angry at the guys for this league match.

This said our coach after Saturday match.

On Wednesday our team will play a historical match in 8th CUP round so who can arrive to our stadium so come.

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