Final place

The final place in all league:

Season 20: 6th place (only two matches in this season)
Season 21: 5th place
Season 22: 1st place (after one all season there was a title and promotion to the 6th division)
Season 23: 7th place (fall down to the lowest and the worst league)
Season 24: 1st place (again title)
Season 25: 2nd place (very good season)
Season 26: 2nd place
Season 27: 1st place (title in the 6th division, but lost in the match for 5th league)
Season 28: 3rd place
Season 29: 1st place (promotion to 5th league)
Season 30: 8th place (disappointment)
Season 31: 1st place (promotion to 5th league, unbelievable score 88:4)
Season 32: 2nd place
Season 33: 1st place (lost in qualifying match 4:3 ET)
Season 34: 1st place (promotion to 4th league, without lost in league and score 50:10)
Season 35: 3rd place (surprise for us)
Season 36: 3rd place (target achieved)
Season 37: 1st place (historical promotion to 3rd league)
Season 38: 7th place (fall down back to IV league)
Season 39: 2nd place (we wanted a title)

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