Team records

This numbers are with today date 28th May 2014:

The most goals in league and cup: Karel Koumar 112 goals
The most goals in friendly matches: Edvard Masaryk 69 goals
The most matches in our jersey: Petr Šimáček 293 matches
The most clean sheets in a row: Iliyan Markov
The most minutes without goal: 435 minutes (Iliyan Markov season 34)
The highest hatstats: 406 FC Prague Slivers – Jihlava (8th March 2014 season 39), 407 in CUP match FC HV 1964 – FC Prague Slivers (21st May 2014 season 40)
Matches with hatstats 400 and more: 4 matches
The best CUP round: 8th in season 40 (global 55)
The higgest attendance: 68 286 fans
Invincibility: 20 matches (15th February 2014 – 28th May 2014)

All World: 153rd place
Czech republic: 77th place
Prague: 6th place
Start in the same season: 17th place

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