It came different

Saturday evening and the village was crowded when we arrived. The people came from near and far excited and curious about the game they’ll follow from the stands. Of course they heard about the new faces wearing the blue and black kit for the first time, and of course they’re looking forward to see them play this evening. Many of the supporters have been happy with the outcome so far. Gathering nine points in the first six games was more than they expected, and the latest results show that Gigiboys are in reach and a fourth victory should be feasible this night.

But let’s talk about the new faces before: the Chief wasn’t happy with the overall progress of the team and therefore he talked with the complete stuff behind closed doors to find a better solution for the near future and we all know now what decisions have been made in that chamber beginning last week. The Chief himself became active and signed four new players within only one day. The needed money has been raised by selling Jérôme Ange for a record transfer prize of almost six million Swiss Francs. The 23 years old striker signed a new contract in the Netherlands.

“We intend to rejuvenate the squad without decreasing the strength too much. We recognized there is a weakness in the midfield and that’s the sector we have to work on for the upcoming time. The first step was to hire two midfielders having the quality comparable to Coach Nik Zenger and future Coach Urs Gmür but at younger age.” said the Chief only minutes before the game. “Those players will be the base for our near future, in which we have one vision called ‘promotion to the third’, and they shall help us to accomplish our next mission ‘stay in the fourth’. By the way we’re very happy that the team is still an all-Swiss team!”

The Chief also found two prospects with only seventeen years of age. Coach Nik Zenger told us, he’s proud to give two talented young guys the chance to continue or launch their individual career here in Rünenberg. The two young men arrived early enough to play their first game on Wednesday, when the Gold Rushers played their first match in the Gotthard Cup. Melchior Frank scored two goals during his first appearance which is a very good debut. Kelaja Silvius had chances too, but he failed to score. Anyway these two talents will hopefully learn a lot here.

We had the unique chance for a short talk with Urs Ramsey and Cornelius von Lerber, those two new midfielders, right after their first game just finished:

“I’m so happy being here today. It is another big step in my career. I have always dreamed of playing in the Golden League and now I’ll get the chance sooner or later. I wished today’s result would be different but sometimes the opponent is simply better or more lucky than expected. I would like to thank all the lads and supporters for the wonderful and warm welcome, and I promise to pay back soon.” Cornelius von Lerber said.

“I wondered when Coach Zenger will give me the sign to warm up; in fact I should have been in the starting eleven. I can’t understand why we lost that game. Give me some weeks and I’ll be able to show my full excellence. I just landed here, my friends, but I have not yet arrived.“ Urs Ramsey meant.

The game ended different to the plan Chief Roger had: “Gigiboys had some troubles during the next week because their keeper suffered a bad injury. We knew he’ll be back and it would be harder than it was for the others teams before. But we have been confident to keep those three points at the Mill. Obviously we couldn’t. The score-line of 0-4 was much too high in my opinion, but we can’t change now. Next week we’ll meet them at their site and who knows, maybe we’ll take the edge then.”

Next to come is another match in the Gotthard-Cup on Wednesday, be there.


Back again!

Time goes by so fast. It was sixteen weeks ago, when we had to handle the very first relegation for the Gold Rushers. The second season in area 51 was unlucky and disappointing. For those of you who have forgotten that time; the Gold Rushers played a fantastic first season in this area which was awarded with the fourth place in the end. The season after was the complete opposite; the team of Nik Zenger had troubles everywhere and even though they had a theoretical chance of reaching at least a qualifier, this season must be registered as the worst ever. The only thing making it feel a bit better was the fact of IV.51 actually was the eighth best league in all Switzerland then.

We had a short talk with our Manager Sir Schluurggi this morning, and we asked him about the reactions then, when the team faced the hardest time ever. He told us about a very long meeting of the board right after the relegation was fact. They have been behind closed doors for almost a week and had many different things to decide. We asked him about what decisions had to be made. They had to decide about the staff, the coach, the players and all this in favor to the near future of the team. This main decision had of course to be made first and it was the one which took the most time of the conclave.

The following is now for those of you who have not received the original message from these days, when the board ended the meeting and announced the midterm plans for the Gold Rushers:

Rebuilding the team

The team shall be more efficient and powerful regarding the ratings in the attack. Therefore we will rebuild the team focused on strikers. New promising forwards have to be found and trained in scoring to secure higher ratings in the future and this will make the Gold Rushers stronger and ready for upcoming challenges when the team will return to the fourth within some seasons.

Secure a place in the fifth division

But before we return to the fourth we will aim for securing a place in the fifth in the meantime. We intend to be strong enough for the challenges in the fourth soon, but we have to do our homework first. We are pretty sure the deficit we have in the attack ratings caused the bad and unlucky results leading to the relegation we suffered.

Changes in staff

In accordance to those plans we decided to change the staff to two assistant coaches instead of one and therefore the psychologist has to leave the management and we’ll watch how this will affect our strength and progress at the same time.

Return to the fourth division

Once we’re done with rebuilding our team and got the needed strength again, then we’ll think about a return to the fourth division and go for promotion in two or three seasons from now.

Well, it seems like the plan doesn’t work. The Gold Rushers are back again after only one season! They managed to promote again only one season later and we would call it in impressive matter with only one defeat (1-2 against runner-up Dynamo Prischenen) which is the second best result! Oh and Didier “Popeye” Spinatsch took the top-scorer crown too!

Now we all hope for an easier league to compete in!