Is there anybody out there?

“Once upon a time…” could be the best suitable entrance to this post, or maybe it should be. It’s nearly three years now that something new was introduced to the managers of the hattrick football teams, and many of them used it. Some of them used it more others only a short time and some of them joined a special federation founded to get those freaks together and share their experiences and ideas. Those managers were very busy and creative using this new feature for a long time, but today it’s different. Right now the headline and the following picture is what pop in our mind when we think about it.


Some months ago it was Hojris – manager of MS Odense and Football Club Tranquebar, and founder of the mentioned federation, the HTU Managers – who was afraid the activities and creativeness of the federation’s members will get lost in the near future, as it already drastically decreased back then. We always thought that it only was a question of time before they all will be back and be more active again, but we are checking the website every day for new posts of our favorite blogs and members of the federation, and there is nothing. Don’t get us wrong, we never would judge others since we know it’s hard to be creative if you have other things running through your head, but we like to mention our sadness about the lack of excellent written stories.

We don’t know if it’s really only a question of being too busy with other stuff or maybe also a question of questioning the sense of publishing new stories as long as they won’t be read by the people. There was a time when the most popular five posts have been a list of stories written by the HTU Managers, today there is not one of the members in that list.

What we know is: We do not have the right to force someone to read a published story and we cannot force someone to publish a story if he has a lack of interest, time or enthusiasm to do it. The only things we can do is being more active by ourselves and try to be a good example for others and maybe be the long-missed ‘kick-in-the-ass’ for someone who’s became lacy.

Its Sir Schluurggi’s right to finish this post with his own thoughts about this topic:

Well it’s hard to keep a blog alive, even harder if you’re busy with stuff at work or at home, which must be much more important than to write a blog. I have gone through exact this phase during the last weeks. But I still have the impression (or maybe hope) there may be someone who’s reading my blog and maybe waiting for some news. That’s why I push the webteam forward to keep their good work going. For me there is no question about how many readers are out there, there is only the question if there is anybody out there, because as long as one single person is interested in our news, this person has to be served with them. We try to keep the pace of publishing one post every week, that’s what I can assure you. So, dear friends, come back and read the news of the Gold Rushers! Thanks for your interest and support.

About Schluurggi

Hi, my name is Roger. I live in Rünenberg near to Basel in Switzerland. My favorite reallife Team is of course FC Basel 1893! since I was ten, when I have visited my first live football-game. I started playing Hattrick because of an article about Hattrick on the website of FC Basel, when FC Wiehlmys was the first Swiss Champion of our region. Here in Rünenberg there is no real football-team, that's reason enough to run a virtual one. ;-) In real life I work as productmanager. My hobbies are supporting FC Basel in the St.Jakobspark, Horsebackriding, Fasnacht (swiss carneval) and my Family. That's all folks ;-)