This is the greatest Party ever!

The complete team of FC Rünenberg had a stop over on their flight to New York, where they will play a Golden League encounter against Turtle Pond Armada. They landed in Glasgow, only to support their sister team Clan Phoenix when they faced Independence Sporting Club at Jack Bruce Arena in their qualifier for promotion to the third division – something the Gold Rushers never achieved ‘til now.

The game was extremely one-sided regarding ball possession and created chances because of it. But the Clanners haven’t been able to finish any of those promising attacks. That’s why it took overtime and a penalty shoot-out finally. We know the Clanners won the game with a score-line of 3-0!

“I never thought this might be possible” Michael Kelvey said, “it was an easy safe, that’s right, but it was an important safe. But then only a few seconds later; it was up to me to kick the next penalty! And it was the final one. I was overwhelmed when the ball passed the keeper!”

Now we see why Schluurggi has always kept the training in set pieces between two seasons.

This biggest success in the history of both teams was now the base for the greatest party ever. But this success was not reason enough. There have been so any trophies won during the past few days:

Clan Phoenix won the first title of the within a fourth division!

FC Rünenberg won the tenth trophy within their history!

Alessandro Pioggia earned his first top scorer trophy!

We think this is absolutely reason enough to celebrate a party as it never happened before!

“Slàinte” and “Prost”!

About Schluurggi

Hi, my name is Roger. I live in Rünenberg near to Basel in Switzerland. My favorite reallife Team is of course FC Basel 1893! since I was ten, when I have visited my first live football-game. I started playing Hattrick because of an article about Hattrick on the website of FC Basel, when FC Wiehlmys was the first Swiss Champion of our region. Here in Rünenberg there is no real football-team, that's reason enough to run a virtual one. ;-) In real life I work as productmanager. My hobbies are supporting FC Basel in the St.Jakobspark, Horsebackriding, Fasnacht (swiss carneval) and my Family. That's all folks ;-)