Bilon is back and made it twenty-eight

He was the one, who took the top scorer’s crown twice in two consecutive seasons within two different divisions, before he had to go through a very hard familial tragedy last season. He was not able to keep his form because of the accident that happened to his parents. Yesterday the coach decided that he is ready to go for all, and he proved them right! Dölf Bilon was the one to decide the game all alone! Loïc Genhart was obviously very pleased and happy about that:

It was hard for us all; everybody knows Dölf and his funny style. We had to bring him back to life. I think the best what could happen, was the fact that both, his mother and his father finally could leave the hospital two weeks ago, after a long stay of nearly a full season. Then Dölf began to make jokes again in the training sessions, and this was the sign that he was back!

Dölf Bilon started to score in the eighth minute, when the referee pointed at the penalty point. The only remaining member of the founding team of FC Rünenberg had no problems to put that ball into the net and Rünenberg took the lead. Only thirteen minutes later Dölf Bilon was it again who brought the ball there where every football player wants to bring it, well except the keepers: into the goal! Rünenberg was up by two! Everything was looking great into the direction everybody in and around Rünenberg want it to be. It looked even better, when Matthias Flaig raised the score up to a 3-0 lead a quarter hour later, and it was Malte Wehrda who had a chance just before the break to bring it one higher but he got distracted by a cheering girl behind the fence.

During half an hour within the second half nothing really important happened. It seemed like Rünenberg was happy to bring this game home and Cazzupizzu had nothing to change things into their advantage. But then in the 73rd minute they were able to shorten the score to a two-goal lead. Guess who was not happy with this! It was Dölf Bilon who could kick one more penalty just one minute later, and he made it and set the final score of 4-1! Rünenberg is now unbeaten for four full seasons at home! Dölf Bilon is on top of the scorer list with four goals so far, including his yesterday’s hattrick! I think Loïc Genhart was talking for every Gold Rusher:

What a great show of Dölf! He’s definitely back and we are looking forward to see much more of his fabulous goals in the upcoming encounters! We are very proud on our series too, and I’m sure the team doesn’t want to end it now. Is it possible to go for a fifth full season?

There has been only six draws within the last twenty-eight league-games at home. Rünenberg scored 112 and conceded only 28 goals, which makes an average score of 4-1!

The Juniors had yesterday to fight fc colo-colo juniors and made it great again: a clean sheet with four goals from the talents Luigi Howarth, Bernard Rosenhammer, Joël Taillefer and Yann Combret. The team is still on course for the title hattrick only one point behind Jungstarfighters, which they will be facing in the second to last round!

The next great fixture is the upcoming Golden League game away against the finish team of Klaukalla Bears. It would be of great interest if FCR can go on with the great start into the GL or if the finish team could break the pace. The game is set to March 20th @ 20.25 CET, be there!

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Hi, my name is Roger. I live in Rünenberg near to Basel in Switzerland. My favorite reallife Team is of course FC Basel 1893! since I was ten, when I have visited my first live football-game. I started playing Hattrick because of an article about Hattrick on the website of FC Basel, when FC Wiehlmys was the first Swiss Champion of our region. Here in Rünenberg there is no real football-team, that's reason enough to run a virtual one. ;-) In real life I work as productmanager. My hobbies are supporting FC Basel in the St.Jakobspark, Horsebackriding, Fasnacht (swiss carneval) and my Family. That's all folks ;-)