Summary Week 5

It started with the Golden League game against Klaukkala Bears in Finland, and this game should be the game of Alfred Burch! Rünenberg had a great start into this game, when Gaudenz Straub had the first chance to open the score after fifteen minutes. Ten minutes later the show of Alfred Burch began, he had three big chances to score but one he missed and twice Grigoras Bădescu stopped him. Dario Pfyl had a big chance right before the break, but he missed too. Therefore the two teams took their tea at a 0-0 draw.

During the second half this should change: Dario Pfyl started to change the score-line in 53rd minute and he scored a second time a quarter hour later. In between Bruno Ginesu raised the lead up to two. Ten minutes before the end Dölf Schönmann scored his third goal within the Golden League and five minutes before the end it was finally Alfred Burch – man of the match in this game – to set the final score of 5-0 for Rünenberg. It was the first walkover bonus in the history of the Golden League, and it was the second clean sheet in this short season for Serge Noftziger!

Yesterday the team of FC Rünenberg had to play the derby against FC Ros 67 in the Rosenparkstadion. The weather was very bad and some of the players had big trouble to act as usual, but they did the best they could. The first half was very balanced, therefore it was no surprise it ended in a 1-1 draw. Rünenberg took the early lead by Malte Wehrda in the third minute of the game, but a quarter hour later Ros made the score equal.

In the second half it took a long time until something happened that should be important enough to be reported: it was a free-kick of Dölf Bilon, which should bring Rünenberg in front again, this happened in the eightieth minute of the game. The final ten minutes have been very intensive, because FCR increased the lead up to three in this time. The final score was set by Nik Zenger and Norbert Leimgruber. Loïc Genhart was very happy with this unexpected win:

The two games during this week have made me happy and confident regarding the upcoming start into our first tournament in the League of Legends on Monday evening. But it makes me also very excited regarding our next GL game in Oceania on next Wednesday, which I’m looking forward to.

In fact this upcoming week will be very interesting at all: Monday, League of Legends, Rünenberg will face Renaissance FC again: Will they be able to repeat their GL victory? On Wednesday, Golden League, the team will play against Rosemeadow Royals for the first time: will the unbeaten series within this competition end? And on Saturday the next championship game against the Manta Divers: will the team find a way through this massive defense? We will know all the answers in one week!

RJs game against ‘les Jeunes de Zizou’ ended in a unexpected clear win for our boys. They started in the eighth minute with scoring and they did five times within the first half. After the break ‘les jeunes’ were able to put two balls into the net, but Luigi Howarth set the final score of 7-2, completing his hattrick twelve minutes before the end of the game. RJs are still and for sure runner-up three games before the season ends. They will have the chance to take the leader, but before they have to face the Juniors Knuspis.

About Schluurggi

Hi, my name is Roger. I live in Rünenberg near to Basel in Switzerland. My favorite reallife Team is of course FC Basel 1893! since I was ten, when I have visited my first live football-game. I started playing Hattrick because of an article about Hattrick on the website of FC Basel, when FC Wiehlmys was the first Swiss Champion of our region. Here in Rünenberg there is no real football-team, that's reason enough to run a virtual one. ;-) In real life I work as productmanager. My hobbies are supporting FC Basel in the St.Jakobspark, Horsebackriding, Fasnacht (swiss carneval) and my Family. That's all folks ;-)