The race is close!

And we hope it’ll stay until the end. Well we’re not talking about the V.90-Series only, but the HTUM U18 Championship as well, since RJs managed to sit on top.

V-90Although the Gold Rushers lost the top spot after only one week sitting on the throne, completing the declare aim of this season, seems in reach still. Did you remember how surprised some of us were when our lads won against Murphys Law two weeks ago? The week after these two teams met again and the result was turned too; our players made an excellent appearance but unfortunately Murphys had the edge in this match. At least we’re still in the race at this time and it looks like we can only be defeated with a very close score this season. All the games we lost so far have been lost because of one single goal missing on our side.

Three points behind seemed not bad, but we already knew it’ll become very hard to come back, especially when we thought about our schedule. Inter Staufen looked very easy at the beginning of the season, but they turned out to be one of the heaviest teams to defeat. We could have been happy with the close 1-0 win away and only a few believed in a second success at home. In fact the second leg was a hard fight with two outstanding teams trying to leave the pitch with three added points to their chart. In the end the Gold Rushers was the team who made it and repeated the success with score-line of 5-3. Maybe this score is a bit very high but hey that’s what happens if two teams play offensive.

With this win our team made it to stay in close contact to the leading two teams which will meet each other in the next round. Rünenberg should be able to jump on runner-up with another win against Gladiators United then, except the match between Murphys and Borussia will end without a winner. We asked Coach Romain Krecker about his thoughts:

This game was very entertaining! I decided to tell the team to play offensive, because only the team who scores more goals than his opponent will win in the end. They made a really fantastic job by coming back after they went down during the first half. In the end we’re very proud about this final result. The next game looks simple but it isn’t at all. We have to be focused and careful from the opening to the closing whistle, and if we’ll be successful again, then everything is possible!

But before they’ll get focused on this game, there have two others to be played; first they’ll meet Horus Falcons in tonight’s quarterfinal of the Gold Rushers Cup, and then they’ll face FC Firelion on Wednesday in the round of sixteen of the FCBasel forever Cup. The chances tonight are different from the ones on Wednesday; while the Gold Rushers must be happy if they could win tonight, a win against Firelion should be in reach at all.

There will be a new face in the line-up in the midweek game, when Klemens Augsburger, a 22-year old unpredictable midfielder, will make his debut in the kit of Rünenberg. He came from FC Glattbrugg from Switzerland where he played for more than three seasons. We would like to welcome Klemens in our squad and looking forward to watch his first appearance. That’s what he said after he signed the contract last night:

I know how it works here in Rünenberg; the next weeks I’ll play only midweek games in the FCBasel Cup or the Golden League – man, I can’t wait for that moment – before the Coach will give me the chance to play in a competitive game next season. These upcoming weeks will be very hard and full of challenges I have to go through, especially because I have a loss of stamina right now, but I’ll do my best to make the management, the team and the fans happy. They told me the plans they have here, and I may say that much: these are big, these plans, very big!

HTUM-YLWe have also mentioned RJs in the introduction to this post and this because of the same reason as we decided to bring the actual table of the Youth Leagues back on the blog: The talents played three rounds already and RJs is sitting on the throne for the second consecutive week! What a great start into the recently started first season in the top league of the HTUM Youth Leagues! After they managed to win against Hortinha Contente with only nine field players, they also defeated Nurmiksen Pojat with the fantastic score-line of 5-1. But these games both have been played at the Campus and we were curious how successful the talents will be when they play away for the first time; they had to fight but in the end they reached a tie and because there was only one winner in this round, they still sit on top preparing for the next clash against FC Slivers Juniors from Prague.

No matter what competition we look at; the race is close!