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How to kill a reputation

This is not about hattrick and it’s not about FC Rünenberg. It is about how simple some individuals are able to kill the whole reputation of a great football team.

This post is thought to apologize to every single supporter and fan of European football, no matter which competition (Champions- or Europa-League) we are talking about. It is also meant to explain how I experienced what happened in Salzburg a week ago. Finally I would like to share my thoughts about how this behavior should be handled by the clubs all over Europe.

I am supporting FC Basel 1893 since I was a boy. My father took me to a cup-final between them an FC Sion when I was twelve years young and I was fascinated at all. When I grew older I visited many home games in the old stadium and of course in the St.Jakob-Park, where I have an annual pass and enjoy nearly every home game. In fact I am not traveling through Europe to visit the away games, but do this matter? I think not. There was a time when I noticed the most active fans in the main curve (Muttenzerkurve) are singing to support our team and stopped dissing the opponent. I was very happy about that and the atmosphere was much friendlier and better during the games. But someday they sadly started again to cheer more against the others than for ours.

I feel really sad about what happened last week and I hope you, my friends, are able to keep pictures like this one in mind too, because this is the other and much more appreciated side of the supporters: creative and friendly! When I visit the games and I see something like this, that’s when I’m a bit more proud to call myself a supporter of this great team than I already am. Right now I feel helpless, since I would really like to change those guys who can’t keep their selves under control, but the only thing I can do is to write and talk about and maybe there are some more influential people who start acting to make this bad behavior disappear. Once again I would like to apologize for the bad scenes in Salzburg. There is absolutely no need to throw items on the pitch and using fireworks in a stadium isn’t useful too. I don’t want to talk about how dangerous it is, but I would like to mention how terrifying it could be, as I have seen people leaving the St.Jakob-Park because they have been afraid.

The punishment of the UEFA was unfortunately foreseeable and it is a punishment against the players of the clubs (both Valencia CF and FC Basel 1893), our club and the Swiss football at all. But the ones who are punished the most are those fair and friendly supporters and visitors, which had in mind to watch a great game and an unforgettable event in our loved stadium. I don’t know if those guys are able to realize what they reached with their absolutely disrespectful and inappropriate behavior, I’m not even sure if they want to understand what they did, that’s why these individuals have to be punished by the club and by the law!

In my opinion it’s not necessary to prohibit alcohol in the surrounding area of the stadium, there is also no need for more efficient security checks at the entrance and there is no need to place a sky-high fence, net or glass around the pitch. The only thing needed is to get these offenders out of the (so far accepted) anonymity! Whenever something like this happens again, the ones involved shall be arrested for at least one working day and in addition there shall be an information sent to their respectively employer or the schoolmaster and the parents (if the guy is a student). I’m pretty sure there will be additional punishment from those sides, maybe not at the very first time, but in the case of repetition. And they shall not enter a stadium again! The time to act cautious is over!

Sorry if this post is bothering you, but I had to write down my thoughts.


Twice in a week

We’re pretty sure there aren’t many teams who achieved what our lads did last week; yes, we are talking about winning two different competitions and trophies within only three days!

pokalFirst they had to take revenge for the lost final of the first edition in the Gold Rushers Cup. It was the second of three hard games to play in only a few days, after they fought in the domestic league and finally took a nice 2-0 win over Borussia Assia.

The opponents were the mighty Blue Royals from Austria, and we were curious about the tactics Coach Romain Krecker would choose to take the best out of this game. To be honest we didn’t expect them to win the trophy, but we were looking forward to watch an interesting and hopefully entertaining encounter between these two teams. These are the words Romain Krecker said before the game:

Every team has its weaknesses. The only problem is to find them and use them. I tried to give my team the best suitable tactic and order to remove our deficits and be ready to use any single mistake they’re making.

We tried to figure out what weakness he might have seen in the team or the playing of the Royals, but he didn’t tell us. We had to find out while the game was running, and we realized they’re play is based on a higher ball possession and an extremely strong attack, but the defence must be the weakest link in the Austrian team. The Gold Rushers started with four defenders to balance the mentioned deficit in the defence compared to the opposite offence and they fielded a complete five headed midfield to balance this part of the game.

The game was running for twenty minutes before the first chance, good enough to be mentioned, was created and surprisingly it was Erwin Lanz who nearly scored for the Gold Rushers. The number of dangerous shots on any goals was little due to the balanced midfield during the first half, and therefore it took another twenty minutes before the referee pointed at the spot and Bruno Aoustin netted a penalty to give our lads the lead in this game! Only one minute later it was Gaudenz Straub who almost rose the score before the break.

The second half looked very much the same; the two teams neutralized each other in the midfield, therefore there have not many chances to be reported. Only a few minutes after the game was started again it were the Royals who had their first chance to equalize the score but Serge Noftziger saved this shot in a great manner. But they made it later; it was the eighty-third minute when they finally could equalize the score. Coach Romain Krecker reacted in changing the formation after this happened. He told the lads to focus on scoring another goal and leave the midfield to the Royals. And they did what he asked for: Malte Wehrda (who came in for J.J.) finished an attack through the middle and scored the winning goal only two minutes later, and Nico had another chance to raise the lead before the game was ended by the referee. Coach Romain Krecker was very happy about the first tournament trophy:

It always nice to see when a plan works proper! We tried to make things complicated for them and the lads made an excellent job today. The changing after the equalizer was needed to take this trophy back home. We had to go all in to have it all in the end! It’s Gold we’re after, and today we got it! Tonight we’ll have a party but we do have to keep in mind there is another final to play on Wednesday morning.

He was then talking about the final in the FCBasel forever Cup against Club Cabana. The game took place in the stadium of this seasons HT-Masters winner FC DeRibas in the Ukraine. We expected another hard game for our reservists, but it wasn’t. The winner in this game was off course Remo Ringenburg, who manged to score a hattrick within the first thirty-two minutes; his third goal was the fifth in the game already and gave the Gold Rushers the comfortable lead of 4-1 before the break. The final score was a clear 6-1 victory for our lads and the second trophy to take home within only a few days. Remo Ringenburg was very excited about three things:

It was a wonderful day, today! I never scored a hattrick before and the feeling is absolutely intense and overwhelming! I’m so happy about being here, about the trophies we won these days, but also about getting another chance to play in the Golden League from now on!

He then already knew they will play against AFC Wirschtlstand this week, since they already sent a challenge for last week.

And what’s about the V.90-Series? The victory over Borussia last week gave the team a boost in confidence and they welcomed Murphys Law for the twelfth round at the Mill. The game ended in a goalless draw. This season is very strange regarding the home games; the lads haven’t lost any game at home, that’s true, but four of these games ended without a winner could be found. Today the winner of the series is set and we would like to congratulate AC ZeeLee K.O. for winning the title a second time in a row. The race for runner-up has still to be decided, but the advantage is still on our side.

The Juniors lost their third game a week ago against the academy of MS Odense with 0-2, and therefore they also lost the top spot. This week they celebrated a 2-0 win against Lokomotiv’s academy and jumped back on runner-up only one point behind the leader Nurmiksen Pojat.