Looking for perfect start

Today FC Sigulda 08 is ready to take on Klaukkala Bears @ Bear’s Cave. After GL opener last week when Sigulda at home ground took out FC Rünenberg 3-1, Sigulda will try to maintain momentum and keep up perfect start in this GL Season 3.

Sigulda last time met Bears more than a year ago. Sigulda won 5-2. Šerif Bošnjak and Pepe Biedba scored two goals each but now these players have left the club. Wright now Sigulda have new stars – Helmi Moulard and Atte Melakari.

Helmi Moulard, 31 years old from Switzerland was main reason why Sigulda last season scored so much goals. Side by side with Bošnjak, Helmi was huge threat in front of the goal. Last season Helmi combined 14 goals(9 league,5 cup) and 4 GL goals. Last season Helmi was “Man of the Match” in all 14 league games, 4 cup games and 9 GL games. Now, when Šerif is out of the town, there was needed a replacement.

Atte Melakari, 25 years in age and from Finland, feels very good in new squad. Wright now Atte is very deadly in offensive end of the pitch. In his first GL match Atte scored two goals and was MotM. Last League game Atte scored hattrick in very important game. Plus, he scored 4 goals in Cup games. He is fast, he have very good technique with the ball, he have an excellent header and in Finland he will feel even better.

These two players will be the main force in this match if Sigulda wants to win. Precise shooting and deadly striking will bring home win for Sigulda. Siguldas and Bears clash you can see on hattrick.org TV at 20:25 HT time.


300 goal doesn’t bring home the win

Today FC Sigulda 08 played away game against Naukšēni. Second goal in this match was 300 goal in clubs history, but that didn’t help to bring back home the “W”. In the end 2-2, what is very disapointing, because this was one of the important games for the title.

42386 people was in “Naukšēnu pļava” for this exciting match. Naukšēni played 5-4-1 formation and Sigulda the same 5-3-2. Even only with 3 midfielders Sigulda managed to control ball for 61% in first half and 62% in second half. In games 8th minute Siguldas defender Francesco Farnesi(ITA). He will be out for one week so nothing serious. Soon after that latvian midfielder for Naukšēni scored first goal. Until 43 minute Sigulda had lot of opportunities but Naukšēni scored one more. Sigulda responded immediately scoring in next minute. 2-1 in half time. In second half alredy in 51st minute Maximiliaan Kromhout scored 300 goal in clubs history his 4th goal in this League season. Helmi Moulard had one opportunity to put Sigulda in front but couldn’t do it. 2-2 final score and Sigulda wright now is in 5th place.

GL season opener coming next Wednesday, when FC Sigulda 08 will play against FC Rünenberg in Camp Randall Stadium. This match is expecting to be tight one and fans is hoping for win in this new GL Season 3 opener.



Everything is almost ready

Wright now everything is almost ready for new bloging marathon. You can check out every stats from last seasons when club was called FC Sigulda 08, also all historical goals is corrected and congratulations to MS Odense when Helmi Moulard scored against you and it was 200 goal in clubs history. And there is only two goals from 300 mark. Will it be Helmi Moulard or any newcomer for the club? I’ m sure you will know that.

You can see all top scorers from all time with Šerif Bošnjak in front of everybody. These stats shows the dominance of Šerif, but Helmi Moulard is going wright after him.

Still what needs to be done

There is no historic stats for Golden League,  but it will come soon, later in the season or after season 35.  Golden League history, I think, is short so it can whait a bit. There is player who scored 50 GL goal for Sigulda so we also will know that soon.

Need to update live top scorer widghet on the left. If you will watch it later it probably already will be done.

I am thinking about new background for widghets and main text. Also change text color and font.

And thats all. I don’ t know how you like top banner, but after some time when it will get boring I will change it for something new. But for now it looks good.


Getting back to writing

It’ s been a long time since I was writing my last post. And now I will try to do it again. I wasn’ t writing for a long time ago but I was reading most of the posts in my favourites section and I was like, “Agghhh, maybe need to get back to it, but… I don’ t have much time for it.” Now, as GL Season 3 kicks off and I am in group B,  i think, I will start posting again. I will try as much as I can because I remembered how much fun and entertaining it was to write and read mine and your posts. All these things what I read about GL Season 3 was so much intense that I just couldn’t hold back and I want to write about GL and League games. There is no more Sherif but there is Helmi who is next hero of the team. I hope I will find my time to write about things and I hope I will keep it up for longer time than before.


In this weekend I will try to update all my stats in my menu section. It’ s not very interesting for readers but I am making more for me. Need to get supporter and littlebit update my widgets. Maybe I will try to find how change background to my text and change font.