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Hard week

Now this news blog been quiet  for some time. But what happens in club these days.

Today FC Sigulda 08 took loss Ripanj Trophy 1-5, and now last match will decide who will take part in knockout phase.

Also FC Sigulda played tied between Dracons in last leagu game and now is in fourth place in half of the season.

But these are only game results because team owners are saying that big changes will come soon iin the club. Team logo will change outfits will be changed and also blog will get new look. Team owners and manager Lozbers said that this season is “season of changes”, because club get promoted, club have it`s new name FC Sigulda 08 and now changes will and with new logo and look, which will give new emotions, and desire to win games and hustle for every win. Also manager said that club is doing well in this season, because of fourth position and out of relegation zone. “That was main objective before the season and club need to complete this objective” said teams manager Lozbers. With that ended this conforance and also team fans are waiting for new club look. Look for the latest news to see clubs new look in just a few days.


Šerif makes it easy for Sigulda

Yesterday FC Sigulda 08 played match against JK Karjamaa from Estonia and were beaten with score 4-0. The biggest effort was from Šerif Bošnjak who scored hattrick.

The first match in Ripanj Trophy was easy for Sigulda. Estonian club is not so strong us other Group C clubs so only most important fights in Ripanj Trophy will be in future. Opponent team tried to atteck from flangs but Sigulda were strong on the defence. With great counteratteck from left flang Šerif scored his first goal of the match in 15th min. Already in 19th min. scored Pepe Biedma and score was 2-0. After ten minutes of playing Šerif scored his second making it three to nothing. After third goal game started to get quiet but in minute 78 Šerif completed his hattrick and celebrated it with his teammates like in wild party. 4-0 was the final score and Ripanj Trophy started with fine tone.

With this win FC Sigulda 08 go in first place in table because 9 Avenija and fc pampagna played 3-3 taking one point a piece. In this match the best player was Gabriel Valera who scored two goals for Avenija. This draw means that one draw for Sigulda can give chance to play in next stage. Next opponent for Sigulda will be fc pampagna from Philippin second division. Very strong club in front with great striker from Germany Jodokus Diemer. The team is not expecting such easy game like yesterdays but win versus pampagna can make exit from group stage easier.

FC Sigulda 08 newspaper


The dream is over

Last saturday FC Sigulda 08 took hard defeat versus FC PROXYMUS 1-3. And with this defeat Siguldas dream about champion title is over.

Certainly this was the hardest match this season. ROXY played very well and was prepared for match with Sigulda. In first half Sigulda lost first goal very fast. It happened in 11th minute when Domenico Buschauer from good run in the midle put it in the net. But look like it wasnt PROXY`s half because of good counterattecks from Pepe Biedma, Šerif Bošnjak and Nino Jamnišek. But Sigulda coudnt put one back in first half. In second half Sigulda was successful and scored in 66th minute. It was no other than Travis Abernathy whos great counteratteck run from left was unstoppable. But unlacky for Sigulda already in 70th and 71st minute PROXY scored and made it 1-3. And from that Sigulda couldnt come back.

Coach Tore Hjortblad`s word: “We didn`t play bad today. We played ok but we just couldn`t finish our opportunities. Before the match there was talking about title and stuff like that but be realistic. This is first season after promotion and before the season we said that we need just stay in this league. And we are doing well with this obljective and this Wednesday we have Ripanj Trophy first fixture in group stage so we need to play well there and  nothings lost.”

Wright now team is in fourth place and play next match with third placed Dracons. It will not be easy game but if Sigulda will take win than third place in league table can be taken. But before that first group stage game with neighbours Esonians in Ripanj Trophy cup where sigulda need to take win.

FC Sigulda 08 newspaper


Golden League day

Today FC Sigulda 08 will play match versus Polish Crazy Horses FC. Team are prepared for the match and ready to stay in first place in league table. This will be last Golden League match before three weeks guranteed participation in Ripanj Trophy. Pleas follow FC Sigulda 08 performance in this match wich will start in 18.05 HT time.