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Season speech

Dear fans,

We are back to the V!

Yes, we ARE!

We finished an amazing season with an unbelievable outcome!

We got the first place and promoted, after great demonstrations against the potent rivals, FC Geran and Hambaazi.


Now, this season is FC Torbat’s season.

Let’s make things happen for the first time.

Let’s make the undone mission, done!

Let’s make HISTORY!


FC Torbat, Again!

Now, we’re here again.

We’re here to make the rivals stressed out.

FC Torbat, the team which gets 10 years old in some months, is comming back with an updated name, FC Torbat 08.

The royal grays are ready to astonish the Hattrick world, AGAIN.


P.S. If you do not know how honorific FC Torbat is, you should click here to visit honors page.