We have in interview with the manager of FC TNS, hemuliseta!

Hello hemuliseta could you describe little bit about yourself and about your team FC TNS?

First of all I want to say few things about me:

I don’t follow football, I don’t know the players

I don’t know who is leading and what league is someone in.. The only thing I care is my team and I do follow few of my friends and sometimes I watch little bit the games of finland’s mestaruussarja (Finland 1 Div) but besides that I am not the biggest fan.

Regarding my age (22v) somebody could say that I dont know anything about football, thats maybe true but fortunately im not the one who is gonna coach this team! I hired a coach in the first day and as long as he makes good calls he will be coaching for a long time!

So lets talk about how did you become a manager if you don’t even follow football?

I started as a manager just because I made a bet with my friend… The bet was that could I make any team of his choice to be number one? I started to realize only after we shacked hands that this is gonna be one of my biggest and longest bet I have ever made! And my friend chose the team FC TNS which was one of the worst team in finland… But I was happy I could find few sponsors to get this team rolling and we manage to win 2 games in the start before we lost to Kuopion Voima who was the leading team by a monster score of 1-7 in our home club.. I was almost giving up but I decided to continue.. I took a risk and I borrowed some money from the bank and bought few players.. Next week we met again Kuopion Voima in their arena but now the score was now only 3-1 so I started to think that we might have some chances in the future! We crushed our next opponent 7-0 in our home and the fans were exciting as well as the coach and myself included!

Tell us what is the next match you will play?

Tuesday 5.11 we will play a friendly match with Fc Fiction the team that is playing II division, the manager of Fc Fiction who has helped me a lot in my career and is still helping me so it will be a big honor for me to meet his team! I told to the coach already to take easy with the injury so nobody wont get injured, hopefully the players takes his advice. And of course there is maybe some tournament going on this week as well and of course the most important match is on saturday when we meet Valio!


Okay, well thanks for the interview and hopefully everything goes great with your team! And see you in the future!


Thank’s to you it was my pleasure!

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