Denied again

Almost 3 years have passed since X-Team played a HTUM Challenge Trophy final.
Today just like back in season 22 of the tournament, The Hornets fought bravely for their dream against the powerful Wincobank Ironopolis (61015). But once again there were denied.

It was a thrilling game in which Bessemer quickly took a 2 -0 lead with the goals of Oswin Hillebrand (389193926) in minute 16 and Den Derbyshire (377753404) in minute 20.
X-Team continued to believe and in minute 31 Vicuşor Duca (420233632) scores and brings the team back in the game.
In minute 59 Ramon Bestard (399630913) scores the equalizer giving hope to the Hornets.

A few chances appeared for both teams until the end of the 90 minutes but none of them were materialized and the game went to extra time. X-Team defended well for the extra 30 minutes and took the game to a penalty contest where they thought they will win since they just got out of a 2 seasons Set Pieces training.

Once again we got denied.


And when we say business we mean business

Although it’s to late for this season X-Team underlines today their wish to write again history in GL with a 1-0 win against the current league leaders.

The two teams lined up equal forces but X-Team seemed a little bit more organized and grabbed the win.
All 3 new additions that stepped on the field today played well and made their presence to be noticed.
The little crowd that assisted at the game were surprised as the game commentator said

“Seeing such a legend as Jan Mongstad  (394501442) join X-Team was a true surprise for most observers. The supporters surely can’t wait to see him make his debut with their beloved team. “

The Romanian goalkeeper Adrian Mihalache  (391873541) kept the goal save with excellent interventions on the opponents attempts.

X-Team management promised that Ramon Bestard (399630913) will be a name to remember in GL and the Spanish winger did not dissapoint.

“The ball has landed at the feet of Ramon Bestard and he’s lining up a shot…
He’s let rip a right royal rocket!
What a corker! An absolute scorcher, smashed in off the crossbar, the keeper had no chance: 1 – 0. Take that!”


Recent talks about Golden League awakens nostalgia.

X-Team officials confirmed today the rumors about Xuturo spending around 12 million euros to acquire  4 new players whit the hope of a GL comeback.

Most expensive player was keeper Adrian Mihalache (391873541).  Almost 4 million euros were spent to secure the services of the world class  Romanian player. With 29 years old he is set to guard the goal of the hornets  in Golden League for a few good seasons.

X-Team also strengthened their wing  sides adding in the hornets lines two multi-skilled wingers. Norwegian Jan Mongstad (394501442) was the first one to sign the contract on Friday, while the negotiations with the Polish Maciej Panasewicz (389325409) didn’t close until Saturday morning. Both players have around 29 years and X-Team pulled out of the pockets for each  2 850 000 euros.

While the idea was the same (the GL dream) is not certain that this two players will actually display their skills in GL. All signs are that instead the 33 years old veterans Brieu Lon (369361634) and Evandro D’Angelo (376913347) will rather be the ones that will try to bring joy to Blue Hornet fans in GL.

Last but not least the 27 years old Spanish  winger Ramon Bestard (399630913) a set pieces specialist that for sure will write some pages in the GL history.

It is still uncertain if this will be the last acquisitions or if Xuturo has other plans for later too. One thing is for certain “It’s time for Golden League again”.




The End Of An Era

First X-Team homegrown players reaching titanic level(defending).

Daniel Pădure (347199236)
– also brilliant playmaking and passable passing;
– was denied a contract before coming to XTJ Academy;
Mihail-Dan ‘Catcher In The’ Secară (373858277)
– also passable passing;
– was denied 3 contracts before coming to XTJ Academy;

Blue Hornets management declares the defending training program closed.
Next passing and playmaking.

Beside the already known players that will continue developing their skills in this direction the aim is also to create a few defensive forwards.
Two new trainees that fit the profile already arived at X-Team. We proudly present the future Hornets DF’s .
Alexandru-Dan Capotă (390052525) and  Florin Chinţoiu (391676879).
They both have solid leadership so we are looking also at future team leaders and if we look deep in to the future maybe coaches of X-Team.

Unfortunately this means the end of career for Yuriy ‘Flash’ Kolesnik (272369167). Or maybe not. I ask the fans to choose his future. But first let’s see Yuriy’s stats since his arival at X-Team (and keep in mind that he still has to play one qualifier game).

– 5 times best scorrer for X-Team (that means he was top scorer in every season played for the Hornets);
-3 times league top scorer ( 1VI.250 award and two V.179);
– 7 hattricks;
– 89 goals scored in 105 games – 80 competition goals in 88 competition games;
– 27 times MotM.

That beeing said there are three options for Flash and as i’ve said before i would like to ask you to help me decide:

a. Sell Flash
The club is in desperate need of money. More trainees are needed. Flash could generate a part of the necessary funds.

b. Flash is a legend. Let Flash play for X-Team in GL.

c. Flash should retire to the Hall of Fame while in glory.