The End Of An Era

First X-Team homegrown players reaching titanic level(defending).

Daniel Pădure (347199236)
– also brilliant playmaking and passable passing;
– was denied a contract before coming to XTJ Academy;
Mihail-Dan ‘Catcher In The’ Secară (373858277)
– also passable passing;
– was denied 3 contracts before coming to XTJ Academy;

Blue Hornets management declares the defending training program closed.
Next passing and playmaking.

Beside the already known players that will continue developing their skills in this direction the aim is also to create a few defensive forwards.
Two new trainees that fit the profile already arived at X-Team. We proudly present the future Hornets DF’s .
Alexandru-Dan Capotă (390052525) and  Florin Chinţoiu (391676879).
They both have solid leadership so we are looking also at future team leaders and if we look deep in to the future maybe coaches of X-Team.

Unfortunately this means the end of career for Yuriy ‘Flash’ Kolesnik (272369167). Or maybe not. I ask the fans to choose his future. But first let’s see Yuriy’s stats since his arival at X-Team (and keep in mind that he still has to play one qualifier game).

– 5 times best scorrer for X-Team (that means he was top scorer in every season played for the Hornets);
-3 times league top scorer ( 1VI.250 award and two V.179);
– 7 hattricks;
– 89 goals scored in 105 games – 80 competition goals in 88 competition games;
– 27 times MotM.

That beeing said there are three options for Flash and as i’ve said before i would like to ask you to help me decide:

a. Sell Flash
The club is in desperate need of money. More trainees are needed. Flash could generate a part of the necessary funds.

b. Flash is a legend. Let Flash play for X-Team in GL.

c. Flash should retire to the Hall of Fame while in glory.


Leader of the pack

After the last weekend games Blue Hornets reached the top position  in the toughest V series as V.179 is ranked no.1 of 256. The 10-0 win in the derby against local bot Nuca Iasi also helped Flash to get back in the top of the top scorers list. But we admit that the credit for getting in the top spot goes to Pullman Bucharest which bravely draw against former leader PAD07.

Now X-Team has to defend its position and it won’t be easy as the schedule is harder than it is for the other teams. It will be an interesting end of the season and hopefully Hornets will prevail.

It’s a milestone for coach Cătălin Brânzea which is close to get X-Team the long awaited promotion in his first term. It’s a milestone for Kolesnik too as he will want to end his career at X-Team with his 4th top scorer award. Keep the fingers crossed and Go Hornets!



The last season of defending training has arrived.  Changes were needed and they were done. Sebastian Leimig and Matei Popa are gone so is Daniel Chirila maybe one of the best players that X-Team ever putted on the market. It was a hard choice for xuturo but X-Team was in need of a new keeper. There were other options but “lesser with spec” and “Flash stays” was voted for.

Looking back at the first week of the new season it was a good choice so far. Kolesnik brought two victories. One in the cup where he scored two goals against Bosneagu Steaua and a more  resounding one in the league in which Kolesnik brought the first victory against Universitatea Poli a team that the Blue Hornets never defeated in six games before. Only three goals were scored in those six games and all signed by Flash.

69 competition matches and 68 competition goals … we should make an ode for Kolesnik :)

And as we write these words on dash*
Another goal is scored by Flash (481833753)


Back to the changes as we’ve said defending training is near done and a new keeper that will benefit from this last defending assault was brought in. His name is Olexiy Petrov . Emil Stanciu stays as a GL goalkeeper. Also earlyer this day Mehmet Kemal Kuşçu signed in with Hornets.  So far we look good we’ll see what this season will bring to us. No need or room  for predictions … just for hope


Thunderstruck – part 2

Emil’s father was a german teacher. Some believe it has something to do with the name but other than the alternate spelling of Schneider he doesen’t even remember someone in the family saying so. Anyway back to Emil. His father wanted him to become a german teacher too. He even went to school for this but as life has it’s own course someone discovered his football talent and he has been doing this ever since.

More than six years ago a Blue Hornet scout laid eyes on him and after showing him to xuturo it was decided that Emil should be brought to the squad.

At first he was staying at a cheap hotel until a man named Gavrilas found him. Gavrilas was a secret agent who’s task was to verify the hotels in Iasi. He knew teacher Snaider as they were classmates during the school.So when in one morning he discovered the name Snaider in the books of Ceramica Hotel and saw the place he was coming from he guessed that this should be his old friend son. Without any hesitation he went up in Emil’s room got him out of the bed and welcomed him and offered his friendly services to help him not being ripped off by foreigners that are all over in this very beautiful city but yet corrupted.

In the same day he found him a good cheap room in a building right near his place and after that he invited Emil to take dinner with his family so that his wife will meet him too. Beside them also a part of the family was Mary a 18 years old young girl sweet and lively as a squirrel. She was the reason why Gavrilas couldn’t propose Emil to stay at his house.His wife  miss Gavrilas , a short fat woman with a greasy red face said that Emil could stay at them because Mary’s room has two beds and the young ones are obedient and they’ll be ok. But he was afraid that people would begun talking.

After a few days because Emil didn’t liked the food in town agreed with miss Gavrilas to pay her a reasonable amount of money and come and eat there. So being there every day Mary conffesed to him that she would like to work in a call-Center but they require candidates to speak german and she wasn’t very good at it and that she will need someone to teach her. Being a gentelman Emil offered to teach her ( as you remember he was going to become a german teacher)  without her paying him. Miss Gavrilas was so happy that Mary got such a deal as she really loved her and only wanted the best for her. The lessons begun just in that night at Emil’s place as it was much quiet there and nobody would disturb them. The first lesson was extended way after midnight. Next day Emil explained to miss Gavrilas that indeed Mary wasn’t very good at german and it was a lot of work to do in a very short time. Mary admited that he was the best teacher and asked to do more lessons as she wanted to be sure she will get hired at the call-center.

Only after this episode Mary went in a student exchange program and rumours are that she got married abroad.

Emil seems to be over this and right now he is giving an interview in Copou park. The reporters are no others than Anders Thorntorp and Alin Badiu which because of the worldwide crisis found themselves in this position.

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