A star is born

The final whistle. He looks up at the scoreboard and smiles.

MSO18 1 – 2 XTJ

“This one is for you coach”
He smiles again.
“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get too cocky next week you will meet The Falcons. Now go hit the showers. ”

While he is picking up the phone he frowns speaking to himself  “Yes next week we play against the Falcons, with Stanciu gone and now…” His thoughts were interrupted by the voice speaking at the other end of the line.

“What news Otetea?”

“Hi, boss. You were right…”


The sun faded for some time and  over the hills of Iasi darkness had fallen.  On Nicolina hill somewhere on the 9th floor terrace manager Xuturo was  contemplating  the city lights. The silence was broken by the sound of the phone.

“What news Otetea?”

“Hi, boss. You were right, Padure is now solid defending.”

“A little sooner than i was expecting. Tell him that starting from tomorow he will be training with the big team.”

“Will do boss. Good night”

“Good night”

Long he was awaiting for this but now something was just not right.  A bitter sweet moment, who would have thought.
“What to do with the boy, if i keep him i will tear up his future. At this point Hyrkäs can not change the training program he is still forming our midfield. Pfff, Padure would have been a great adition to GL but the proper thing to do is to let him go so he can become the star that he is ment to be”
He picks up the phone. “Benchea do a research on the market see how much a 17 years boy with solid defending would do. Inform me tomorrow now i’m going to sleep.”

But the thoughts would not let him sleep. He was turning from one side to another. Late in the night it struck him ” Multi skill… What if i keep him, what if i train him at playmaking and when it’s done i switch to defending?”. He finally fallen asleep.

The next morning the phone was buzzing.

“Hi boss i did the reaserch as you said…”

“Never mind that, call Eetu and tell him I would like to have a word with him”