The Prodigal Son Returns

Hot day outside in Lunca Corbului (The Raven’s Meadow).Everything is so quiet, only a man rides a bike through the streets of the village, making his way towards a little white house with a wooden fence. There on the porch an old man is standing on a little chair with a cane leaning on his shoulder, a straw hat on his had and a face stripped of worries and sadness.
The man on the bike stops in front of the fence and shouts.
– Nea Ioane (Uncle Jhon).
But the old man seems not to hear him. He is filled with thoughts.
The man approaches the old man, puts a hand on his shoulder and says softly
– Uncle Jhon. There is a letter for you coming from your son.
The old man lifts his head his face is clearing up. With tears in his eyes he reaches the letter with a shivering hand.

Dear dad,

I’m sorry i never wrote you.
As you know i went to Poland at Mistrzowski Klub in search of glory and blinded by my success there i forgot who i am and where i’m from.
After that i signed a contract in Turkey with ÖMRÜMBENİM. A big mistake as i was never in their plans. They only wanted to get more money for me.
But that was a good thing because it brought me back down to earth. I was lucky that the club where i was raised in the youth academy helped me. They payed a bit more than they had to for me and told me that for now i am not in their training plan but in a season or so i will be trained defence. Meanwhile i will train set pieces between seasons.
It’s a good offer and i took it.
I’m coming home dad.