The End Of An Era

First X-Team homegrown players reaching titanic level(defending).

Daniel Pădure (347199236)
– also brilliant playmaking and passable passing;
– was denied a contract before coming to XTJ Academy;
Mihail-Dan ‘Catcher In The’ Secară (373858277)
– also passable passing;
– was denied 3 contracts before coming to XTJ Academy;

Blue Hornets management declares the defending training program closed.
Next passing and playmaking.

Beside the already known players that will continue developing their skills in this direction the aim is also to create a few defensive forwards.
Two new trainees that fit the profile already arived at X-Team. We proudly present the future Hornets DF’s .
Alexandru-Dan Capotă (390052525) and  Florin Chinţoiu (391676879).
They both have solid leadership so we are looking also at future team leaders and if we look deep in to the future maybe coaches of X-Team.

Unfortunately this means the end of career for Yuriy ‘Flash’ Kolesnik (272369167). Or maybe not. I ask the fans to choose his future. But first let’s see Yuriy’s stats since his arival at X-Team (and keep in mind that he still has to play one qualifier game).

– 5 times best scorrer for X-Team (that means he was top scorer in every season played for the Hornets);
-3 times league top scorer ( 1VI.250 award and two V.179);
– 7 hattricks;
– 89 goals scored in 105 games – 80 competition goals in 88 competition games;
– 27 times MotM.

That beeing said there are three options for Flash and as i’ve said before i would like to ask you to help me decide:

a. Sell Flash
The club is in desperate need of money. More trainees are needed. Flash could generate a part of the necessary funds.

b. Flash is a legend. Let Flash play for X-Team in GL.

c. Flash should retire to the Hall of Fame while in glory.