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False Hope Followed By Reality

A qualifying match for promotion last season followed by an unexpected win against Fiery Warriors gave some false hope on what to come this season, but a cold and hurtful reality has hit the minds of the players from Football Club Tranquebar. Three defeats in one week and with a rejuvenated and deteriorated squad for this season, reality has got into both the players on the training ground and the club’s administrative part. Is this the real strength of the squad from a club that has been progressing through most of its existence or is it just a team being unlucky?

Strong players transferring to Tharangambadi in recent seasons is gone again and with only one non-homegrown player in the squad, the idea of a competitive squad of local players scouted at the youngest possible age is still on, but after seasons of getting better and better results, it is time to make changes to secure the best future possible for Football Club Tranquebar. The squad to make acceptable results is there but adversity is expected – however, not as much as in recent days.

According to team captain Narottam Samal it is not Tanvir Datta’s fault that a storm of goals from the opponents has been scored. The team power is down from last season, but the believes in the project is still there. A project started in late august of 2013 when a young Muthupandi ‘Tamil Warrior’ Variar was promoted to the first team as the first from Tranquebar Talent Factory. “Both Warrior and i have been here almost from the foundation of the club. Hope, wishes and dreams has been sky high from day one and even though we have made mistakes both as players and as a club. The development has always been in a positive direction. The recent setback on the field doesn’t change that at all. Strong players has left the club and been replaced by very young players” he said when we meet him to talk about what is going wrong for his team.

“We have always produced a lot of talented players. I was a part of the first bunch of talents and new ones are ready to continue the exceptional tradition. That is why we look weaker at the moment, but the standard for what we are and can do with local talents keep pushing the maximum level for what we have accomplished for many many seasons” he said. The Fab4 core from the early days, with Jindal, Bokil, the Warrior and Samal has been the foundation of the Tranquebar squad for 14 seasons, many other has transferred to other parts of the world; Still there are Katam, Wattoo and Karve to take over when it is time for the four legendary players to retire, but that is not an issue now or in a near future. More new talents will be strong, experienced and ready before the days arrive.

“We still have a lot to give and will be around for as long as the club need us. The younger guys are already good players and the next group of talents will be to before we get other positions in the club” he said with high confidence. The Fab 4 with almost 1600 matches for the club combined is still making a difference, but the competition only get harder as time goes by. New talents like Janjua, Phadnis and Murthy is next in line before new ones will be trained to make dreams come alive once again. “Like i said before. We are a club with great tradition for making extraordinary talented players. We have done that in every part of the field and the new young players will be just as good as the last trio. they are better than we have ever been and will take the club to greater times. So i can assure that our losses are a brief setback before we reach a new level in power as a team. The dreams of us original core making an impact on the highest level might be cancelled, but the fight to reach I-League as a club is far from over, but for now we have to accept that sometimes it is necessary to take a step back to take bigger steps onward”.


Beware What You Wish For

A dream becoming a nightmare – That might be the case when Football Club Tranquebar take on the multiple time champions of Hanguk AS Uijeongbu 07 in the Golden League Masters quarterfinals. For ages AS Uijeongbu 07 has been the top team in the Golden League and the reason AS Uijeongbu 07 not to take more Golden League and Golden League masters titles is that they are in the fight for the K-League title every season. That is what Football Club Tranquebar has to overcome the next two Wednesdays to reach the semifinals of the Golden League Masters.

This weeks match will be the 5th between the two teams. AS Uijeongbu 07 has 3 wins of the 4, with Tranquebar being victorious October 28th 2014. Team captain Narottam Samal was one of the goal scorers in the 4:1 win back then. This time he has the experience of 12 seasons more to add in his quest to take an unexpected glorious win against the, yet again, upcoming K-League champions. “Back in 2014 we also had a strong team. It was different though and more experienced. Roche, Bolshakov and Pushkal was the backbone in the team, also including Bokil, Tamil Warrior and I. The win was much unexpected as Uijeongbu brought a weaker team to the match, but to win a match with Ahn as the opponent was great and today it will be the same” Samal said after the arrival to Soul Airport, ahead of the first match played at the legendary Waegari Park, laying just about 55 kilometres north of the airport.

This time around Pushkal and Bolshakov are in the past. Today Samal’s teammates are players like Katam, Karve and Wattoo and even though they are still young, he thinks tat the team are stronger and has a great future. “We have a great mix of experience and talent in our squad today. No doubt that the younger players will be much better than us in the future, but for now we are a combined unit even on skills. We have a chance to do good, but to say we will reach the final four in GL Masters. We will play a team with players like Ahn and Gu and with names like that we will always be underdogs. Underdogs or not, AS Uijeongbu 07 is the team to beat if you want to go to the top a be respected by your peers in the Golden League” Samal added before take of to the hotel.

Kickoff at Waegari Park. 22-11-2017 02.00 hattrick time


HT Storyline Collide With Historic Day

What was mend to be a hard, but fun, story about two teams from England and India – A story of managers whom have had many great word feuds on HU. A match in a, not so friendly, friendly tournament, going on for six plus years now is now something else because what i wasn’t aware of was real life history melting to much with a HT/HU storyline. So before i start a story about India winning against the unbeatable Brits again, i have to be serious first.

August 15th 1947 – An important day in world history. India gained their independence from the United Kingdom. I am not a judge of what is right and wrong, the colonial rules and doing, the split into India and Pakistan etc. But the story of Mahatma Gandhi and the people of India’s fight for freedom, and the way they did it, is something i respect so much, that i have to mention it before anything else – Out of respect for the history, the man and the people who lived the lives of what i never can imagine, no matter how many books or movies i see about it.

Football Club Tranquebar versus The Lost Saxons. Followers of the golden league and members of HTU Managers might think that these two teams has played each other a thousand times. You are wrong! This will only be the third GL match between the two. Earlier this season Saxons won 4:1 at The Burial Ground. The score of the match do not tell the story of a match between to evenly matched teams, but it is the story about one teams having the best season ever, versus a team with maybe the worst season record in their history.

The Lost Saxons. A long time rival of Tranquebar if you think about Saxons history as a team on the Faroe Islands. Not to strong back then, but the move to England did something good for the club and they now have a nine point lead in the group stage of golden leagues season 10. A remarkable achievement for the club, who have a mixed squad of young and old players. most notable players are the younger talents with England U20 player Martin Frain as the top player. It is a squad with a handful of young talents though, not far behind what Tranquebar has at this point in time. Opposite to Tranquebar, Saxons has many players in the mid 30s, most notable is goalkeeper Smits, defenders Gionea and Parrilla, winger Reynaldo Himler and the intelligent technical striker Bjørn Pettersen. A strong team at its best because of Frain’s spot in the U20 squad.

“It is a strong squad – Almost complete” Tranquebar legend Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu said when asked about the quality of the Lost Saxons. “Their golden league season has been phenomenal so far and it will only be the best that wins against them this season” he added. So now you might think that Saxons are on the way to the premier league, HT and HTU Masters wins in the future, but it ain’t likely if you ask Prabhu. “Knowing Coach Nesi there ain’t much money to buy new players and they will need to do that often, with so many old players. Saxons don’t have the money we have. They don’t have the quality of players and a long term plan structured like we have. Here and now they look stronger as they are on full power compared to us, but they might be falling before they reach the top of the golden league or even just the next level in the English series. What they show in strength is not even near what we did only 2 seasons ago and 1½ season from now we will be even better than we were back then. How will Nesi and Saxons match that? They can’t”.

Saxons has won matches against the other GL top teams this season, including Tranquebar, and with Tharangambadi Lions almost looking like a bunch of kittens this season, how can Tranquebar win against a team that seems unbeatable. It isn’t the first time India versus England has been like Davis versus Goliath Saxons are one of the best at the moment, but they will take us lightly and we will take advantage of that and show the rest that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We will make them fall and we will make them rethink if what they do is the right thing to do”.


From The Playgrounds To III.Series

Football Club Tranquebar continue to strengthen the squad as they welcome three new faces in the main squad. In the last 3 weeks the club has said goodbye to a handful of player and the fans has seen new players like Mundra, Anand, Butt, More and Sawant as representatives of their club. Today club legend Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy presented three new players to the press. Two players with a history at Tranquebar Talent Factory – The clubs youth academy – and the last one being an India talent who did not made his breakthrough i the Czech Republics VI.series club Atletico Scooby-Doo. A failed stay in Europe wont chance the fact that the former member of I-League team 1. FC Stern Marienfelde’s youth academy can make it big and that is why Traquebar sealed the 2.2 million € deal to get Akshay Iyer to Tharangambadi.

“We are delighted to present this three players to our fans today. Pranav Burman played 32 matches for TTF and scored six goals. He has been one of the top defensive players at our academy, in a period where the team has evolved well and been a consistent top team in HTUM Division IV. Hopefully Burman can continue to keep getting better as a part of the main squad.

For a long time it has been obvious that Fajahat Babar has been a top player at the academy. Both U20 and our own staff has followed him closely in his 24 appearances for TTF. He could have played more, and scored more than the six he got. He has to learn to control his temperament from now and on. Nine yellow and 1 red card in 24 matches are way too much.

Akshay Iyer is a type of player we have been looking for, for a while. He is still very young. He is powerful and have some decent skills, even though they could be better at his age. Nevertheless we believe that he can still get a good career in the next 10 to 12 seasons. He is the prototype of the talents we are looking for. Arnand are a little older, Butt a little younger, but they are on the same level. Players we can make better quite quickly. Players who can play for many years and keep our wages down.

We look forward to see the three new players in action in both the series, in Platinum Cup and in the golden league.”


Butterfingers: More Power And Versatility


The hunt for the I-League was just a notch up in the last 7 days. Players has left the club and assistant coach, FCT legend NS ‘Butterfingers’ Nataraj used his notes from a long time transfer search to find solid India replacement, combined with enough spaces to get some more TTF talents into the main squad.

“The results this season have put us in a situation where we have been able to find better players and more talents to promote team strength and versatility. You think we can now prove that we have succeeded in the project, even in a way that we have had to divorce with some other highly promising talents, including Ram Kumble, who was otherwise an outstanding goalkeeper. However, we have chosen to replace him with our former leader and goalkeeper from our youth team. It is clear that Tanvir Datta has far the same strength in the goal as Kumble, but as teams we have been greatly strengthened, both now and now, but also far out in the future, “the club told the legend when we met him to talk about it Latest transfer activity from the club in Tharangambadi.

Gone are now players who have really made a good impression on the club’s Hungarian head coach Miklós Menyhárt, but then there was a chance to get Raju Mundra to the club two weeks ago, so set another search for bettors and stronger players to the squad. “Our focus has been on getting good players with Indian passports. At the same time it has been important that they should be able to reinforce the team even more compared to those who have left the club. We have also made serious thoughts about how the squad looks like About three to four seasons, how important players start and think of retirement. Economically, it’s pretty much when we take the trades after Raju Mundra came to the club, so it means we still have a reasonable economy while having a weekly profit. So that’s really positive what we’ve done, “says Butterfingers.

Tranquebar – A talented club, though a bit in a stalemate after the relegation of II.series for a couple of seasons ago. The plans to get in the I-League and make a difference have always been there, but talent development takes time and it has been trying to find the right composition of the team. The club now believes that one has received and that in the long term only incoming trades will have to get the team up at a level where a position between the 8-12 best clubs in the country can be seriously discussed.

“We’ve always had some shortcomings. As we were in the second best series, as it was, we had a solid squad, but economically, it cost us a lot of economics, while we had too few of our own talents in the squad We could have been in the division, but with the talent we had on our way, we took the hard choice and moved down. It was completely conscious and we do not regret our action. Today the squad consists of a group of club legends that Still continues to impress and I still see players like Jindal, Samal and Tamil Warrior as incredibly important players who will be here for a long time. When we look at the young players, we have some of the country’s greatest talents in terms of age and Positions. Wattoo, Karve and Katam are all players who have a big influence on the squad and it will continue to be like that for many years to come. We have yet another talent on the rise – Fajahat Babar has just signed a pro contract with us and he will be promoted to the main squad next. He has a long way to go, but we believe in him and U20 has noticed his talent a long time ago. Hopefully he will be just as promising as our other playmaking talents.

Most often we have been weak in 2 parts of the field. Now, with certainty, we are only weak on the goalkeeper’s position. On the rest of the field we are fully covered, even with two to three injured players, if that happens – Like it is know with Tamil Warrior and Bokil out of action. It also means now we want players on the bench that can make a difference when they get on the pitch. This applies to the defense, the midfield, on the wing, as in the attack. In addition to our good talents, as I mentioned earlier, we have now got a few solid wingbacks in the mid 20s that only get better because they are part of the training plan. In Raju Mundra we have got a player on a level as we are also working to reach our biggest talent as a minimum. Raju is already a marvellous player, despite his young age, whom we willing to give the money for as we did. Already now he has a strength to a much better series and he only gets better in the next many seasons. I think it’s only Michael Gajadin we can compare with him of everyone in the club right now and they will both be significant characters in both series.II and I-League in the Future. No doubt”Butterfingers says, adding that the positive stories are not over yet.

In addition to a one-half season when Dhanvade returned to the club, Bokil and Jindal have been the only real attackers in the squad again three to four seasons. Tranquebar has otherwise been known for having a lot of promising talents, but since Dhanvade’s time at TTF, and the first time in the Tranquebar squad, there have only been Bokil and Jindal. Both players are around the 30s now, and although they have been looked at attackers often, the club has not been able to find the rich in terms of where they are in development compared with age. It’s finally happened and Butterfingers is more than happy with the purchases. “The pursuit of reasonable attacking talents in a reasonable price range has seemed infinite, but now it looks like FCT are through whit that project after the purchases of Dhanesh Anand and Omar Butt. Dhanesh is not as young as we would have liked, but he is a reasonable talent at a good price, and one can say that he comes to the club at the very right time. His talent has not been maintained correctly, but we believe that it can still be set back on track and he will match strength of those we already had in the squad quickly. They have done well, and we believe Dhanesh will do that too. Omar is our latest purchase and we consider him a bit of a scoop. He is a three years younger than Dhanesh. He is already at the same level and have a couple of U20 matches on his resume so he surely have the talent to become a great player. We have not bought him to have a U20 career, but nevertheless there has already been a small conversation about Omar with U20. The training he will receive is not optimal for his talent, but he may still be an asset for both our club U20. With his very young age and skills, his development will be very exciting to follow in the coming seasons” Butterfingers concluded before his phone rang and he had to leave this interview in a hurry. Maybe to scout more new talents to the club. Who knows?


The Tranquebar Talent Factory Still Works

Not so many seasons ago Tranquebar was on the tail of their rivals Mighty Karak Chai FC. The truth is a little bit different today. Mighty Karak Chai is still in I-League and Tranquebar is struggling to keep the pace in the middle of a III.series but the clubs is still evolving in the right direction and the plan to make a strong new core of homegrown players is going well. Just look at the latest list of the top 17 and 19 years old inner midfielders from India.

Some of the nations best talents is being trained in Tharangambadi and represent Football Club Tranquebar every week. The FCT blog caught up with Tranquebar club legend and assistant coach Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy to talk about the talents and what the future holds for the club. It was a talk about hopes and dreams. Dedication and a plan to stick to the plan about becoming one of the leading teams in the country. We asked the questions and here are the answers.

What happened to FCT. Two former series opponents are in the I-League and your team are in III?
“Let me start by saying that MKC FC and Tullamarine is two strong teams that have done remarkably well for a long time. They have chosen another way to the top than we have and that is the biggest difference between them and us. We have been developing many good young players for U20 instead. We concentrate on homegrown talents and have always done well on that account. Pushkal Bhardwaj is still the biggest talent we have produced but names like Tejas Beeravolu, Shrimat Patel, Samin Mondol, Sahasya Dhanvade and Robin Karve has done well so far and they have either played for U20 or been in the squad at some point. That goes for a couple of talents we have in the club at the moment too. Katam, Karve and Wattoo are some of the best talents of their age in India at the moment. Two of the has been on U20 and both Karve and Wattoo had great chances to be a part of the squad at the moment, but we made the coach chose and he chose Katam for the future, but he would have loved to have Wattoo in his squad now. That i can guarantee. According to the list with the best of the best in the country. Katam top the list of those at age 17. Watto and Karve are in top 4 for those at age 19. I think it is fair to say that the Tranquebar Talent Factory is still running well and we are calm about the future of the club”

So What is in store for FCT in the future?
“Our main aim is still to become a part of I-League and to become a serious contender in the cup tournament, but as we grow older and become more wise we know that it will still take some time to get there. Our aim has always been for Tamil Warrior, Jindal, Bokil and Samal to get the chance to play against the best every week before they retire. Today we know that it will be almost impossible to make it happen, but alongside the best young stars of Tharangambadi they will get the chance to return to the second best level and play be top players there”

On short term. What can we expect from your team?
“Miklós Menyhárt and the rest of the staff we have a solid plan and even though we struggle a little with the results this season. We are still on our way back to producing better stats and a stronger team than we have ever had. If you remember we did very well in our first season in II.series and we will do even better the next time. I expect us to win II.series in season 67 and then we only become stronger and stronger. We have the talents in the main squad, in TTF and we have the money to make a big push when we get the chance. In the golden League we are still behind the best but in GLXI we won’t be and easy opponent anymore. The players will be better. The form will be better and the stamina will at the best level by then. But even now other teams should not take us lightly. This team has potential to much more than the series table show at the moment and that we will prove for the rest of the season”


2017 Is The Way To 2018

Logical headline isn’t it? Then again strange to write on January 7th. Hopefully it will make a little sense when you have read the whole story.

What a year 2016 was. Football Club Tranquebar promoted to the II.series and not just that; It was the best of them and thereby the second best series in the country. Tranquebar did better than expected and it was happening even though lots of homegrown talents was starting to enter the main squad. Sahasya Dhanvade, Sunil Karve and Rao Wattoo are already established names. Soon you will know Padmayani Bisht, Rohan Johnsen and Sumeet Singh much better, while the upcoming season will welcome Siddhesh Barua and Venkatesh Katam into the world of Golden League.

In the first week of 2017 it was also time to say farewell to Paranjay Narang. Missing a strong goalkeeper in the squad will for sure give Tranquebar a lot of defeats, but since the summer of ’16 it has been the plan to once again become a fully homegrown team again. The many good results in the last two seasons has been because of the effect from transferring to the club. There have been many great India players in and out the doors in the last 32 weeks, but now the many good talents from Tranquebar Talent Factory are many enough to fill a talented and interesting squad. It will be one step backward to take 3 forward, because there is no doubt that this talented squad is destined to make it big and even greater than the squad the fans has seen on the pitch this season.

The fab 4 – Jindal, Tamil Warrior, Bokil and Captain Samal is still around and they will be there all the way trough this transformation of the team. The sporting management of the club is still believing that those 4 club legends will get a chance to play in I-League before they retire. It will be in mid-2018 at the latest!

In 2017 the training program to get a much better squad, and to help India U20 being more successful, is on! Our rivalries with team around the world will continue and Golden League will have our fully attention this year. We might not reach GL Masters but we will be a main factor in the Golden League. With an expected relegation ti III.series this week, Tranquebar hope to start the Tamil Nadu rivalry against Ghungharu FC for real – If they have the power to promote and there is a spot in their series. Tranquebar will let them know that the Tharangambadi Lions are the stronger team and simply better!

To friends and followers. Tranquebar sends you all best wishes and a happy new year.


Tamil Nadu Drama

Above&Beyond – Football Club Tranquebar
1 – 0 Julien Courtois (8′)
2 – 0 Chatura Jadhav (22′)
2 – 1 Jaivant Muduli (42′)
2 – 2 Birbal Kothari (74′)
3 – 2 Chatura Jadhav (83′)

It wasn’t only a match to avoid relegation and not only a match where the winner won a top four position. It was the match to determent who the best team in the Tamil Nadu region was and after the match Above&Beyond still sit on the throne and Tranquebar have to accept the second place.

“We felt we had a chance in this very difficult away match” team captain Samal said after the match and added “We did not have our strong goalkeeper available for the match and we had to give Palden the chance in the goal. I think he did okay. He is not a top keeper but almost helped us to a point today”.

Tranquebar overcame a shock from the home team, when Kothari scored the goal to two two with under a quarter of an hour to the final whistle, but it wasn’t enough to get a point to the team from Tharangambadi. “We did our best and after the last few matches i don’t think any team in the series will take us lightly anymore. We had some player out of action today. It might have made the difference today” Kothari said after the match and praised young Muduli for scoring his first goal in the series. “We have some talented players in the squad. Muduli might not be the biggest talent but he is getting better and he deserved to score a goal like this”.


Goodbye To Season 50

Today the last official match of season 50 was played today and what a success Football Club Tranquebar’s 10th season has been. Undefeated in the league with a direct promotion to II.series next season. A place in the golden leagues quarterfinals and a decent cup run. It was also a season where Tranquebar only lost twice in official matches. Both in the cups was lost 1:0.

Today Tranquebar played against Kickerbude, a team promoting to Iraq’s II.series. The match ended 2:2. Tranquebar’s goals was scored by Jindal and Dhanvade. Coach Miklós Menyhárt was happy with the team performance today and throughout the season “We have had a phenomenal season with many great performances from many players. We have also functioned like one unit and reach a point we did not think was possible at the start of the season. We were the best team in our series though and the promotion is well deserved if you ask me. The step we have to take now is huge. The differnce between III and II series is very big. We will be underdogs in almost every match next season, but we have played our best in seasons like that, so i can’t see why we shouldn’t be able to do it again” he said.

Next season Tranquebar will have a squad with 10 homegrown players from the start 3-4 will be promoted to the main squad before the season end. Tranquebar will like to present the players for the fans. Some of them you know and others might be new names you have to learn a bit about first.

Muthupandi ‘Tamil Warrior’ Variar
He was the first player scouted for the youth academy and have been a main player since then. He has reached 27½ years now and is has just started his 12th season in the club. Warrior has played 263 official games for the main team and scored 68 goals.

Narottam Samal
Samal has been around almost as long as Tamil Warrior. He will soon be 27 years and he might be the most important player in the club wit 264 official games played, being team captain in 234 of those. Samal is a technical player and have scored 46 goals.

Rao Wattoo
One of the youngset members of the main squad. A quick quality player with a talent that can give him U20 matches for India if he stay away from injuries. Predicted to be a bigger talent than club legend Pushkal Bhardwaj. Wattoo is the vice team captain and has played 5 matches for the main team so far.

Sudeep Bokil
A great goal scorer, but he is standing in the shadow of Jindal. Bokil ha a header spec and that is his primary force. He has scored 90 official goals in his 247 appearances for the main team.

Narendra ‘Khalifah’ Jindal
If you don’t know Jindal you ain’t a fan of Tranquebar. The goal scoring machine, whom none thought would make anything of his career when he was promoted to the main squad, is the king of Tharangambadi. 143 goals in 270 matches so far. This one is special.

Pandi Rajkumar
People who follow HTUM Youth League IV might know this youngster, who will soon turn 18. A former top scorer of the youth league and now a talented winger, in a bunch of many. Rajkumar has strong leadership and has scored 1 goal in 8 matches after his arrival in the main squad.

Sunil Karve
A young powerful playmaker with good leadership. A star in the academy days, but the 17 years old talent has started his senior career with injuries. Hopefully it wont continue, because he has been injured in the two games he have played so far. Unlucky because he could become an interesting choice for India U20 in the future.

Advay Walling
A talented striker from the youth years, but in the main sqaud he might be the weakest of them all, but he is a fighter and he can score goals. So far he has found the net 3 times in 11 matches.

Sahasya Dhanvade

One of the best talents to come out of Tranquebar Talent Factory. A former HTUM Youth League IV top scorer and sold at age 17,3, but he returned to Tranquebar last week and is predicted to being the follower of Bokil and Jindal in the future. He has scored 3 goals in 4 matches so far.

Jaivant Muduli
Promoted to the main squad at age 17½ and he made his debut today as a wing back. A position he has played many times before at the academy.

Possible promotes from the academy next season is Sumeet Singh, Ravi Rapaka, Padmayani Bisht,Nam-kha Dzongkha, Rohan Johnsen and Siddhesh Barua.


New Kits, New Squad And One Homecoming

In the weekend Football Club Tranquebar won the first trophy in six seasons, when Kirkiri united was defeated by 2:0 at their stadium. The did not only give Tranquebar the championship trophy of III.10 but also a direct promotion to II.series for the very first time. A promotion the club has haunted for a long time. Now it is a reality and the club will soon be a top 40 team in the country and also have a chance to once again be the top team in the Tamil Nadu region.

Club president Yannis Kotakis is celebrating the best season in the clubs history so far, but he is also aware of the the strong opponents and the though times his club will be facing very soon. “We have had tremendously good season with reaching the quarterfinal in the golden league and the narrow defeat to Warriors Of Sahura. We also went of in India Cup by a narrow defeat to this seasons runner-up in I-League. ForeverIndia was forced to play 113 minutes before they could score against us and we had no losses in the 4th best III.series in the country. We have been successful from my point of view” He said.

Now it is time to look forward. “The jump for III to II.series is huge regarding the power of the squads, so we had a lot of thinking to do lately. Will we give it a try or make changes? In the end the decision was easy to take. We have a huge amount of big talents at Tranquebar Talent Factory and we have learned in recent seasons that homegrown players are the way to make a strong team. That is why we have decided to sellout and concentrate on talents and getting a even better economy. At the moment we are trying to assemble an almost all Indian squad, with only the coach and Krusøe as foreign members. It will for sure make us one of the biggest relegation candidates next season, but we do it only to make a quick return to II.series and continue our way toward I-League” Kotakis said, before announced Sky Sports as the new kit sponsor and gave the word to team captain Samal.

“We have been waiting for this challenge for a long time” Samal started, and added “Some of us have been a part of this development from the start and to see new young faces like Roa Wattoo do so well is fantastic. I give us some hope on making the goal to reach I-League as a strong team in a future not that far away. Tamil warrior, Jindal, Bokil and myself want to make it to the promised land and i am positive about reaching the goal. For now it is a matter of serious development and we will all contribute with the best we have, in good time as in bad times” The captain said before president Kotakis presented one of the new players in the club.

Not that he is that new to the club. Tranquebar has signed a new contract with one of the biggest talents coming out of Tranquebar Talent Factory. After leaving the club at the start of the season Sahasya Dhanvade is back in Tharangambadi. “I am so happy to be back in the club that scouted me at age 15. This is where i want to be. I only played one match before i was sold. Now i am back almost one year older. Better as a player and ready to fight for a spot in the starting eleven” Dhanvade said with a big smile on his face and reviled. “Coach Menyhárt told me that i am one of the players he want to give a push in the right direction. Hopefully i can live up to it by getting better and score a lot of goals”.

The young talent Pandi Rajkumar was also present and is delighted to renew his old partnership with Dhanvade on the field. “We grew up together and was a striker duo at the academy when we both arrived here. He is a good player and a great talent. Together we might be able to once again play in the attack. this time against the best players in the country. It will be a lot of fun and i am sure that if Jindal and Bokil are out of action, we can step up and make our fans cheer. One thing is important for me to say though. We don’t come here to replace any, we come here to join forces with club legends and to continue the history of wins and celebration that surrounds this club”.