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For many seasons Tranquebar has been build around four homegrown players. The Tamil Warrior, Captain Samal, Bokil and the scoring machine Jindal has been the core of the Tranquebar squad. Many players has tried to follow in the footsteps of the fab four from Tharangambadi, but they have not succeeded. Soon it will be time for yet another new season and if Tranquebar win the away match on Sunday, next season will be the first in II.series and it will also be with a handful of new faces from the local area.

“We are very happy with our new squad” coach Miklós Menyhárt said after yesterday’s exit to The Warriors Of Sahura. “We lost this match, but has proven that we are strong enough to be a part of golden league masters. We have matched Sahura with many homegrown players playing these two match and in the end we only lost 2:3 against a very strong opponent. Pandi Rajkumar played a good match yesterday and last week Rao Wattoo was playing like a pro. We are very satisfied” He said after today’s training.

Rajkumar and Wattoo was on the training ground today and they got company from one of their buddies from Tranquebar Talent Factory. “We are happy to announce that we have signed a contract with Sunil Karve” the coach said about the new young powerful player showing up at the beginning of the training. “Sunil is a talent with a lot of power in his game and we have known for a while that we would like for him to stay in the club. Now it has been signed and we now have 8 homegrown players in the squad in the coming season. All of them are either good enough as of now or their talent is so good that we have decided to build our future squad around them. To keep fighting our way to I-League with so many of our own talents is a dream come true, but they can’t do it alone. That is why we in the last week have signed new young players to complete the squad. Dalan Qorin and Baasan Arslan from Mongolia is still young and at a stage where we can make them even better players and then we are happy to have signed Erlendur Krusøe from the Faeroe Islands. We believe these 3 players will supply our homegrown players very well and we see them as future I-League players” he said.

The club is expected to sign two new homegrown players at the end of next season. ocal medias speculate in those two being the technical winger Sumeet Singh and defender Rohan Johnsen. Coach Menyhárt, Assistant Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy or talent scout Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu has any comments about those speculations. We just wanna keep our focus on becoming one of the top 40 teams in the country as of now” club legend Foggy said before leaving the press to train the players.

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