New Kits, New Squad And One Homecoming

In the weekend Football Club Tranquebar won the first trophy in six seasons, when Kirkiri united was defeated by 2:0 at their stadium. The did not only give Tranquebar the championship trophy of III.10 but also a direct promotion to II.series for the very first time. A promotion the club has haunted for a long time. Now it is a reality and the club will soon be a top 40 team in the country and also have a chance to once again be the top team in the Tamil Nadu region.

Club president Yannis Kotakis is celebrating the best season in the clubs history so far, but he is also aware of the the strong opponents and the though times his club will be facing very soon. “We have had tremendously good season with reaching the quarterfinal in the golden league and the narrow defeat to Warriors Of Sahura. We also went of in India Cup by a narrow defeat to this seasons runner-up in I-League. ForeverIndia was forced to play 113 minutes before they could score against us and we had no losses in the 4th best III.series in the country. We have been successful from my point of view” He said.

Now it is time to look forward. “The jump for III to II.series is huge regarding the power of the squads, so we had a lot of thinking to do lately. Will we give it a try or make changes? In the end the decision was easy to take. We have a huge amount of big talents at Tranquebar Talent Factory and we have learned in recent seasons that homegrown players are the way to make a strong team. That is why we have decided to sellout and concentrate on talents and getting a even better economy. At the moment we are trying to assemble an almost all Indian squad, with only the coach and Krusøe as foreign members. It will for sure make us one of the biggest relegation candidates next season, but we do it only to make a quick return to II.series and continue our way toward I-League” Kotakis said, before announced Sky Sports as the new kit sponsor and gave the word to team captain Samal.

“We have been waiting for this challenge for a long time” Samal started, and added “Some of us have been a part of this development from the start and to see new young faces like Roa Wattoo do so well is fantastic. I give us some hope on making the goal to reach I-League as a strong team in a future not that far away. Tamil warrior, Jindal, Bokil and myself want to make it to the promised land and i am positive about reaching the goal. For now it is a matter of serious development and we will all contribute with the best we have, in good time as in bad times” The captain said before president Kotakis presented one of the new players in the club.

Not that he is that new to the club. Tranquebar has signed a new contract with one of the biggest talents coming out of Tranquebar Talent Factory. After leaving the club at the start of the season Sahasya Dhanvade is back in Tharangambadi. “I am so happy to be back in the club that scouted me at age 15. This is where i want to be. I only played one match before i was sold. Now i am back almost one year older. Better as a player and ready to fight for a spot in the starting eleven” Dhanvade said with a big smile on his face and reviled. “Coach Menyhárt told me that i am one of the players he want to give a push in the right direction. Hopefully i can live up to it by getting better and score a lot of goals”.

The young talent Pandi Rajkumar was also present and is delighted to renew his old partnership with Dhanvade on the field. “We grew up together and was a striker duo at the academy when we both arrived here. He is a good player and a great talent. Together we might be able to once again play in the attack. this time against the best players in the country. It will be a lot of fun and i am sure that if Jindal and Bokil are out of action, we can step up and make our fans cheer. One thing is important for me to say though. We don’t come here to replace any, we come here to join forces with club legends and to continue the history of wins and celebration that surrounds this club”.

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The manager and proud owner of MS Odense since 2008 and manager of Football Club Tranquebar since 2013. Member of Mission Superliga since 2009, Chairman of HTU Managers since 2011 and the founder of HU-Press (2011). Last but not least former host on Radiotrick, and also had a short stint as MOD in Denmark (2011-2012).