The Tranquebar Talent Factory Still Works

Not so many seasons ago Tranquebar was on the tail of their rivals Mighty Karak Chai FC. The truth is a little bit different today. Mighty Karak Chai is still in I-League and Tranquebar is struggling to keep the pace in the middle of a III.series but the clubs is still evolving in the right direction and the plan to make a strong new core of homegrown players is going well. Just look at the latest list of the top 17 and 19 years old inner midfielders from India.

Some of the nations best talents is being trained in Tharangambadi and represent Football Club Tranquebar every week. The FCT blog caught up with Tranquebar club legend and assistant coach Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy to talk about the talents and what the future holds for the club. It was a talk about hopes and dreams. Dedication and a plan to stick to the plan about becoming one of the leading teams in the country. We asked the questions and here are the answers.

What happened to FCT. Two former series opponents are in the I-League and your team are in III?
“Let me start by saying that MKC FC and Tullamarine is two strong teams that have done remarkably well for a long time. They have chosen another way to the top than we have and that is the biggest difference between them and us. We have been developing many good young players for U20 instead. We concentrate on homegrown talents and have always done well on that account. Pushkal Bhardwaj is still the biggest talent we have produced but names like Tejas Beeravolu, Shrimat Patel, Samin Mondol, Sahasya Dhanvade and Robin Karve has done well so far and they have either played for U20 or been in the squad at some point. That goes for a couple of talents we have in the club at the moment too. Katam, Karve and Wattoo are some of the best talents of their age in India at the moment. Two of the has been on U20 and both Karve and Wattoo had great chances to be a part of the squad at the moment, but we made the coach chose and he chose Katam for the future, but he would have loved to have Wattoo in his squad now. That i can guarantee. According to the list with the best of the best in the country. Katam top the list of those at age 17. Watto and Karve are in top 4 for those at age 19. I think it is fair to say that the Tranquebar Talent Factory is still running well and we are calm about the future of the club”

So What is in store for FCT in the future?
“Our main aim is still to become a part of I-League and to become a serious contender in the cup tournament, but as we grow older and become more wise we know that it will still take some time to get there. Our aim has always been for Tamil Warrior, Jindal, Bokil and Samal to get the chance to play against the best every week before they retire. Today we know that it will be almost impossible to make it happen, but alongside the best young stars of Tharangambadi they will get the chance to return to the second best level and play be top players there”

On short term. What can we expect from your team?
“Miklós Menyhárt and the rest of the staff we have a solid plan and even though we struggle a little with the results this season. We are still on our way back to producing better stats and a stronger team than we have ever had. If you remember we did very well in our first season in II.series and we will do even better the next time. I expect us to win II.series in season 67 and then we only become stronger and stronger. We have the talents in the main squad, in TTF and we have the money to make a big push when we get the chance. In the golden League we are still behind the best but in GLXI we won’t be and easy opponent anymore. The players will be better. The form will be better and the stamina will at the best level by then. But even now other teams should not take us lightly. This team has potential to much more than the series table show at the moment and that we will prove for the rest of the season”

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