HT Storyline Collide With Historic Day

What was mend to be a hard, but fun, story about two teams from England and India – A story of managers whom have had many great word feuds on HU. A match in a, not so friendly, friendly tournament, going on for six plus years now is now something else because what i wasn’t aware of was real life history melting to much with a HT/HU storyline. So before i start a story about India winning against the unbeatable Brits again, i have to be serious first.

August 15th 1947 – An important day in world history. India gained their independence from the United Kingdom. I am not a judge of what is right and wrong, the colonial rules and doing, the split into India and Pakistan etc. But the story of Mahatma Gandhi and the people of India’s fight for freedom, and the way they did it, is something i respect so much, that i have to mention it before anything else – Out of respect for the history, the man and the people who lived the lives of what i never can imagine, no matter how many books or movies i see about it.

Football Club Tranquebar versus The Lost Saxons. Followers of the golden league and members of HTU Managers might think that these two teams has played each other a thousand times. You are wrong! This will only be the third GL match between the two. Earlier this season Saxons won 4:1 at The Burial Ground. The score of the match do not tell the story of a match between to evenly matched teams, but it is the story about one teams having the best season ever, versus a team with maybe the worst season record in their history.

The Lost Saxons. A long time rival of Tranquebar if you think about Saxons history as a team on the Faroe Islands. Not to strong back then, but the move to England did something good for the club and they now have a nine point lead in the group stage of golden leagues season 10. A remarkable achievement for the club, who have a mixed squad of young and old players. most notable players are the younger talents with England U20 player Martin Frain as the top player. It is a squad with a handful of young talents though, not far behind what Tranquebar has at this point in time. Opposite to Tranquebar, Saxons has many players in the mid 30s, most notable is goalkeeper Smits, defenders Gionea and Parrilla, winger Reynaldo Himler and the intelligent technical striker Bjørn Pettersen. A strong team at its best because of Frain’s spot in the U20 squad.

“It is a strong squad – Almost complete” Tranquebar legend Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu said when asked about the quality of the Lost Saxons. “Their golden league season has been phenomenal so far and it will only be the best that wins against them this season” he added. So now you might think that Saxons are on the way to the premier league, HT and HTU Masters wins in the future, but it ain’t likely if you ask Prabhu. “Knowing Coach Nesi there ain’t much money to buy new players and they will need to do that often, with so many old players. Saxons don’t have the money we have. They don’t have the quality of players and a long term plan structured like we have. Here and now they look stronger as they are on full power compared to us, but they might be falling before they reach the top of the golden league or even just the next level in the English series. What they show in strength is not even near what we did only 2 seasons ago and 1½ season from now we will be even better than we were back then. How will Nesi and Saxons match that? They can’t”.

Saxons has won matches against the other GL top teams this season, including Tranquebar, and with Tharangambadi Lions almost looking like a bunch of kittens this season, how can Tranquebar win against a team that seems unbeatable. It isn’t the first time India versus England has been like Davis versus Goliath Saxons are one of the best at the moment, but they will take us lightly and we will take advantage of that and show the rest that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We will make them fall and we will make them rethink if what they do is the right thing to do”.

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