History In The Making

Record Breaking Season

Halfway through an inspiring season also look like a record breaking season for the club and Tharangambadi Lions. 94 goals has been scored in series and cup matches so far and the same number of goals made last season. The season record is 121 goals in series and cups. A record set in our only second season, 16 season ago. With no more cup matches there is only six matches to score 27 goals and a new record, but with three of those matches being against bots the chance to make more history this season is very realistic.

New signings, talent development, an unexpected cup run and a continuing super performing Jindal is the reason for many numbers getting higher and higher for the club. We have no intention to stop here and 1½ seasons from now the aim is to be strong enough to promote to the next best level in India series and be strong enough to stay there for a long time and then it will be time for I-League

India Consolation Cup Winner

This weeks Cup win is one of the greatest achievements for Football Club Tranquebar. Stronger and greater opponents has been defeated, or at least pushed to the limit by the team from Tharangambadi, but to win a national title is something special and in the last few weeks the main aim for the clubs sporting management. The performance from the team was the 13th best ever and with many great matches played, it is a sign of things evolving the best possible way because even with 1/3 of the squad being 30+ years, the average is still below 25 – A sign of the talented squad we have assembled.

India Consolation Cup is only a third tier cup, but only a start of what’s coming. We wont go for more trophies right away, but if the chance comes, we will take it. The next step is to make the team strength better yet and we will go for at least breaking our stats record and stay over 350 in general at the end of next season – By then with a massive midfield and the work on the attacking sectors. The main aim is to do this with a squad mostly build on homegrown players. We need players like Steffen, Marusarz, Kwon, Ko, Coppens and Hussain, but only if the level of incoming transferred players are high enough to make a difference. So be sure that signings like those will be seen in a few seasons again.

Unstoppable Jindal

What can you say about Narendra ‘Khalifah’ Jindal that haven’t already been said. In the India Consolation Cup final he scored a hattrick – His third hattrick this season. two in the cup and one in the series. Overall he has scored 17 times in 16 matches this season and that is not counting tournament games and with no friendly matches so far. Followers of Tranquebar know how Jindal has scored many goals every season, still it is impressing to score 222 goals in his 406 official matches since being promoted from TTF. He is not young anymore but age 31,64 is not a higher age than he has more time to make an almost untouchable club record. If you have any doubt then look at the facts. The India Consolation Cup final is rated his 9th best of his career.

From Talent To Stardom

Through the history of Tranquebar there has been many promising talents, with some making it to the highest level. Former TTF, Tranquebar and India U20 talent Pushkal Bhardwaj now representing India NT in the current world cup. Many name can be mentioned and Rao Wattoo is one of the best and the first homegrown player of Tranquebar to pass the 100.000+ TSI. Wattoo will soon celebrate his 22nd birthday and it is as one of the clubs top players and he had been number one if the club hadn’t bought the two Hanguk NT players a few weeks ago. In the next series match Wattoo play his match number 100 for Tranquebar and the number one winger and the second best centre midfielder in the squad. Only his age was behind not getting more than two appearances for India U20, for Tranquebar he is much better than that and is part of the training plan for at least five more seasons.

This is truly a record breaking time for Football Club Tranquebar

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