After Defeat: “We Are In Control”

If the fan club Thrangambadi Lions are worried after sunday’s golden league defeat to Odense they need to take it easy according to club legend Foggy. “Last season Odense came third in golden league masters, but they are far that today. They are still good and we wont take anything away from them. they deserved the win, but we had an agenda in Odense and we did what we came to do. We tested a new formation and with some bruised players with the use of recovery before the upcoming season, we took a chance. We failed. We are in control so no need to worry” was the words form the assistant coach.

Tranquebar played a 5-2-3 lineup with Datta, Burman and Hussain in the starting lineup and that has rarely happened for 9 to 10 weeks. Foggy and coach Menyhárt was happy with they performance even though Tranquebar lost 3:0. “We have had a blast this season, after a rocky start. Now we look toward next season and it cost us today. Two of their goals is made by players that has been a part of their best lineups for more than a season. We didn’t play newbies you know”. Foggy made it clear that tactics and formations was the key element for Tranquebar this week and it wont chance for a while.

“We need to do things even better than we have been doing til now. We don’t want to collect second places. After our India Consolation Cup win, we told you all that we want more and need to look at future possibilities when we get the chance. Also we need to find where to strengthen the squad and how to do it. We want the squad ready when we play the first series match next season” the legendary goalscorer told the press and added a few words on his strikers performance. “They didn’t want to win today. Odense wanted it more, but all strikers has tried to get all shots stopped by a goalkeeper with a mysterious force helping them. That was what happen today. No need to think more about it. We have more important games coming later”

About Hojris

The manager and proud owner of MS Odense since 2008 and manager of Football Club Tranquebar since 2013. Member of Mission Superliga since 2009, Chairman of HTU Managers since 2011 and the founder of HU-Press (2011). Last but not least former host on Radiotrick, and also had a short stint as MOD in Denmark (2011-2012).