Omer Butt vs Raszkow Jazz

The Golden League. A friendly tournament going on for more than 5 years and sometimes not so friendly. More than 50 clubs around the world has been a part of Golden League and some has been a part from days one. Tranquebar has been a part of this great tournament from the day the club was founded. The first match played on May 8th 2013 was against a Golden League opponent (The Lost Saxons) and many has been played since then.

Many rivalries has been started and ended because of this tournament and many memorable and even legendary matches and players from the start of the Golden League in the summer of 2011. Tranquebar’s finest moments has been few so far but the debut against Saxons is one of them. A 3:1 win away from home and goals from Saxons Kristoffur ‘Messi’ á Nesi and Tranquebar legend Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu is worth mentioning. Many great clubs is no more but some are still around and rivalries with Saxons, Clan Phoenix, Cabuie, Mighty Karak Chai FC, MDCCCLV, The Warriors of Sahura and Kinclaven are just some of them that keep us in this great tournament.

Raszków Jazz, now known as The Flaming Wodkas FC, is managed by Saxons manager LA-Lord_Bebbington and maybe our biggest rival, in good and bad, for Tranquebar and manager Hojris. The matches played between the two managers are too many to count today and many more will come. Win and losses has been split between the two quite even and many memorable things has happen in that rivalry and also as part of the infamous blog wars in the early years of Hattrick United.

November 15th 2017 a match between the Jazz and Tranquebar wasplaed at Raszków Arena. A match with a historic performance from Tranquebar and even more from Omer Butt – A U20 prospect one season before this magical moment. The Jazz was in one of many rearrangements to build a strong club while Tranquebar was getting stronger and stronger. Even though the clubs was heading in both directions, both still made their way to Golden League Masters – Making this match even more special.

Tranqubar was simply better this day but no one would ever dream of what Omer Butt did that day. In the 8:2 away win, Omer scored six of the goals. Impressive by the then 19 years old striker and a remarkable record that might stand forever as a club record and maybe an unbeatable Golden League record too

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The manager and proud owner of MS Odense since 2008 and manager of Football Club Tranquebar since 2013. Member of Mission Superliga since 2009, Chairman of HTU Managers since 2011 and the founder of HU-Press (2011). Last but not least former host on Radiotrick, and also had a short stint as MOD in Denmark (2011-2012).