Tranquebar Allstars

Pushkal Bhardwaj: Maybe the greatest talent the club ever has produced. He was scouted and recruited by Abhimanya Mukherjee for TTF in October 2013. From day one he has been one of the best goalkeepers, for his age, in India and today he is the number one goalkeeper for India NT. He also played 14 matches for India U20. He was sold at age 19 for 3,1 million € and even though there has been talks of him returning to Tranquebar, it won’t happen, even though Tranquebar once offered 12 million € in negotiation talks with his current club some seasons ago. Pushkal will always be a big part of the Tranquebar history though and is one of the most obvious choices for this all star team. For Tranquebar he got 26 clean sheets in 44 matches – Impressive!

Muthupandi ‘Tamil Warrior’ Variar: On so many levels he is the biggest name in Tranquebar history. A future hall Of Fame inductee. The first of the fab 4 and one of the first on the team card before every match. He was the first player scouted for Tranquebar Talent Factory (by Jatin Soni) and the first player to gain promotion from the academy to the main squad (August 31, 2013). He has played 374 matches for the club so far and scored 82 goals. The Tamil Warrior can play all positions on the field, minus goalkeeper, on an acceptable level. He is a playmaker though and is the one player most has asked for the team to sell. The answer to that has always, and will always be, no.

Michael Gajadin: The great Gajadin was purchased form one of the best teams in Denmark, Los Sværke Logos il tempo gigante, for a record breaking 7,7 million €. Gajadin started his career at Polskie Dziki in Suriname and after short stints in Lithuania, The Maldives and Denmark, he arrived in Tharangambadi at age 21. before his arrival he played 28 matches for Suriname U20 and Suriname NT has a wish for him to play for them later on.

Narottam Samal: Without a doubt the most important squad member in the first 15 season of Tranquebar’s history. He is a Tranquebar Talent Factory original and was the third talent promoted to the main squad. Within 14 days Tamil Warrior, Jindal and Samal was promoted and since then they have, alongside Bokil, been the Fab 4, or the core of the team. Samal has scored 68 goals in 382 matches, he has captained the team in 342 of these matches.

Rao Wattoo: Was scouted and recruited by Ambarish Mondal on May 7th 2016 and is one of the biggest talent in the club overall. August 28th 2016 he was promoted to the main squad and since then he has been one of the top trainees with Football Club Tranquebar. At age 21 he is already in top 10 of players with most played matches for the club. He only managed to get two matches for India U20 but on skills he is one of the nations best for his age and positions on the field. He is a future Hall Of Fame’er.

Grigory ‘The Killer’ Bolshakov: One of only two foreign players on the all star team and the one of those two with attacking skills. The Killer was a quick defensive forward just as powerful in the attack and a playmaker. He was bought in a 4 million € deal with the German club Athleticus Breitikus in August 2014 and sold 2 seasons later when the idea of a fully homegrown team was started for real. Bolshakov will always be remembered as one who made a difference and as the best incoming transfer to Tranquebar in his generation.

Venkatesh Katam: Considered as one of the best talents in the club ever and only matched by the legendary goalkeeper Pushkal Bhardwaj. Still under 20 years old, he has already 4 U20 matches for India and is considered one of the top India players for the next world cup qualification and also seen as a future team captain when Narottam Samal retire. He was scouted and recruited by Ambarish Mondal for Tranquebar Talent Factory on September 9th 2016 and promoted to the main squad in the early spring of 2017 and made his U20 India debut 2 weeks later.

Sunil Karve: This one is the new cores ‘Bokil. The second best player turning into a very important player to the team. Karve was denied a youth contract with Tranquebar Talent Factory one week before The Punjabi Tiger scouted and recruited him on April 16th 2016 – Today he is a part of the new core, the future of Football Club Tranquebar alongside Wattoo and Katam. He has only one U20 India match to his record, but is the only player to represent his country in a world cup group stage match. It was a 0:0 Draw against Argentina on October 23 2017. He has scored 10 goals in 88 matches so far for Tranquebar’s main squad.

Samin Mondol: Abhimanya Mukherjee scouted this talent in September 2014. Mondol was a Tharangambadi Lions favourite and the talent was unquestionable. Both With the academy and in the main squad he played as a striker and often alongside Shrimat Patel and Robin Karve. Mondol played 34 matches for Tranquebar and got his India NT debut only one week into his professional career. He also got one match for India U20 before he left Tranquebar in August 2015 for a fee of 1,2 million €.

Rajinikanth ‘Foggy’ Reddy: A Football Club Tranquebar original, a Hall of Fame member and already called a living legend when he retired as an active player on July 22nd 2014 and has been assistant coach since then. Foggy was a striker and scored 57 goals in 96 matches over the first three seasons of Tranquebar’s existent and that is still enough to place him as number 5 over the most scoring players in Tranquebar history. Foggy was the series top scorer in his last two seasons for the team, and In his last season he fought The Warriors of Sahura’s Venkat ‘Warrior’ Variar and Rodney Wahl from Landa United Football Club for the top spot as platinum team top score in HTUM. Foggy lost the fight but came top three on the list for the second season i a row.

Narendra ‘Khalifah’ Jindal: Jindal is one of the most legendary players in the club. He was a part of the original Tranquebar Talent Factory squad, when it was opened 15 seasons ago. He was the second player ever to be promoted to the main squad in the late summer of 2013. Since then he has become a part of the team core – 4 players. He is by far the most scoring player in the club history, 205 goals in 382 matches so far. Jindal has been series top scorer three times and i often Tranquebar season top scorer.

NS ‘Butterfingers’ Nataraj: He is a Football Club Tranquebar original. The legendary Butterfingers was the goalkeeper in the clubs first three seasons and even though his skills was low, he managed to 32 clean sheets in 83 matches. He retired as an active player April 2nd 2014 and became assistant coach in the club. Butterfingers wasthe first player to enter Football Club Tranquebar Hall Of Fame.

Tejas Beeravolu: A former TTF talent who was sold after only 2 matches for the main squad. Scouted and recruited by Vennmani Singh in January 2014. he only made the bench for this all star team because of his brief stay within the club and his accomplishments is made in other clubs. Beeravolu was given his first U20 India match in February 2015 and with 25 appearances overall, he is the TTF talent with most U20 matches after the first 15 seasons.

Sudeep Bokil: Scouted and hired by Tranquebar Talent Factory scout Jatin Soni on June 1st 2013. He is a member of the Tranquebarbar core – The Fab 4 – an the latest of the four to be promoted back in the fall of 2013. Bokil has always been in the shadow of Jindal, but still his accomplishments are more than good. Proved by his top 2 position on the Golden League season 10 top score list when this was written. 123 goals in 355 games is his record list so far.

Robin Karve: One of the most talented players ever scouted for TTF. In the early summer of 2014 Karve was denied a contract with the Kanpur Junior academy, but TTF scout Dhurandhara Sankar did see his talent and one month later, July 19th, he got a youth contract. In December 2014 he was peomoted to Football Club Tranquebar’s main squad and played as a winger and striker. After 43 appearances he was sold for 1,2 million €. In the fall of 2017 he made his debut for India NT and has played 7 matches for them.

Raju Mundra:
One of only three players on the all star team that ain’t a player from Tranquebar Talent Factory. Mundra is from the Karnataka region and was purchased from Magic Knight’s on July 4th 2017. The price was 7 million € and that makes him the second most expensive incoming player in the club history. He is a quick winger with his best still to come.

Manoj ‘Punjabi Tiger’ Prabhu: The Punjabi Tiger is a Football Club Tranquebar original and a member of the clubs Hall Of Fame. He played as a striker and scored 62 goals in 95 matches. He played his last match against MS Odense, 27th of June 2014. MS Odense won 5:3 after a penalty shootout and he was one of only two, the other one being Narendra ‘Khalifah’ Jindal, to score against MS Odense legend Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio, in the shootout. Since his retirement as an active player, he has been a youth scout for Tranquebar Talent Factory.

Sahasya Dhanvade: was a striker scouted by Amod Singh January 2nd 2016. He was promoted to the Tranquebar main squad June 7th the same year. He was sold for 1 million € but came back to Tranquebar one season later and played 25 matches for the club before he was sold for 2,7 million € in January 2017. A few days later he made his debut for India U20 and played 10 matches for them.

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The manager and proud owner of MS Odense since 2008 and manager of Football Club Tranquebar since 2013. Member of Mission Superliga since 2009, Chairman of HTU Managers since 2011 and the founder of HU-Press (2011). Last but not least former host on Radiotrick, and also had a short stint as MOD in Denmark (2011-2012).