Friendlycup and celebration

Today Fresvik i Sogn is 7 years old, and this morning played against Newcastle  Town in a NUFC cup. The match took place in Canada (neutral ground) late Wednesday night and ended this morning.

This was the first game in the tournament and it was important to get a win, and  Fresviks reserved did not let anyone down. The game ended 7-3 to Fresvik, after two goals by the legend Pål Nygård (48700068) ano goal each by the (3) strikers, the young local lad Warsame and the playmaker Hagenlund. This made Fresvik the top of the league after the first round.

The sad thing about the game was that Pål Nygård got a minor injury after a tackle by the opponent. He has now 393 games for Fresvik, and we all really hope he will reach the magic 400 mark. Only 7 more games and he’s there. He might play a few minutes against Spurt on Saturday.

This weekend Spurt is the team we have to beat, a more important game since we are competing for the gold in the V.58. Everything else than first place will be a disappointment. The good news is that everyone is healthy (except Nygård) and the form is getting better and better (in average).

Today we will enjoy cake and may be a beer for Fresvik i Sogn which is 7 years old. One of the old clubs in Hattrick.

About campingvogna

A 26 year old Norwegian personal trainer who lives in Zambia and enjoys Hattrick as a hobby. Started Hattrick in 2004 and is still going strong.