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Half-seasonal Expectation: Title Challenger

My latest post on this blog was about my first match in III.7. Since then, we’ve been through a lot of matches. Some are tough opponents, some are relatively easy opponents. But that doesn’t mean my seasons going to be easy. After going through 10 matches, we are the leader of current standing. I don’t know for how long, but we are strong contenders for the 3rd division title. We are currently on 7 wins and 3 draws run without any losing and conceding any goal. Because of that, I’m quite proud on my defensive line. Anyway let season my half-seasonal reviews on my opponents.

On my second league match against Sidikalang City, is a strong and veteran team in III.7. We had won once before and I thought we could make another one, but the match engine proved that I’m wrong. For introduction of Sidikalang City, I may start talking about the city of Sidikalang. Sidikalang is a city that I had once visited years ago, located in the North-Sumatra Province, in the heart of Bukit Barisan mountain range, Sidikalang is the capital of Dairi regency but it is a small and relatively undeveloped city. Their main economy attraction is their production of coffee beans. The city have a tropical climate for mountainous area. Now back to the club of Sidikalang City. Sidikalang City is a team with proper strength along their sectors with their main strength are in the midfield sector. I was trying to exploit my high team confidence in order to put a lot of pressure to their defenses while keeping our back-lines tight. I managed a slight advantage of home side team, I tried to outclassed their midfield by a little. But the strategy seems failed. All my plan was perfectly executed, but there were no goals neither events produced in that match, resulting a draw 0 – 0. A disappointing results made us trailing behind in the competition by only produce 2 points from 2 matches.

The third match were against a newly promoted team, Remen Balbalan Football Club. For introduction, Remen Balbalan is a slang Javanese language for “lets play football”. I might be mistaken since I’m not a native Javanese. The club of Remen Balbalan was a well-known team who regularly promoted from IV and relegated from III for one or two seasons. They don’t have massive strength in any sectors, but they have an above average attack ratings. To be honest, I really thought this team deserve an immediate relegation. Since the cup matches are getting tougher on Round 4, I’m trying to put my young trainee to play. A lower midfield rating could punish my massive defense line, but I prepared a counter attack tactics to improve my goal event chances. The result of the match is a total win for me, a 3 – 0 lead and an extra boost for team spirit gained.

Fourth match doesn’t need any explanation since I’m lining against a botified team, Bolavaganza. A little bid introduction of Bolavaganza. Bolavaganza was  once a strong team who managed to be among the top 10 Indonesian teams who already taste the competition in the Ligina (Indonesian Highest Competition). The name Bolavaganza was adopted from a famous sport magazine in Indonesia. Perhaps the owner is an employee in Bolavaganza, but who knows. The final score is 9 – 0 for me, an expected result of course.

Next was the tough one, against the leader of the standing at the mean time, Warkop 1001. Warkop 1001 finished second last season, and have great ambition to promote this season. They wary of some emerging powers in III.7, including my team. They have a really strong side attack and an intimidating midfield rating, with an above average defense rating. To be honest, they are the team that I respected the most among the other contenders. Still running in Indonesian Cup, we were readying ourselves to rotate the trainees to compete on the cup match. Against a massive midfield opponent, I’m not pushing myself to hard for winning midfield battle. I concentrate on exploiting their most weak sides: Specialized players and Set-piece event. I display an optimized special-event team with Play Creatively tactic using a balanced but competitive midfield ratings which resulting only losing 3% of possession. The matches itself was turned into a tied match but one lucky CA+SP event resulting a winning goal for me. 1 – 0 was the final score.

The sixth match was opposing Dandelion Team. Dandelion Team was a team which promoted to III.7 at the same time I was, 3 seasons ago. I have a good record against Dandelion, we had never lost to this team and I planned to prolong my superiority against them. Dandelion is a capable team, they own a strong midfield and strong defense with capable attack. Since I still surviving the cup and had to oppose a team from Ligina, I decided to lined my trainees and using CA tactic once more. This time, I recognized later that I’m playing a risky gambling on my tactic choice. Luckily for me one CA+SP event again save me by putting the only goals despite a huge midfield disadvantage because of the Dandelion’s decision to play his MoTS wild card against me. The final result was 1 – 0 for my team.

The final match of the half season was against another strong team, Hawkeyes Project 712. I don’t really care about this team name, because it didn’t interest me at all. But I had to be honest, Hawkees are a strong team and capable team in all sector, besides the midfield. By playing home match, I tried to abuse their lack on midfield rating and playing an attacking style by using a normal tactic. Resulting 4 – 0  wins and 2 head special event goals, and 2 normal goals. With the last result of draw for Warkop 1001 in the seventh match, GATAS was leading the half-season end league standings by 1 point. And now we have a target of winning the series. Wish us luck. :)


A Fair Point

The beginning of the season has come, and here comes my sophomore season in III.7. At the very first, I have to face the invincible defense team, FC Phoenix Fire on our debut match. We had played against FC Phoenix Fire twice before, and both ended with sore lost. Actually I didn’t recall any memories from three seasons behind about what approach did I apply against this team. But I have one thing for sure about this team: This team has undergo a huge reformation in the core. Even though I didn’t remember how they lined-up on both of our previous matches, but I’m sure that this team was not as defensively superior as their current squad.

On this time tactical break-down, I came out on totally unsure what to decide. To understand why, lets begin the breakdown analysis. FC Phoenix Fire is really an anomaly on their tactical approach. If I should tell you, perhaps the manager philosophy is: It’s better not to score any goal than to let the opponent score more goals. Before I start to bad commenting this team more, better if I make my tactical breakdown analysis. First they usual deploy is 5-4-1 formation and heavily pile-up their midfield by using offensive center back and winger towards middle made their midfield rating is on a huge advantage than ours. They have a really poor attack rating by only deploying one forward in front, they absolutely hoping on the huge gap between the midfield rating would resulting on huge probability of few goals came from this side of attack. They are not trying to find goals from speciality players. Their usual speciality deploy are: 5 powerful players + 1 head player. Perhaps their powerful players deployed in case they’re facing superior opponents with several tactical approach, their defense must be as solid as earth crust. But I’m sure, my team is not considered as the feared one by them. Last breakdown analysis is about the set piece rating. Their set piece rating is actually a promising one if their opponent didn’t recognize it at all. But again their main target is the defense, their defensive set piece rating is also invincible for my current set piece taker, but their attacking set piece must be a threat if you don’t anticipate it at all. Don’t worry, because I wrote this on my tactical breakdown means I’m fully prepared on this. This conclude my tactical break down with one thing in my mind: “What could make me win this game?” Since no answer to come until last 40 minutes, I deploy the best possibility which I hope could gave me a lucky win.

Next is my tactical approach. For sure against these kind of team, I’m thinking of let the defense a bit loosen for this time. But next I have to think which side should get compensated for this loosen defense? Would it better if I improve my attacking side? Or perhaps if I employ new winger to create three-sided attack? Or should I pile up my midfield to shrink the midfield gap? First I thought about my defense, by loosening my defense means I had to be sure that the possession gap won’t be so large that even the worst attack rating could hurt us. This way I believe that no way I would use two defender strategy, so I prepared three defender strategy. The options now only between 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 deployment. Next to be thought about was my attacking side. As usual I only own one good winger and several good forwards to create some decent attack rating. But my defensive coach is hurting my attack rating. And we are in the early stage of the league which made impossible for us to create a massive attack rating due to limited current Team Confidence level. This made me decided not to prioritize the attacking side, instead I have to improve on a better midfield since we are playing away. The next stage is to think how we could hold their event goals. Then I decide to deploy 4 head specialists on this match. A bit too much, but of course I also hoping they could score for me, not for them. Then I decide not to deploy any of my unpredictable players, which I couldn’t reason why but my instinct said that they’re far too dangerous to deploy this kind of risky players. But I decide to deploy all of my set piece rated players on the field. I even recently employ one, not only for this reason but also for age regeneration of some players. This also meant to decrease the chance of the opponent to create any opportunity from this side. So the final decision was 3-5-2 deployment with a little bit piling up midfield. What’s left is tactical setting. I definitely won’t go for counter attack or one side focusing atack since it had to be useless after all since their defense too huge. I thought about other approach which didn’t convince me it’s gonna work perfectly. Then under big question mark I decide to use normal approach which made my strategy is a “hopeful” approach.

On the day of the match proved to be such a disadvantage for me. The weather was raining and they suppose to deploy 5 powerful players. And all I could do is sighing and hoping it won’t effect any of my players since I didn’t deploy any technical players. But the main problem is how much it will boost their rating? All I can do is to fix something here and there to make sure the weather wouldn’t hurt me. And the match went dull as expected. Their goalkeeper got injured in the early game, but the replacement was not a poor substitute. No problem, the game still went on the right track. And it fully on the right track after until the final whistle only two opportunity events occurs, both for the opponent which I thought it was just enough considering their huge midfield advantage. Two of their players went to undergo their injury, both for 1 week. Not gonna be a big deal I hope. Two yellow cards both for them, none for me was also a relieving news. And the final score was 0-0 and it was just enough for our come back, since we’d not given any point before. Finally it had to be a fair point for me. I do not know how they feel about the result of course, but I’m satisfied enough with the result.


A Tough Opponent

After securing our victorious season by winning our final week in IV.51 series match against Kramat Jati United with a convincing 9 – 0, we have fated to follow another decisive match to be promoted to the third division. Unlucky for me, the opponent we have to face is Juara Bulan Ultras. Short review on who Juara Bulan Ultras was: Juara Bulan Ultras was a team who was a freshman in III.7 series, the series which I happened to play about 2 seasons ago. Juara Bulan Ultras’ manager, ichighost was once appointed as a scout for Indonesian U-20 National Team. So I conclude that ichighost is not ‘new kid on the block’ in the Hattrick world, I believe he has a dozen tactical knowledges that could sink my team if I’m not prepared for the worst. I thoroughly analyze their tactical pattern and their strong side to conclude on what strategy to use. The outcome was 2 – 1 for my slight victory under a fortunate atmosphere after we have to fight in extra time and won by golden goal rule.

Juara Bulan Ultras’ tactical analysis and break down from me: Juara Bulan Ultras always play 3-5-2 line up using AoW strategy, rely heavily on one sided attack, supported by their attack-minded coach made their attack rating boasted. Their midfield is not the strongest, but with their 3 full Inner Midfield and a Winger towards middle indeed make them a strong one. Their defense rating was affected by their tactical approach, their side defense is strong, but their central defense was a bit weak. Reliance on special event was not likely since they never line a Head and Unpredictable specialized player, their set pieces rating also too low to make any impact to the game. Their stamina was above average of ours, so that played longer than 90 minutes won’t be beneficial for us.

So my tactical approach on this game would be this way:

– Exploit their weak defense in 2 sides rather than 1 side.

– Try to suppress their massive one sided attack by focusing our defense on the side, rather than on the center.

– Intercept the possibility of their higher midfield rating by imposing better tactical approach.

My tactical analysis by chances percentage:

– Informally, AoW defined to increase the chance of the side attack to 30-40-30 compared to normal chance only 25-50-25. By increasing the defense rating to above their attack rating, I’m hoping that only below than 50% of their best attack side to succeed in their 30% of chances. Since they solely rely on one side attack, their goal scoring possibility is knocked down to only under 15% in a match.

– My attack side suppose to outclass them in 2 sides, and of course one in the central attack. By using a normal tactic I have a 75% goal chances times by >50% goal probability, made the goal scoring possibility is around 35%. Which means I have an opportunity in goal scoring possibility. The only variable yet to be solved was the possessions, which means midfield rating.

– My playing style is taking less risk scenario rather than battling on gigantic midfield reliance possession play. This makes me think other scenario that made us possible to use the best of our attack without affecting our defense rating. Finally I decide to play using a counter-attack approach using one offensive inner midfield to boast my central attack rating. These way I try my best not to win the midfield battle in order to increase the chance of counter-attack event to occur under the circumstances of our possession loss will hit our goal scoring possibility below where it should and their goal scoring possibility have to be undercalculation. But my logic said that our biggest possession loss would be only 45 against 55 which shouldn’t be a big gap for them to score more than two goals under our attack-defense rating circumstances.

– The additional variable which I had to watch until few hours before the match was the condition of the two best side defender which had been in injury on the previous week. Finally I found that their condition on the bruised but playing so that I have to use my last card, a midfield boasting behavior (Match of The Season). This approach didn’t intend to win the midfield battle but rather than to decrease the possession ga,p so that the goal less likely to happen.

The game was run smoothly under my prediction since I’ve won the set pieces rating, the first goal came from that position. The equalizing goal also come under my prediction, an attack from side (had to be their strongest side). At the half time the possession was 50-50, which was quite surprising for me but didn’t make it a big deal. Things went bad when my attacking scenario and tactical approach didn’t seem to occur and time is running out, means our stamina is something that was critical. And I already on my desperate side when the 90 minutes time ended with 1 – 1 score.  But fortunately for us, under definite exhausted stamina my veteran defender scored a golden goal which made us promote to the third division and let the sorrow goes to Juara Bulan Ultras.


The Decisive Week has Passed and We are The Champion!!!

Finally we have overcame the decisive week of  season 30, the 13th week. Sounds like a horror story? But no, not a horror one. It was rather a supreme victory for us. After trailing for the second place for more than half of the season, finally we got to the top position in the league after only one week remaining. Which also means that we already 99% win this season with a credit of contribution to Anchur Lebhur who hold Pangkal Pinang FC to draw.

The turning point of this outcome had to be the previous week match where we defeated another title contender, Pangkal Pinang FC. With that winning, we only seperated by 2 goals differences which should be easily coped since we still have a match against Kramat Jati United, the bot-managered team. The only thing we should do is to beat BERCELANA A.J.B, the strongest team in the series I would say. I know it would be a tough job and need a lot of tactical back up to compete against the strong side. But guess what? We did it!

As we fight the stronger side, we need to have a correct tactical approach and also more back-up plan. I would describe my tactical analysis of BERCELANA here. BERCELANA is an ultimate midfield team with adequate defending side and so-so attacking side. With their awesome midfield rating it would be no chance for us to concentrate solely on our attack side. After breaking-down their rating part-by-part, I decided to play a midfield oriented game which purpose is not to beat their midfield rating but rather to minimize their attacking chances so that my defensive line could be lowered a little without any risk of being abused by large possession differences. Since I play an important match, I decide to use 2 plan that should work in harmony. :)

Plan A: My main plan is to optimized my midfield rating which I set a lot more than theirs. Of course I only able to do that in my best form and optimizing the match behavior (MoTS). I use 3 Inner Midfield which was my main ingredient in every match I play, 1 offensive winger which my only attacking option for this match, and 1 wing towards middle to improve the midfield rating. My defense as solid as rock, but I have to sacrificed some part of my great wall of defense on the consequences of my Plan B which I will explain later. I used only single forward towards wing, which also means I only want to create normal chance from their weak side. According to normal calculation, I need to win a lot of possession to convert chances of my strong side to be a goal. By setting the optimum midfield rating I’m quite convinced that this would do, a 4-5-1 line up.

Plan B: My back-up plan in case my Plan A doesn’t work is to optimize my only advantage against them: a solid rock defense which make their attack only feel like a tickle, and a set pieces rating advantages. I’m trying to sacrificed this defense by increasing the set pieces event chances. Yes perhaps you’ve guessed it already, the Play Creatively tactic. And to optimize this tactic that will make the most impact is to play more speciality players. I have a back-up defender which defending level is far worse than my rest. But by considering his Head speciality, I insist on him to play replacing my poor-formed defender. In addition I use my aged Head winger midfielder as the wing towards middle and a weaker striker with head speciality and luckyly he also has a good set piece rating. Total of 4 Head players and 1 Unpredictable player ready to rumble on BERCELANA’s goal. My main set piece taker as always my best wing back. That was all my strategy went to and want to accomplish (of course for goals).

I set up my order by friday after gaining confidence at training and form update on thursday night. A 4-5-1 formation with Play Creatively tactic and Match of The Season behavior. At the match day I was surprised that BERCELANA aim to hit me with AIM tactic which I think too ambitious by considering his attack level. I’m completely comfortable with BERCELANA counter measures. First goal came from an unpredictable event in early match means that my Plan B worked better than my plan A. With that was the only chances event that occur in the first half, the match went to half time with 1 – 0 for my side, but when I saw the possession I knew my Plan A was already ruined. They lead possession by 52%, means I failed to use greater possession to convert a one-sided attack. With my conditional substitution come in effect 10 minutes at the second half, I go with strengthen my defense by replacing my head defender with stronger one if we already on the lead. The rest of the match only have 2 events: 1 unconverted direct set piece chance, and 1 converted Head event goal. All of them are the fruit of may come from Play Creatively tactics that prove very worth to use in several occassions.

Here are the result of our match rating:

Midfield excellent (high) excellent (very low)
Right Defence inadequate (low) outstanding (high)
Central Defence formidable (very low) brilliant (low)
Left Defence formidable (very low) outstanding (high)
Right Attack inadequate (low) wretched (very high)
Central Attack inadequate (low) poor (very low)
Left Attack weak (very high) excellent (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence inadequate (low) solid (very low)
Attack weak (very high) inadequate (very low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Play creatively
Tactic skill formidable

We Have to Win This Season…

We have to win this season. That’s what our fans say at our fanpage. But could it easily achievable for us? We’ve going through 12 league matches this season and we are struggling to keep us at the top of the IV.51 series. Our close contender, Pangkal Pinang FC, played an unflawed season by winning almost all of their matches. Meanwhile the newcomer BERCELANA A.J.B keep improving since mid-season. And we are under-performed by defeated in 2 occasion which I thought was unnecessary one. For now we are second in the standing with 10 wins and 2 loses, the same as Pangkal Pinang FC but we have less goal deposits by 2. Until the season finish we still have to beat an outstanding BERCELANA A.J.B and an unimportant match against Kramat Jati United. Let’s have a thorough review of the 12 matches behind:

  • Match 1: Kramat Jati United 3 – 0 GATAS Brilhantes FC

A difficult start for us. Although KJU is an idle team which manager was already gone for 3 months, yet we are yet to find a formula to beat this team. They are a team with great skills distribution in every sector and they have strength in midfield which we couldn’t afford to match this sector. I’ve decided to use 4-4-2 line-up with counter attacking tactical approach. And KJU was using their default 3-5-2 line-up. Our defenders poor form was tend to be the one to blame, we just manage to have an average of outstanding defense level which I thought wasn’t enough to hold their average of solid attack level. Although we managed to have a world class counter-attacking skill level and have 2 attack side that should be able to break their defense, we still beaten to the ground. After this match, I still felt this result was not right and we were not supposed to be beaten with this margin. :(

Kramat Jati United GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield inadequate (very high) weak (high)
Right Defence inadequate (low) outstanding (high)
Central Defence solid (very high) brilliant (very high)
Left Defence inadequate (high) brilliant (very low)
Right Attack solid (low) poor (high)
Central Attack solid (very low) solid (very low)
Left Attack passable (very high) excellent (low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence inadequate (very high) passable (low)
Attack inadequate (low) inadequate (very low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) world class


  • Match 2: GATAS Brilhantes FC 2 – 0 BERCELANA A.J.B

This time we are in favor because we are playing home. At this point, BERCELANA A.J.B had not logged in for about one month and we already saw the flaw in their default line-up, and we managed to exploit that weakness. BERCELANA A.J.B is a typical team who rely solely in their midfield strength which I could say is the best in our series. They have a mediocre attack level and a good defense level. At this point I already knew what should I do to face this kind of team. Since this is our home match and their mid level was suppose to be lower than usual, I decided to compete using our best midfield which is still not enough to beat their midfield level. But since their attack level was low and my defense level was extremely superior to their attack I could rely on my attackers to work on the goal. And they did, well I hope it’s not only a coincident. I started 4-4-2 line-up and as predicted they use their default line-up, 3-5-2 formation.

Midfield inadequate (high) passable (very low)
Right Defence outstanding (high) weak (high)
Central Defence outstanding (very high) excellent (very high)
Left Defence magnificent (very low) solid (high)
Right Attack poor (low) weak (very high)
Central Attack solid (very low) weak (low)
Left Attack excellent (high) inadequate (very high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (very low) weak (very high)
Attack weak (very high) weak (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic)


  • Match 3: GATAS Brilhantes FC 2 – 1 Pangkal Pinang FC

Last season we’ve met PPFC twice and we hold a win for each of us. My target for this match was to improve this record to make them on my favor. PPFC is like BERCELANA A.J.B who rely on their strong midfield, but one thing differ this two teams very much was PPFC’s attack level and the use of typical AoW tactics make them a strong and able opponent. While I have a home advantage I could use my midfield level to challenge their level, and exploiting their usual AoW tactic which should have deeply hurt their central defense by starting a 3 strikers which I am not usually accustomed with. I decided to use 4-3-3 line up to match their strong attack and to exploit their defense level, and I also experimented for this match by using AIM tactical approach which I though it’s a lucky choice. In the match PPFC using an unusual pressing tactical approach which means my tactical analysis didn’t go in my favor. Fortunately for me, PPFC also hit by poor form and some injury problem to their player so that their central defense level fell far below my central attack level. This winning is a good one and keep us on track to win this season. :)

GATAS Brilhantes FC Pangkal Pinang FC
Midfield inadequate (very high) inadequate (low)
Right Defence outstanding (high) passable (very low)
Central Defence formidable (low) solid (very low)
Left Defence formidable (low) solid (low)
Right Attack weak (high) passable (low)
Central Attack excellent (low) weak (high)
Left Attack weak (low) inadequate (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (very low) weak (very high)
Attack inadequate (low) weak (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Pressing
Tactic skill magnificent passable


  • Match 4: Mokondo FC 1 – 4 GATAS Brilhantes FC

Mokondo FC is a newcomer from 5th division. And as most 5th divisions’ newcomers, they are yet to be called as a mature team. They have a weak rate level in every sector which make me assume that my team are still superior to them in every way. This is my usual approach to manage my team spirit level which I thought is quite hurting my team’s image. Well no more review to this team, I have to move to the match. I decide to use 3-5-2 line up which was one way to improve my formation level, for information I have 6 formation which have a minimum of solid experience level which makes me very flexible in strategy making. :)

Mokondo FC GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield weak (very low) poor (very high)
Right Defence weak (very low) excellent (very high)
Central Defence inadequate (very high) excellent (low)
Left Defence weak (low) formidable (very high)
Right Attack weak (high) weak (very low)
Central Attack weak (low) solid (very low)
Left Attack weak (high) excellent (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (low) inadequate (very high)
Attack weak (low) inadequate (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Play creatively Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic)


  • Match 5: GATAS Brilhantes FC 3 – 0 FC ‘New Kebayoran’ El Scorchos

At this time, Kebayoran was the series leader with 4 winning run, and I supposed to stop them. Kebayoran is a typical counter-attacking team which is a very strong one. We also encountered Kebayoran twice last season, both ended with draws. I have experimented with several formation until I came with an idea of a midfield-based full attacking formation which I’m sure that I won’t use this formation against another type of teams. As usual Kebayoran lined 5-3-2 formation and I counter them with 3-4-3 formation with 2 attacking side, 3 attackers + 1 offensive midfield, and a strong winger helped with offensive wing back. This was my attacking optimized tactic which was really hard to be formed because of my defensive coach penalty. And what comes next is a really great one, a massive winning margin really made my day… :)

GATAS Brilhantes FC FC ‘New Kebayoran’ El Scorchos
Midfield passable (low) wretched (very high)
Right Defence formidable (very low) brilliant (low)
Central Defence formidable (very high) outstanding (very high)
Left Defence formidable (low) outstanding (low)
Right Attack formidable (low) passable (very high)
Central Attack excellent (low) inadequate (high)
Left Attack poor (very high) wretched (very high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence inadequate (very high) passable (very low)
Attack inadequate (high) inadequate (high)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) outstanding


  • Match 6: PS Orang Tua 1 – 3 GATAS Brilhantes FC

Ortu was a last season’s survivor. They perform very well against worse team but struggle against stronger teams, they are a spirited mediocre team with wing attack oriented team which was not a bad one yet a predictable one. This team is a continuously improved team and I like this philosophy but that didn’t mean I have to give points to them. As usual when playing against a weaker team I use 3-5-2 line up which was anticipated by their typical 3-5-2 AoW formation, a very side-attack enhanced formation. No particular comment I could make on this matches this victory is a deserved one for us. :)

PS Orang Tua GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield weak (very low) inadequate (very low)
Right Defence passable (low) formidable (low)
Central Defence inadequate (high) formidable (very low)
Left Defence passable (low) excellent (high)
Right Attack passable (very high) excellent (low)
Central Attack weak (very low) solid (very high)
Left Attack passable (very low) weak (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (very low) inadequate (high)
Attack weak (low) inadequate (very low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Normal
Tactic skill solid (no tactic)


  • Match 7: GATAS Brilhantes FC 4 – 2 Anchur Lebhur; Match 8: Anchur Lebhur 2 – 1 GATAS Brilhantes FC

The next two matches against Anchur Lebhur was the one who made me learn on my mistakes. I was underestimating this team, which I thought was a necessary approach but I’m wrong. The first match was a home match for me, I was anticipating a win and it happened as predicted. But I prove to be neglecting some factors that led me to be beaten in the away match. Anchur Lebhur was one of an overperformed promoted team which I thought was a strong 6th place contender for PS Orang Tua. And until this day Anchur Lebhur still perform well and make some unpreditable results which make them more mature as a young team. I lined 4-4-2 line-up at the first match which was my strongest line-up up until now. The four goals that I score was already anticipated, but I neglected that they able to score two goals against my best line-up. On the second match I still believe that this team is less capable to make differences which was wrong. This team use their remaining energy to make a come-back, plus an uncalculated OC event which made me beaten to the ground. What I neglect was they are a great Set Piece team with a rather strong midfield level and a mediocre attack level, yet they are poor defensively. In the second match I use an arrogant 2-5-3 line-up which was a failure. my midfield level is nothing near theirs since the OC hurt it deeply. This is the match of regret that I should remember well. :)

GATAS Brilhantes FC Anchur Lebhur
Midfield weak (high) weak (low)
Right Defence outstanding (very low) inadequate (very high)
Central Defence brilliant (high) passable (very high)
Left Defence outstanding (very low) poor (high)
Right Attack excellent (very low) weak (low)
Central Attack passable (very high) poor (very high)
Left Attack poor (low) poor (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence inadequate (very high) passable (very low)
Attack inadequate (very low) inadequate (very high)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Attack in the Middle
Tactic skill (no tactic) excellent


Anchur Lebhur GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield inadequate (very low) weak (high)
Right Defence weak (very high) solid (high)
Central Defence passable (low) solid (very low)
Left Defence poor (high) solid (very high)
Right Attack inadequate (very low) formidable (low)
Central Attack passable (low) excellent (very high)
Left Attack poor (very low) passable (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (low) passable (low)
Attack passable (high) inadequate (high)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Long shots Normal
Tactic skill passable (no tactic)


  • Match 9: GATAS Brilhantes FC 8 – 1 PS Orang Tua

A revenge match for me, which I thought this was time to prove my dignity. To be honest I hold back a little some time before the match. I keep some of my best player to compete in other competition. Yet it still to much for Ortu to face my stronger team. I lined 4-4-2 line-up with some of my new players entering which resulting in better rating for my team. This match was a good benchmarking sample to know my team’s strength… 😉

GATAS Brilhantes FC PS Orang Tua
Midfield inadequate (high) poor (high)
Right Defence magnificent (very high) passable (very low)
Central Defence magnificent (very high) inadequate (low)
Left Defence world class (high) passable (very low)
Right Attack passable (very low) excellent (very low)
Central Attack inadequate (low) weak (very high)
Left Attack wretched (high) solid (very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (low) weak (very low)
Attack inadequate (low) weak (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Attack on wings
Tactic skill (no tactic) excellent


  • Match 10: FC ‘New Kebayoran’ El Scorchos 2 – 3 GATAS Brilhantes FC

The next anticipated match against a strong side of Kebayoran who currently at the 6th on standing after my bad result against Anchur Lebhur. They want to win so badly so that they lined their best line-up with a new player which make their stronger than before. And I also won’t make same mistake as before so that I lined the same line-up against them as our previous meeting. A 3-4-3 attack optimized formation is prove to be too strong to be hold by them. A slight winning margin may not be a warning sign for me since I look closely on what had happened and what the result should be. :)

FC ‘New Kebayoran’ El Scorchos GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield poor (low) inadequate (high)
Right Defence magnificent (low) outstanding (high)
Central Defence world class (high) formidable (very high)
Left Defence brilliant (high) formidable (low)
Right Attack passable (low) excellent (low)
Central Attack inadequate (low) solid (high)
Left Attack wretched (high) poor (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (low) passable (high)
Attack inadequate (low) inadequate (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill world class (no tactic)


  • Match 11: GATAS Brilhantes FC 4 – 0 Mokondo FC

A decisive match for Mokondo which until this time only able to make 3 points. When they lost this match means they are already relegated. And the relegation seems too close for them. I again lined my 3-5-2 formation and keeping my few best players to play again some other competition. And the result you already see it up there an another convincing win for me. :)

GATAS Brilhantes FC Mokondo FC
Midfield weak (low) poor (very low)
Right Defence formidable (high) weak (low)
Central Defence outstanding (very low) solid (very low)
Left Defence outstanding (high) inadequate (very low)
Right Attack poor (high) poor (low)
Central Attack inadequate (very high) poor (very high)
Left Attack excellent (very low) poor (low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (low) weak (low)
Attack inadequate (very low) poor (low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) solid


  • Match 12: Pangkal Pinang FC 0 – 2 GATAS Brilhantes FC

Undeniably a greatest match of the season. PPFC was on the leading position by 3 points was trying so bad keeping their feet on the status quo. And I was in a great momentum yet a disadvantage by playing away to Stadion Depati Amir. A brief analysis on PPFC had been written on our first meeting and they didn’t improve much from then. I lined 4-4-2 with counter-attacking tactics which once again encountered by 3-5-2 pressing tactic, which was again nullifying my tactical approach. But my decision to play three midfield + 1 winger really paid off, my good midfield rating hit them and my better use of set piece created 2 set pieces goal. All credit goes to my head spec striker: Kaare Havsteen which scored both of our goals. :)

Pangkal Pinang FC GATAS Brilhantes FC
Midfield passable (low) passable (very low)
Right Defence solid (very low) magnificent (high)
Central Defence solid (very low) outstanding (very high)
Left Defence solid (very low) magnificent (high)
Right Attack solid (high) wretched (very high)
Central Attack inadequate (low) inadequate (very high)
Left Attack solid (very high) excellent (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (high) passable (very high)
Attack weak (high) inadequate (very low)
Team Attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Pressing Counter-attacks
Tactic skill passable brilliant


With two matches to go and tight competition for first places, I have a good term to become  the winner at the end. We haven’t fight against a KJU’s bot yet and we only hold by 2 goal deposits, I think we have a great chance to have promotion this season. :)

Team Pld W D L GF GA ± Pts
1. No change Pangkal Pinang FC 12 10 0 2 37 12 25 30
2. No change GATAS Brilhantes FC 12 10 0 2 36 13 23 30
3. No change BERCELANA A.J.B 12 6 2 4 25 12 13 20
4. No change Kramat Jati United 12 5 1 6 22 54 -32 16
5. Up FC ‘New Kebayoran’ El Scor 12 4 3 5 25 19 6 15
6. Up PS Orang Tua 12 4 1 7 18 34 -16 13
7. Down Anchur Lebhur 12 3 3 6 25 25 0 12
8. No change Mokondo FC 12 1 0 11 15 34 -19 3

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