Half-seasonal Expectation: Title Challenger

My latest post on this blog was about my first match in III.7. Since then, we’ve been through a lot of matches. Some are tough opponents, some are relatively easy opponents. But that doesn’t mean my seasons going to be easy. After going through 10 matches, we are the leader of current standing. I don’t know for how long, but we are strong contenders for the 3rd division title. We are currently on 7 wins and 3 draws run without any losing and conceding any goal. Because of that, I’m quite proud on my defensive line. Anyway let season my half-seasonal reviews on my opponents.

On my second league match against Sidikalang City, is a strong and veteran team in III.7. We had won once before and I thought we could make another one, but the match engine proved that I’m wrong. For introduction of Sidikalang City, I may start talking about the city of Sidikalang. Sidikalang is a city that I had once visited years ago, located in the North-Sumatra Province, in the heart of Bukit Barisan mountain range, Sidikalang is the capital of Dairi regency but it is a small and relatively undeveloped city. Their main economy attraction is their production of coffee beans. The city have a tropical climate for mountainous area. Now back to the club of Sidikalang City. Sidikalang City is a team with proper strength along their sectors with their main strength are in the midfield sector. I was trying to exploit my high team confidence in order to put a lot of pressure to their defenses while keeping our back-lines tight. I managed a slight advantage of home side team, I tried to outclassed their midfield by a little. But the strategy seems failed. All my plan was perfectly executed, but there were no goals neither events produced in that match, resulting a draw 0 – 0. A disappointing results made us trailing behind in the competition by only produce 2 points from 2 matches.

The third match were against a newly promoted team, Remen Balbalan Football Club. For introduction, Remen Balbalan is a slang Javanese language for “lets play football”. I might be mistaken since I’m not a native Javanese. The club of Remen Balbalan was a well-known team who regularly promoted from IV and relegated from III for one or two seasons. They don’t have massive strength in any sectors, but they have an above average attack ratings. To be honest, I really thought this team deserve an immediate relegation. Since the cup matches are getting tougher on Round 4, I’m trying to put my young trainee to play. A lower midfield rating could punish my massive defense line, but I prepared a counter attack tactics to improve my goal event chances. The result of the match is a total win for me, a 3 – 0 lead and an extra boost for team spirit gained.

Fourth match doesn’t need any explanation since I’m lining against a botified team, Bolavaganza. A little bid introduction of Bolavaganza. Bolavaganza was  once a strong team who managed to be among the top 10 Indonesian teams who already taste the competition in the Ligina (Indonesian Highest Competition). The name Bolavaganza was adopted from a famous sport magazine in Indonesia. Perhaps the owner is an employee in Bolavaganza, but who knows. The final score is 9 – 0 for me, an expected result of course.

Next was the tough one, against the leader of the standing at the mean time, Warkop 1001. Warkop 1001 finished second last season, and have great ambition to promote this season. They wary of some emerging powers in III.7, including my team. They have a really strong side attack and an intimidating midfield rating, with an above average defense rating. To be honest, they are the team that I respected the most among the other contenders. Still running in Indonesian Cup, we were readying ourselves to rotate the trainees to compete on the cup match. Against a massive midfield opponent, I’m not pushing myself to hard for winning midfield battle. I concentrate on exploiting their most weak sides: Specialized players and Set-piece event. I display an optimized special-event team with Play Creatively tactic using a balanced but competitive midfield ratings which resulting only losing 3% of possession. The matches itself was turned into a tied match but one lucky CA+SP event resulting a winning goal for me. 1 – 0 was the final score.

The sixth match was opposing Dandelion Team. Dandelion Team was a team which promoted to III.7 at the same time I was, 3 seasons ago. I have a good record against Dandelion, we had never lost to this team and I planned to prolong my superiority against them. Dandelion is a capable team, they own a strong midfield and strong defense with capable attack. Since I still surviving the cup and had to oppose a team from Ligina, I decided to lined my trainees and using CA tactic once more. This time, I recognized later that I’m playing a risky gambling on my tactic choice. Luckily for me one CA+SP event again save me by putting the only goals despite a huge midfield disadvantage because of the Dandelion’s decision to play his MoTS wild card against me. The final result was 1 – 0 for my team.

The final match of the half season was against another strong team, Hawkeyes Project 712. I don’t really care about this team name, because it didn’t interest me at all. But I had to be honest, Hawkees are a strong team and capable team in all sector, besides the midfield. By playing home match, I tried to abuse their lack on midfield rating and playing an attacking style by using a normal tactic. Resulting 4 – 0  wins and 2 head special event goals, and 2 normal goals. With the last result of draw for Warkop 1001 in the seventh match, GATAS was leading the half-season end league standings by 1 point. And now we have a target of winning the series. Wish us luck. :)

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