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‘Probably the worst day in the club’s history’

“…and here comes Giancaspero on the right side, closed down by Monti but he’s slipped and he has a chance to get to the byline here! Avoids the block, it’s over Kneuss, Badar is at the back post! HE SCOOOOORES!!!! EHSANUL BADAR POWERS THE HEADER PAST VERES AND INTO THE ROOF OF THE NET TO MAKE IT 2-0!!! Thoughts are two goals up here and United look down and out! What a win this will be for Green Thoughts! A fantastic run from Giancaspero and Badar has finished off to finish off United’s title chances! It’s Green Thoughts two, Godwin United 0.”

John Harris, HTTV

The words will still be echoing in the ears of the fans not fortunate enough to get a ticket for the game this Sunday as they witnessed Green Thoughts end the unbeaten run of Godwin United’s season. Manager JDGodwin was speaking to Hattrick TV last night after his side’s crushing 0-2 defeat:


“It’s a bitter pill to swallow. We’ve let the fans down and we’ve let ourselves down with that performance. *Pauses* Looking at the performance, it’s probably more frustrating due to our dominance of possession and our number of chances. Bobi (Kabakchiev), who has been outstanding this season missed a sitter, Abarug (Bakach) has had two chances himself, Fausto (Mengarelli) the youngster can walk away wondering how he hasn’t scored on his debut with three glorious chances. It’s naivety. You can’t come to a place like this, play against a defensive output as impressive as Thoughts’ and not take your chances. I can walk away saying that we’ve played good football but what is the use when we’ve lost two to nothing. *Pauses* The most disappointing thing for me is that it is out of our hands now regarding the title. We had a fabulous chance to make it ours at the end of the season but now we’re reliant on Thatcham dropping points. I don’t think the club has faced such disappointment so far. It is probably the worst day in the club’s history.”



The Bucks faced their league rivals Green Thoughts in the match dubbed as the ‘game of the season’ and it certainly did not disappoint. If United could take the three points, they would have remained two points behind league leaders Thatcham and in with a chance for the title. Green Thoughts had other plans however, as they were placed four points behind United, it was a must-win game if they were to avoid losing touch with the top two.

An impressive crowd of 30,000 packed the stands of Emerald Stadium in the fair spring weather. The tension was high and expectations were higher as the two teams entered the fray. The home side lined up with their usual 4-4-2 formation: Tikka – Badar, Ruech, Bernard, Evans – Giancaspero, Kiggen, Sjöholm, Antonescu – Mannsfeldt, Carli. Star man Christian Kiggen, top goalscorer and experienced playmaker, was looking for his 10th goal this season, despite already more than doubling their second top goalscorer’s tally as things stood.


Godwin United lined up:


Early on in the game and it was clear for all to see that United would have to work hard for the victory as Thoughts pressed high up the pitch, something they had obviously been working on in training. Godwin used their ability to concentrate their attacks in the middle of the pitch, rather than on the wings and Maxwell Bernard’s lack of experience almost gave Godwin a goal after 5 minutes, but the shot went right into the keeper’s arms.
It wasn’t quite falling for United despite their dominance but the visitors could have taken the lead from a free kick after 35 minutes, if it wasn’t for the jaw-dropping save by Jussi Tikka. The goalkeeper was in fine form as he saved a number of efforts under constant pressure and their importance was evident as Green Thoughts took the lead through some fine work down the left by Ben Lukas Reuch. Against the run of play, Thoughts had countered Godwin United to make it 1-0 as it stayed until half-time.
United with 62% possession and plenty of chances but no goal to show for it.
The second half was much the same story as Bakach, Mengarelli and Kabakchiev all had spurned easy chances to equalise. On the 72nd minute however fantastic play by Giancaspero meant Badar could head the ball into the net in another fine counter-attack to leave United demoralised and defeated.
The win for Green Thoughts means that the two sides have faced eachother seven times and still find themselves equal.


Pre-match: Battle for second place vs Green Thoughts

This Sunday evening sees the battle for second place in Series VI.830 as Godwin United travel to the Channel Islands to play third placed Green Thoughts. The game moved up in priorities for United after the change of ownership of Wilford Lions; now known as Thatcham. The league leaders recently ran into financial problems which caused the owners to sell all the assets of the club, including the impressive ‘The New Embankment Arena’ and their star players who got them to their position. The complete change at the club means that the end of season game between the two sides has swung in favour of Godwin United. They currently lie four points ahead of Thoughts as they seek the first league title of their short history.



United have enjoyed a fantastic season so far, remaining unbeaten in ten games without conceding a single goal in their last nine. It is form that has seen them attract a number of players who have transferred to the club to seek silverware. We caught up with their latest signing, 20 year old Fausto Mengarelli who signed for a club record £340k from Swedish side Smorsoppens BK last Sunday. We asked him about the reasons for joining so late in the season,


“It was the manager who persuaded me to be honest. I was happy at Smorsoppens BK, despite being played out of position, but he (JDGodwin) had a way about him that really sold me the push for silverware at this club. We went through the season so far, looking at games they had played without me, their impressive defensive record, their league position and he invited me to come meet the boys before making any commitment and I couldn’t resist. He said there will be competition for places with the likes of Liviu Stanila and Bobi Kabakchiev in hot goalscoring form but he wanted me up top and a striker can’t ask for nothing more.”

Fausto Mengarelli

Fans anticipate that the game this Sunday could see the debut of the promising Italian striker, despite the importance of the occasion, and are hoping that his impact can be a positive one that pushes them closer towards the title.
Godwin United travel to the 30,000 capacity Emerald Stadium as they seek to go seven points clear of their third placed rivals Green Thoughts, and a point above the current league leaders, Thatcham. Over the last three seasons the two sides have met six times with Godwin United winning two, Green Thoughts winning one, leaving three draws. United remain unbeaten in the last three clashes and their manager JDGodwin believes his boys have what it takes to take the three points this time round,


“It’s a massive game. Massive. We’ve been working hard in training for weeks for this one as we know it is pivotal to our season. We’ve had to look at our tactics, knowing it won’t be easy, and I’m hoping we can take a vital away win. We’ve been looking to play to our strengths the last two games and it has been promising. We’re in fine form, we’re confident, there is a buzz around the place and we’re looking forward to showing what we can do. We feel we’ve been strong enough to win the league and the Lion’s (Thatcham) predicament has just reinforced this belief. We’ve improved the squad in the past month and I’m hoping the boys can help tip the odds in our favour for this one. This is the game of the season.”


Green Thoughts host Godwin United, Sunday 6th May 18:00 ko.


Club Update, Week 9

 This week has seen Godwin United play their second game in the Golden League against the powerful Langer House. After losing 7-0 to the Indian side last week, manager JDGodwin demanded better from his boys and it was clear to see his words really made a difference.

It was still a mountain to steep to conquer but United walked away from the game, heads held high as they were defeated 2-5. A much better result for the Hertfordshire side was watched by 4039 who were delighted by the impressive performances of Aakaar Kazmi and Henrik Klougart. The line-up for United: Veres Cooper, Bryant, Tessitore Pacey, Albaladejo, Klougart, Cottam, Rougemont Jago, Mancinelli.



The game looked doomed to be a repeat of the demolition a week before but United pulled a goal back to make it 1-2 before falling to 4-1, 4-2 and finally, 5-2.



Henrik Klougart really stood out amongst his young colleagues as his domination of possession and control of the play really helped him prove his worth. “It is nice to be identified as an outstanding performer but it sometimes makes me feel like I’m taking the credit away from the team. We have lost again but it was a better performance on the whole and it shows with the two great goals we scored,” said Klougart, speaking to GUTV. “I am pleased to be getting a game every week and I’m just concentrating on working hard to get into the firt eleven. It is an honour to be working with the likes of Abarug, Ernest and Christophe everyday in training and I feel I’ve already improved greatly as a player since being here.”



This mention of improvement was not unfounded as the week was a good one regarding training with as much as four players ‘popping.’ Klougart is training hard and no fooling around with his team-mates helped improve his playmaking skill from excellent to formidable. Ernest Aixart increased his playmaking skill from magnificent to world class, Rudy Jago’s playmaking skill improved from inadequate to passable and Giles Albaladejo’s playmaking skill improved from formidable to outstanding.



In other news…
Godwin United’s last league match saw them win 6-0 at home to Seans Stars. Despite travelling from Berkshire, the Stars never turned up and left their fans with little to cheer about but for the odd mascot moves and the referee tumble.
United lined up:

The next Golden League game sees United welcome Brazilian side Los Mejores Futbol.


Golden League Match Report: Langer House – Away

The first game in Godwin United‘s Golden League campaign resulted in a crushing blow to the hopes and optimism of the Hertfordshire club, losing 7-0 to Langer House of India.



Travelling the 4930 miles to the province of Andhra Pradesh, United found themselves in unfamiliar territory, quite literally, as they fell behind within 19 minutes. It didn’t get much better as Langer House ran riot putting another six goals past goalkeeper Zsolt Veres who was in no way helped by the defence in front of him.
The line-up for United was very-much dominated by the young starlets recruited by manager JDGodwin to replace the likes of Captain Christophe Garnier after his inevitable departure. Starting with Veres in goal – Cooper, Bryant and Tessitore at the back – Klougart, Rougemont and Matthijsen (replaced by Giménez through injury) holding the middle – Albaladejo and Cottam coming inside from the wings – and Mancinelli up top.



The game wasn’t without it’s highlights as the home side dominated the ninety minutes with 60% possession and the following events:



When speaking to the media after the game, manager JDGodwin was asked, “Does the manner of the defeat not worry you considering this is the future of Godwin United?”:

“The game was a big disappointment when we look at the performance. When I put out a side, I expect nothing but their all when defending and then we can go from there, but there was no cohesion and the boys looked like just that, boys. We fielded a young side with the likes of Matthijsen, Rougement and Klougart but that is no excuse, they need some direction from the more experienced players and they have let me down today. Langer House are a great side, we travelled all this way and prepared well but we did not play to the standards I expect.”

Clearly unhappy with the performance, the conference moved on to the reason for the participation of Godwin United in the Golden League:

“It was a move the board decided would benefit the club both commercially and on the pitch. For me it is a fantastic opportunity to help the squad gain the experience of international football and help develop our young players to become the stars of the future. Commercially it enables the club to expand its fanbase and get the club’s name around the world. Financially of course the games will bring in extra income and it gives the fans a great excuse to get away for a few days to support their boys.”



In other news, the club has arranged a corresponding fixture with Langer House to be played on the 24th of April, Kick-off at 21:00.
The weekends fixture sees United take on Seans Stars at Godwin Arena this Sunday. The Stars haven’t won this season and face a steep task to prevent United taking the three points.


Godwin United Announce Participation in Golden League


Sitting in the changing room, prepared and at the ready,
His sight was blurring and his breathing was heavy.
“We’ve come all this way, so let’s start with a boom.”
The manager cried as he slowly paced the room.


All they could hear was the drums of the crowd,
With their chanting and singing, they really were loud.
“Come on United!” “Come on you reds!”
This was a game where they must keep their heads.


“Keep the ball moving, don’t mess around,”
The manager exclaimed as he stomped on the ground.
The beads of sweat trickled down his cheek,
The nerves made his knees wobble and go weak.


He was the captain, strong-minded and desired,
“Let’s go boys, let’s do this!” Shouting as he perspired.
With wingers to pass to and strikers to feed,
Could he inspire United to win the Golden League?




0600 hours, 18/04/2012 determines the start of Godwin United’s exciting International campaign to win the infamous Golden League. The competition organised by the Hattrick United Managers Federation or HTUM, is a competitive league where teams organise their own games in the slot of a Hattrick friendly using Cup Rules. The scores and stats are collected by the HTUM and used to create the Golden League. Games do not have to played every week and teams do not have to play eachother but the competition gives the opportunity for managers to pit their wits against other managers and improve their flag collection with the vast amount of international clubs. Half-way through its second season, the competition allows the managers of smaller clubs to give their players the experience to play against better players of bigger clubs.
The first game of Godwin United’s campaign sees them travel to India to face Langer House who lost their face game 5-1 to Latvian side FC Sigulda 08. Could Godwin United see gold at the end of the season?


Match Report: ArsenalTheLegend – Away

Another 7-0 win for Godwin United leaves them with 26 goals in their last four games and a clean sheet in all of their last seven games, leaving them with a goal difference which can only be bettered by the one team above them; Wilford Lions.


The home side stayed with the same team who lost the corresponding match 5-0 seven days ago, lining up 4-4-2.
United set up in the familiar 3-5-2 formation: Veres between the sticks, Kneuss, Libero and Monti in front of him, ó Ceallacháin and Sarker on the flanks beside the in-form Bakach, Garnier (C) and Aixart . Kabakchiev and Stanila up front.



The home side started the better of the two, coming closest on the 12th minute when Middlebrooks couldn’t take advantage of Kneuss’ backpass, putting it just wide of the post.
However the terraces were silenced after 25 minutes when Godwins Liviu Stanila put the guests ahead 1-0 following an attack on the right. It got worse from there for the home side as Godwin United got into their rhythm and Stanila increased their lead to 2-0 four minutes later with a fine finish from Garnier’s through pass.

There was no mercy from United 10 minutes later as they scored another two in quick succession, Victor O Cheallachain making it 3-0 in the 39th minute and Liviu Stanila completing his hattrick with a neat chip over the stranded goalkeeper on 41 minutes. Godwin had dominated the half with 75% possession. Stanila was taking the plaudits, however the second half belonged to his strike partner Bobi Kabakchiev. The Bulgarian scored his first of the evening after 68 minutes capitalising on Kelly‘s misplaced pass back to his keeper. Libero was next to join in the goals after his header put the Bucks six up. Kabakchiev completing the scoreline with his second of the evening scoring a wonderfully-hit freekick. United end the game in their favour 7-0 with 77% possession.


Speaking after the game, the Romanian striker Stanila seemed in a jubilant mood, match-ball in-hand:


“It’s one of those games where things seem to go right for you with most touches and I’m delighted to get my three goals. It’s been an inconsistent season for me, a frustrating season, but hopefully with Bobi’s support, I can score even more in the next six matches. Bobi is a big part of my success with his wonderful assists, but you can never rule out the whole team’s input, the boys have put another good shift in and we’re still two points behind Wilford Lions.”



Godwin United still sit two points behind the league leaders Wilford Lions after they defeated Green Thoughts away from home 4-0. The win for the Lions meant United go 4 points ahead of Thoughts as they lose two in a row for the first time this season.



Match Preview: ArsenalTheLegend – Away

Optimism fills the streets of Hertfordshire ahead of Godwin United‘s weekend tie with ArsenalTheLegend. The Bucks travel to ArsenalTheLegend F.C Arena in Avon & Somerset this Sunday to face the side they demolished 5-0 just seven days earlier.
United are still unbeaten this season, having not conceded since the opening day of the season whilst Arsenal have lost their last two, winning one in their last four competitive games. The two sides are separated by seven points in the league and are really looking towards opposite ends of the table.



The Somerset side will be looking to prevent the Man of the Match of their one previous meeting Abarug Bakach from dominating the midfield after the 21 year old Belgian lit up the match with his pinpoint passing and thunderous finish after breaking from deep through the Arsenal defence. Bakach speaking after the game on Sunday:


“I’m delighted to pick up the award, of course it’s nice to be appreciated for your hard work on the pitch but it’s not about my performance alone. We’ve played well as a team tonight despite the gaffer’s changes and our hard work seems to be paying off. Defensively, the boys at the back have really enabled us to play our game as they’ve really worked hard for their five clean sheets this season. Of course the boys up top have also been banging them in and that always helps.”


The Belgian has been the first name on the team sheet this season not missing a single game and consistently performing well, scoring 6 league goals in the process. Talking about his form:


“It’s nice to know you’re going to play at the weekend, it gives you that extra reason to work hard and prove yourself to the manager. I’ve been working hard in training and have recently really felt like I’ve improved as a player and it’s fantastic to feel like it’s being noticed. I love playing for Godwin United and strive to do my best every game. If I just work hard and keep my head down, I think I can improve further.”


Second place takes on fifth in this mid-season tie, let’s hope the same again for United.



Elsewhere in the league, third placed Green Thoughts host top of the league Wilford Lions, the Lions still unbeaten in seven games with an incredible goal difference of 41 attempting to repeat their 2-0 victory over Thoughts but how long can they keep us this form?
Hollidays Heros also travel to Eddies Weymouth, the Hertfordshire side picking up the three points at home Sunday but their Dorset opponents made it difficult. Can home advantage tip the scoreline their way?


Welkom Wladimir Matthijssen

As other managers put their feet up and fall into the land of nod, manager JDGodwin was up wheeling and dealing to finalise the purchase of exciting youngster Wladimir Matthijssen. The highly rated 18 year old Dutchman has been sparking interest from a number of clubs around Europe with his recent performances for his previous club Txelins, particularly for his chance creation and pace-setting play in the middle of the park.

The deal, which will reportedly cost the club £250000, is one which has been highlighted as a signal of intent by manager JDGodwin and when asked about the late night deal, he responded with,

“Wladimir (Matthijssen) has shown real potential as a playmaking midfielder, something we are always looking to add to our team and he has been on our radar for quite some time. Fortunately Txelins have decided to let him move on and I’m delighted to have his signature. We have a lot of youngsters at the club and I think he will fit in with the lads very well. It is a big price tag to have to your name at such a young age but I think he will prove to be real value for money with his performances over the next few seasons. He’s a young man and we expect big things from him but he’s now part of Godwin United and we are very proud to have him in our squad.”

The acquisition of the Dutchman adds to the list of teenagers JDGodwin has signed in recent weeks after the transfers of Henrik Klougart, Guillem Rougemont and Lee Cottam, highlighting that youth development really does take priority at the club.


Match Report: ArsenalTheLegend Home

Welcome to the official blog of Godwin United the number one place to find the latest news, information and updates about the Bucks.


Our first post is about the recent game between Godwin United and ArsenalTheLegend on the 8th April where another good crowd of 19243 watched United win comfortably against a lacklustre Arsenal. Godwin took to the familiar 3-5-2 formation. With Captain Christophe Garnier suspended and joint top goalscorer Liviu Stanila injured, United lined up with Veres in goal, Kneuss, Libero and Monti (C) holding the back-line, Bakach, Klougart and Aixart in the middle, with ó Ceallacháin and Sarker on the wings and Jago partnering joint top goalscorer Kabakchiev up top.



ArsenalTheLegend had chosen a strategic 4-4-2 formation.

Though the score ended up being 5-0, it could have been even more favourable towards the home side who held 80% and 82% possession in each half.  The highlight of the match saw 19 year old Henrik Klougart score on his senior debut for the club after 56 minutes after a magnificent combination with Bakach, slicing the Arsenal defence open and rounding off the move with a neat finish. Goals from Kneuss, Bakach and a brace from striker Rudy Jago  meant that it was an easy three points for Godwin United who now move within two points behind league leaders Wilford Lions.



When asked about their title chances, manager JDGodwin replied,

“We’re optimistic. You never know what can happen in football, I mean we’re two points behind them (Lions) despite dropping points in games we have felt we probably should have picked up maximum points from, but it’s up to us to keep doing what we’re doing and keep this form up. We’ve won our last three, we’re playing well and if we can take the points from our clash against them on the last day of the season then we have every chance.”

Later asked about the return game against ArsenalTheLegend;

Christophe (Garnier) and Liviu (Stanila) are available again and after Rudy (Jago) getting his brace, it will certainly be more difficult to choose the starting line-up. Hopefully the boys can show what they are made of in training  and we can perform like this next Sunday. It may be a tougher task but one I would much rather have than not.”



Elsewhere at The New Embankment, the league leaders Wilford Lions defeated Green Thoughts 2-0 in a hotly contested battle for the title. Questions were raised as the Lions fielded a 2-5-3 formation to face Thoughts’ 4-4-2. A crowd of 20500 saw the Green Thought’s defence fight until the 32nd minute where 32 year old defender Lars Kristian Lie finished a fine move from the left of the field to break the deadlock and give the Lions a 1-0 lead at half time. Over the 90 minutes the leaders’ possession went from 65% to 68% and their domination showed as Lars Neovius broke through the visitors’ central defence to put away the second goal of the game in the 82nd minute. Giuseppe Susa took the award for Man of the Match but a great team effort meant that Wilford Lions retained their two point lead at the top of the table to leave the standings as follows:



So another three points for Godwin United, can they do the same again next weekend?