BroncoBusters 1 – 8 Greenpoint: Onwards and Upwards

BroncoBusters 1: Caro 28
Greenpoint United 8: Lima 22, 37, Lemos 29, 60, Casillas 66, 83, Saemundsson 71, Marzullo 76

Bronco, NH — “I’ve always hated the second round. Very often, it’s a tricky road fixture. Hopefully our higher seeding, after finishing second place last year, will be to our advantage.”

Club President ZorroCat has stated over and over again that he has never been fond of the second round of the U.S. Open Cup, in that he always finds his club playing on the road against a team of comparable strength. On this night, however, Facundo Lemos broke a 1-1 tie just before the half hour mark, then Greenpoint added six more goals as they went on to romp BroncoBusters 8-1 in New Hampshire to earn their third consecutive berth in the third round.

Ah, but the higher seeding giveth and the higher seeding taketh away. Greenpoint’s reward for winning a less-than-tricky road fixture? A close-to-impossible road fixture against Baksheesh next week. While Greenpoint is celebrating their fifth season in Hattrick, their Californian opponent in round three is celebrating their 30th.

Greenpoint dominated the possession figures all game long on Wednesday night, to the tune of 71% in the first half and 74% in the second half, but found themselves level at 1-1 after 28 minutes. After Matteo Lima opened the scoring in the 22nd, BroncoBusters equalized when Raul Caro rushed past the sluggish Viktor Uharcek.

The match was level for all of 61 seconds; Facundo Lemos burst forward from his left wing position into the center to whip in a curling shot from 15 yards out to put the Growlers back on top. Matteo Lima added his second of the game in the 37th to put the visitors up 3-1 at halftime. It was all Greenpoint in the second half: a second goal from Lemos, two from other academy product Phillip Casillas, and one each from Orn Saemundsson and Trevor Marzullo made this Greenpoint’s highest scoring cup tie against a non-bot in club history, surpassing last year’s stunning 6-2 win over Winter Park in the same round.

Now, the challenge shifts to facing a much stronger team away from home. Greenpoint will travel to Baksheesh’s 61,000 seat Baksheesh Arena next Wednesday and should at least get a good pay day out of the journey. Baksheesh has not lost a competitive fixture since March 25 and are unbeaten in eight.

The silver lining is that Greenpoint will likely be able to use their A-Team on Wednesday; they host bot side Yangon United in the league, at home, on Sunday night.

“Let’s see what happens,” added ZorroCat after the drawing.

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