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1st round – matches


(You can check all 1st round scores here)

Robitobifliwatüt – FC Internazionale Betillo  (02-08-2011) 
SP Hanguk Hamburg – Aibe-Team  (02-08-2011) 
interG7 – Amphibians F.C.  (02-08-2011) 
Sporting B-Zona 555 – Fooma United F.C.  (02-08-2011) 
fisicomazzettecologico – FC Ebbe Sand seine Erben  (02-08-2011) 
Aimila – Jwaneng Rovers  (02-08-2011) 
Da_Ge_Athletic – Podgrmec  (02-08-2011) 
festo82 – La Tragica  (02-08-2011) 
FC Boikovec – KLMS 76  (02-08-2011) 
Larisa 88 – Szamurájok  (03-08-2011) 
* DELPHIN * – Inter Women  (03-08-2011) 
Uranium237 – évadés  (03-08-2011) 
Atletico Charrúa – FC Catrapum  (03-08-2011) 
F.C. Bologna 1909 – JP New Town  (03-08-2011) 
manasal – SS Dinamo Ultra Noord  (03-08-2011) 
ronmatuzalem – Sainté FC  (03-08-2011) 
Aurrera Arantzabela – VERONA MB  (03-08-2011) 
Only Fools & Horses – RED ROBINS  (03-08-2011) 
sporting blaun okapi – FC Theophile  (03-08-2011) 
FC Hull-City – Mustapekka FC  (03-08-2011) 
LES RIPOUX – Fevernova FC  (03-08-2011) 
les rigolos – milapolis  (03-08-2011) 
ASPO. – Fc Bruinbeke  (03-08-2011) 
MIKALOBEST – manerosp  (03-08-2011) 
wanwitzig – WEST EAGLS  (03-08-2011) 
haxeteam – Husaria Wrocław  (03-08-2011) 
Fiber FC – Roter Stern Barmbek-Süd  (03-08-2011) 
Dynamo Krankum Delerium – PANATHINAIKOS A.F.C  (03-08-2011) 
AFC Je Zus – SERRES OLD BOYS  (03-08-2011) 
Orzeł II Mysłakowice – MataMaus  (03-08-2011) 
FC Gdansk 2006 – Westland Hornets  (03-08-2011) 
F.F.C.E. – Urban Boys Bydgoszcz  (03-08-2011) – CF UNIAO KOŠICE  (03-08-2011) 
Sifts F.C – Maastricht Criterias  (03-08-2011) 
Starmate F.C – leones polares  (03-08-2011) 
inromalo – FC Vertou Vétérans  (04-08-2011) 



If you are out of the national cup, please start inviting other teams from this list. All teams available for invitation will be on that list tomorrow morning but you can also use the HT-Forum, if you like.

Please invite as many teams as possible and as soon as possible! Thanks.



Se estás fuera de la copa nacional puedes comenzar a retar equipos de esta lista. Todos los equipos disponibles para retar estarán en la lista mañana. Puedes usar también el Forum-HT, se te gusta.

Por favor reta lo mayor número posible de equipos lo más rápido que puedas. Gracias.



Se já estás fora da taça nacional podes começar a convidar as equipas desta lista. Todas as equipas disponíveis vão estar na lista amanhã mas também podes usar as listas que estão no Forum HT.

Por favor convida o maior número de equipas possível o mais rapidamente possível. Obrigado.



This is the official announcement you are waiting for:

THE 29.GTIM LEAGUE STARTS NEXT WEEK (first matches on August, 2) to all teams out of the national cups!

All other teams will join as soon as possible … and as latter they can, of course! :)

Please be ready!

Good luck!



1st round – Teams

Here, you can find the list of teams available for invitation:

Aquí puedes ver la lista de los equipos disponibles para retar:

Aqui podes ver a lista das equipas disponíveis para convidar:

België(4): Fc Bruinbeke (1542417), Fevernova FC (744902), sporting blaun okapi (1021451)

Bosna i Hercegovina(1): podgrmec (393386)

Bulgaria(4): Da_Ge_Athletic (660943), FC Boikovec (667404), festo82 (663097)

Česká republika(2): VERONA MB (898513)

Colombia(6): los invencibles f.c (538691)

Costa rica(4): FC Internazionale Betillo (613726), Fooma United F.C. (613719), Sifts FC (458376), Starmate FC (613909)

Danmark(4): Fiber FC (403508), haxeteam (203185), wanwitzig (408057)

Deutschland(6): FC Ebbe Sand seine Erben (130641), robitobifliwatut (977644), Roter Stern Barmbek-Süd (1155777), SP hangkuk hamburg (52687)

England(5): Inter Women (60652)

España(5): Atletico Charrúa (1432257), Aurrera arantzabela (1437644), F.C. Bologna 1909 (1584650), manasal (1458967), ronmatuzalem (1420183)

France(14): ASPO. (964215), évadés (1168016), Fc achouffe (1765575), Fc Hull-city (1750099), Fc Theophile (592550), FC Vertou Vétérans (1760642), KLMS 76 (1754316), Les rigolos (1751296), LES RIPOUX(963075), MIKALOBEST (1761240), Sainté fc (1162247)

Guatemala(1): JP New Town (710791)

Hellas(4): Larisa 88 (901565), PANATHINAIKOS A.F.C (905300), SERRES OLD BOYS  (279773)

Hrvatska(2): Joung Lions Zagreb (887363), PTŠ (884834)

Indonesia(3): ME ’02 (113048)

Iran(2): milapolis (1957182)

Italy(6): Aimila (1733966), fisicomazzettecologico (853616), Ghost’n’Gazza (1727307), interG7 (1924413), La Tragica (853722), Sporting B-zona 555 (550659)

Kazakstan(1): Uranium237 (793823)

Lietuva(3): Aibe-Team (483560)

Magyarország(1): Szamurájok (579444)

Malta(2): Amphibians F.C. (1631066)

México(3): leones polares (623110), Pink parrot (625170)

Moldova(1): Larga f.c. (936269)

Nederland(4): AFC Je Zus (366264), Dynamo Krankum Delerium (1280134), Maastricht Criterias (813509)

Nippon(2): manerosp (526984)

Phillipines(2): Red robins (714047)

Polska(4): FC Gdansk 2006 (873281), husaria wroclaw (268288), Orzeł II Mysłakowice (867084), Urban boys bydgoszcz (1806332)

Portugal(10): (1423207), F.F.C.E. (738656), FC Catrapum (33102), MataMaus (83424), Moitense f.c. (33056)

România(2): SS Dinamo Ultra Noord (877518)

Sakartvelo(1): WEST EAGLS (1988104)

Schweiz(3): * DELPHIN * (249388), 1291 (249589), FC Forcekeepers  (1019609)

Slovensko(2): CF UNIAO KOŠICE (1120276)

South Africa(2): Durban Bangani Cheaters (552922), Jwaneng Rovers (552562)

Srbija(1): Only fools & horses (617142)

Suomi(2): Heathens United (1057978)

Sverige(3): Mustapekka FC (98491)

Uruguay(4): Fantasticos Unidos F.C (638574)

USA(4): inromalo (224988), Westland Hornets (229884)


You can check the full list of teams playing the 29.GTIM LEAGUE and all information about that teams!

Puedes comprobar la lista de todos los equipos que juegan la 29. LIGA GTIM y toda la información sobre esto equipos!

Podes ver a lista de todas as equipas inscritas na 29.LIGA GTIM e toda a informação sobre essas equipas!




The 29.GTIM LEAGUE will start next week (August, 2). Please be ready, if you are available. But you can join latter, if you have more national cup matches to play.

NEW TEAMS are welcome, but we have a limit of teams by country. If you would like to join one of the best international competitions at the HT world please visit also our website or contact me to more information.

Like usual, all teams with five or more matches played at the 28.GTIM are automatically qualify for this season league. So, for now, let’s start to make a list of the teams playing the 29.GTIM:

More teams will join next days. After your national cup, please be ready to start playing the 29.GTIM LEAGUE!



Thanks a lot for your help, if you played the 28.GTIM LEAGUE!

Congratulations to all, in special to the winners:


28.GTIM LEAGUE: Ageius Boys (1762000)

Champions Cup: Ageius Boys (1762000)

Golden Cup: Slaviya ( mozyr ) (485196)

Silver Cup: Atlético Lusitânia (1671338)

GTI Cup: Fevernova FC (744902)

GTIM Cup: Los Pebbos (17360)

VIP CUP: Da_Ge_Athletic (660943)

Nations League: Jamaica

MVP: Daniele Paleari (191483565), Apex FC (681126), (Wing Back)


Please check the full League classification and the Nations League table at our website!



To know all information about the GTIM LEAGUE you can check our website:

You can find all matches played, round after round, and all statistics from that matches: crowds, stars, ht-stats, loddarstats and midfield level.

You can check the League classification and the Nations League table after each round.

You can know some information about the best players.

But, if you don’t know nothing about the GTIM LEAGUE, it’s better read the rules (in several languages) first!