31.GTIM – Changes and new ideas!

Hello everybody!

As I told you at the end of last season, I’m not sure if I can keep the GTIM running in the same system. The situation still the same now, but I decided to go forward with the 31.GTIM because:
-The 30.GTIM was a big success; with 800 matches, was the biggest league ever played, many teams played all rounds and we find some new good fellows to play with us
-All that happened and, at the same time, I can find some more free time (not all the free time I need but was a great step forward anyway)

To keep this good way, we need to make some small changes at our rules:

1-First, we need to be a little more severe with people that play outside the GTIM many times. In fact, there’s no reason to keep them playing if they don’t try to be part. So, we need to make a small change at the point 9 of the rules (you can check the old version here):

9.1-Teams that failed to book their friendly match in 2 consecutive weeks can be exclude.
9.2-Only teams with 5 or more matches can play the final Cup rounds.
9.3-Teams with less than 8 matches can be excluded for next season league.
9.4-All teams with 8 matches or more will be qualify for next season league automatically.

2-We also need to give a new place to the “invited teams”. This option worked well this season because:
-Help us to find new teams and countries to play the GTIM
-Give our flag chasers the chance to play the GTIM and keep their goals
So, I think we can also introduce some changes at the point 3.1 of the rules:

3.3-You can also invite teams from outside the GTIM but ONLY IF
-We don’t have any team from that country at GTIM
-You write to the administrators to inform about the match
-You are not playing the Cup System, at the last 3 weeks of the season
3.3.1-You can also play against the teams listed as “invited teams, but please remember that they are not full members and you can’t use the point 7.2 of the rules to invite them

3-With these changes, there’s no reason to not change our limit of teams from each country. In fact, many people give up from HT last seasons, and it’s good to have good new members from countries we already have at GTIM. I propose to extend it from 5 to 6, for now, but, in fact, a good limit will be one team less than the second country with more teams playing the GTIM (8, for this season).

4-Introduce a rule to help us to know you already find an opponent:

7.3-After accept an invitation you must publish your match (at the GTIM thread or at our Feds) or send the information by ht-mail to the League staff

In my opinion, these are the changes we need to keep the GTIM running well, but any other ideas are welcome. My vision for next season is:
-Less teams playing at the start, but more involved with the GTIM LEAGUE
-More “invited” teams in each round and more countries available to invite
-The same competition as usual
-Will be easy to keep the GTIM running without me

Please give your opinion, in special if you don’t agree or have doubts about the changes.

The idea is to make the GTIM the only HT tournament giving the chance to play against teams from all HT countries in a competitive mode! So, as we tried last season, you can invite teams from outside the GTIM, but ONLY IF we don’t have a team from that country. Please be sure you don’t make mistakes on this: you can’t use this feature if we already have one team (or more) from that country playing the GTIM!

Until now, we have the “invited teams”:
We’ll keep the usual “Invited teams” list, like in the last edition, but with some small changes. You can have a GTIM friendly if you play against a team listed there, but please remember: they aren’t part of the GTIM and isn’t a good idea use the point 7.2  of the rules (asking a friendly by ht-mail) with them.

But, to make our goal real, we need to introduce some new features. The list of “invited teams” will grow with the “guests”:
1.1- Guest country
Every week, we’ll try to present 4 or 5 teams from a small HT country. We’ll try to find new HT users, because they are more likely to accept invitations. but the chances to play a match against them are low. Please invite them only if you are really interested in have that flag.
1.2-Guest teams
Every week, we’ll chose 1 or 2 teams as “guest team”. They will be present in bold at the invited list and can get that status by two different reasons:
a-an “invited team” that we think have good chances to join our league
b-one of our usual members that have few chances to login at HT in that week
The goal is to try to be sure he receives dozens of invitation that week and, if possible, you must invite the guest teams every week (isn’t an obligation but you must do it if isn’t against your goal at GTIM)!

We’ll also need to give you more chances to find your opponent in a easy way:
2- Show your goal
All us have one goal at our friendlies, even if  we just one to play any match. So, if we announce our first goal, will be easy for everybody to have an idea if we are ready to accept an invitation. You can choose, by instance (ideas for more options are welcome):
A-Any opponent, any stadium
AH-Any opponent, home
AA-Any opponent, away
F- New flags, any stadium
FH-New flags, home
FA-New flags, away
NA-Not available for invitation, please send me an ht-mail

I have some more ideas but they have to wait for a better opportunity. The time to start the new GTIM season is coming and I hope we can start playing as soon as possible. But, as usual,  all new ideas, comments or questions about the changes are welcome.

More news next days!

Please be ready to play the 31.GTIM LEAGUE! :)