The Falcon Tour of Wonders – The T-Shirt

Now available for a limited time only: The unique T-Shirt of the Falcon Tour of Wonders 2012!

Sprung from the mind of Horus70, brought to life by the creativity of Leebebbs and printed on the highest quality material, the T-Shirt of the Falcon Tour of Wonders is the ultimate souvenir – a must have for any fan attending one or more of the ten Golden League games during the upcoming Falcon World Tour.

The fashionable T-shirt contains on its front the ten extraordinary stadiums the Falcons will be playing during the 70-day tour, with details of places and dates on the back.

The unique T-Shirt of the Falcon Tour of Wonders 2012


The exclusive T-Shirt will be on sale in all shops of the ten amazing stadiums that have graciously offered to host the Falcons during their journey around the world. A small percentage of the proceeds will go to the Renaissance FC youth academy program (in recognition of Lee’s creative work on the T-shirt), but at least 90% of the profit will at the end of the tour be donated to various charities that combine education and football to help out children in need throughout the world.

The T-shirt of the Falcon Tour of Wonders – Have you got yours already?

About horus70

Horus70, the foreign manager and financer of the Czech Horus Falcons team, has united two of his lifetime passions - football and ancient Egypt - in a single club: the Falcons of Horus.