A Championship Won – Everything else still up for grabs!

In their tenth HT-season, the Falcons brought home their fourth title in style, overwhelming South Moravian side FC Uplakánci 7-1 on Saturday last. The game saw Dutch forward, Merijn ‘Poliorcetes’ Esseling score the very first hattrick of his already illustrious career. Other Falcon stalwarts also got their names on the board, including the marvellous midfield duo of Mikhail Llosa and Manuele Prestandrea. With only a single game left in the league, the Falcons now have a four point advantage, guaranteeing them the title after three seasons in Division V.

João Portugal

The post-game celebrations in an almost sold out Falcon Nest (with 37.821 fan present) – the 179 empty seats apparently belonging to a small number of dissatisfied fans, unhappy with recent developments and decisions taken by the Falcon managerial board regarding the future of Brazilian coach João Portugal, the man responsible for the Falcon titles in divisions six (season 48) and five (season 51) – were extremely intense yet incredibly brief. Falcon manager H70 was seen sipping the tiniest glass of Moravian Sauvignon before ushering his team into the cloakroom to start preparations for the most important part of the season.

The past season can easily be described as the Falcons’ best ever – next to the Division V title, the Falcons also won season six of the HTUM Challenge Trophy and finished in the semi-finals of the seventh season of said tournament, falling only to I-League powerhouse Langer House, while the Falcon Fledglings brought home the HTUM U18 Championship and the HTUM Youth Cup. The most crucial games of the season still lie in the weeks ahead and hence the final analysis and evaluation of the past season will only be made in two weeks time (one never knows who might actually read the Falcon blog!).

Manager Politzia

In the league, direct promotion to Division IV appears as distant and unreal as a mirage in the desert, leaving the only available road to a higher division through a win in an away qualifier in a fortnight. At least if not even more important is the upcoming midweek home game in the Golden League as the Falcons host the knights of Rochdale United in the quarterfinals. Rochdale manager Politzia, in a recent interview, left little doubt that he will send his strongest eleven on the field come Wednesday, making the final result anything but a certainty.

Prague: Proud Host of the Golden League Quarterfinals!


H70, before setting of with the team to locations unknown, had only this to say: “Rochdale’s defence and goalkeeper are the stuff legends are made of. Anyone who watched their performance against the offensive power of FCOB Kamenice in the previous round must have been extremely impressed. At the Falcons we do a lot of things, we chat, we blog, we drink and party – but there’s one thing we don’t do – ever – we don’t go down without a fight! WE DIE HARD!”

It’s the Falcons versus Rochdale United, on Wednesday April 24, at 14.00. Only on HT!

About horus70

Horus70, the foreign manager and financer of the Czech Horus Falcons team, has united two of his lifetime passions - football and ancient Egypt - in a single club: the Falcons of Horus.