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Why Hattrick is my homepage

I published this nice little piece of sentimentality: (15416)

Why? Well, because I can…
Is it the best article ever? no, surely not, but when I read it for the first time, I so very much recognised myself in this that it would be a crime not to publish this little nugget…

I hope you guys can also identify with this article, and maybe even come up with some reasons of your own?


The Homegrown Plan – part 1 and 2

I ‘d like to announce publication of2 articles in one swoop (15104) and (15204)
Why? well simply put because they belong together.

I want to thank the author misfit for giving us a sneakpeak inside his head and on his long term plan.

How do you build your own team with your own team with homegrown players to profit optimally from the loyalty bonuses? How do you organise trainings? What players will you end up with? Read it here!!!

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