Zombie Apocalypse!!!

It was an event that took place on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October and it proved to be amusing and popular. Many thanks to all those who took part either in the hiding of a particular player avatar, or the hunting of said player. The man in question, Richard ‘Zombie’ Breitenlohner of course, infamous Flaming Wodkas squad player and seeker of BALLS…

Vgrille – 5 zombies
Eilanda – 4 zombies
Politzia – 3 zombies
Lord B – 1 zombie

The hunt began earlier than expected, as Zombie made an appearance on SK Brann’s blog. It was the eagle-eyed vgrille, owner of Los Mejores in Brazil that spied him so quickly! The image, created by Eilanda, was a brilliant start to the Zombie hunt and fittingly, it would be Eilanda who would finish the Zombie hunt off as well late on Halloween night.

After this, it was up to myself to create some mischief. Inspired by the SK Brann image, I created a background image that the observant zombie hunter wouldn’t fail to miss, squeezed in between the gaps of my blog header and main post area. Again, it was Breitenlohner lost in the woods, this time somewhere outside Raszków…

The chase was on, with vgrille having found both Zombies so far. It would now be the creator of the first image who would turn up the heat in the competition for ‘best zombie hunter’ of 2014! Two swift zombie spots took place, first on Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno’s blog via a link from the giveaway word ‘BALLS!’ and then via a widget on the HTUM Federation blog itself (just to make sure people were checking there too!)…

Next to get in on the act was Politzia, of Rochdale United. There is an interesting sub-plot going on right now though, as both myself and Politzia know that on his blog there is a blatantly obvious image of the Zombie, but that for some unknown reason NOBODY can see it! People are even commenting on the blog article as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Anyway, Politzia quickly announces that he has found a Zombie on The Lost Saxons blog. This was a tricky one to spot, as it was hidden within an animated sponsor widget. Patience was the key! Keep your eye out for Rheino… and then BALLS!

Eilanda would finally spot the zombie on Rochdale United’s blog. It had been hidden in the open so well, that it had become too obvious to spot!

Politzia meanwhile, had really gotten the bit between his teeth, and would come racing back in the zombie hunting stakes with two quick spots. Firstly, he spotted the Zombie on Wincobank Ironopolis’ blog, and then followed up with the beautifully crafted Zombie image on AS Uijeongbu 07’s blog, made by Paquebot. Both images follow…

Next up, was the return of eagle-eyed vgrille. I’d hidden… well, it wasn’t that hard to spot, another zombie on the Wodkas blog. This time it was an animated appearance of Breitenlohner on my Wodka-Fuelled banner.

MDCCCLV’s blog was next up to try and provide a zombie for the hunt, and it would be vgrille again who would spot a similar image that had been used before. What he didn’t realise, is that he was about to spot his next zombie, and 5th so far, in a most unsuspected location! Anybody logging into the HTUM Federation forums this morning would have been slightly confused by mentions that Lord Bebbington had been zombiefied… but yes, it was true. Last night my avatar turned into the Zombie, and he made his next appearance in our very own Federation threads! Well done vgrille, you were the lucky one to see him there first.

Vgrille was about to turn the tables, and it was Eilanda that would gain from it. A zombie link appeared on Los Mejores blog, and the man from Brann swooped. Halloween was nearly over, were there any final twists in the tale? Eilanda hoped to provide one…

A mysterious message appeared in the HTU-ween thread from Eilanda himself, that there was at least one more zombie out there, and could anybody find him? Having suffered withdrawal symptoms for the past 3 days, I finally gave in and joined the hunt. I had to find this final zombie before midnight struck. Midnight HT Time passed, but where I live it hadn’t, so I flew to the first and second team blogs of Eilanda. NOTHING! I kept looking over and over. I went through the entire top menu in the thought that maybe Eilanda had ‘bent’ the rules somewhat. Still nothing. Perhaps some fiendish idea had been created, it crossed my mind that a team kit with the zombies face could have been made as an away strip, only accessible via the kit widget… but alas no! Too creative? There must be a simpler solution, yet devilishly tricky to find.

When I found it, a huge smile crossed my face. It was nearly midnight, and there on the SK Brann arena widget was a category… a category that shouldn’t have been there. Something supernatural… RAWR! I clicked, and the chase was over:

The Zombies had been found, and vanquished. Three days of fun, creativity, interaction, blog-searching, frustration, joy and competitiveness. In finishing, what brilliant folk – thank you so much for joining in. Here’s to something similar next year? Hoping so!

Report by Lord Bebbington
Flaming Wodkas FC (Poland)
The Lost Saxons (Faroe Islands)

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