HTUA XI: And The Winner Is……

For the eleventh season i a row. The managers of HTUM has voted for the best of the best and for the first time all who got a vote will be listed on this blog. But before the winners will become official i would like to thank you all for taking part in HTUA XI. 146 votes has been given to our 101 nominees this season. In some categories there was a tie and i have drawn the winners of the categories. Therefor i have decided not to show the numbers of votes but i have listed the ones who got a vote and in the right order so you can see who was in front of your candidates or the one you was voting for.


Best Goalkeeper:
1. Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne (Rochdale United)

2. Mustafa Tharwat (The Warriors of Sahura)
3. Benoît Gervais (FC Prague Slivers)
4. Jürgen Keppler (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
5. Lee ‘Jubilee’ Johnson (Wincobank Ironopolis)

Best Defender:
1. Oldřich “The Ghost” Páleník (Horus Falcons)

2. Hieronim ‘Lucky’ Łukasiuk (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
3. Aybars Uysal (The Flaming Wodkas FC)
4. Dilipkumar Khare (AS Uijeongbu 07)
5. Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates (Rochdale United)
6. Al Hayden (Pig Hunters)

Best Wingback:
1. Tamal Tope (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Željko Lukić (Rochdale United)
3. Sebastian Szolc (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
4. Danila Turanskiy (Pig Hunters)
5. Janosch Eppelsheimer (FC Rünenberg)

Best Midfielder:
1. Loke “Naglfar” Dommergaard (Horus Falcons)

2. Ki-Tak Kim (AS Uijeongbu 07)
3. Alun Anderson (Wincobank Ironopolis)
4. Nik Zenger (FC Rünenberg)
5. Sobiesław Hełmecki (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)

Best Winger:
1. Otakar ‘Coufy’ Coufalík (FC Prague Slivers)

2. Gerhard ‘Gepard’ Kölbl (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)
3. Pascal “The Axe” Stuhldreher (Horus Falcons)
4. Hyun-Seok Baek (AS Uijeongbu 07)

Best Forward:
1. Gu Xianjing (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Rastislav ‘Messi’ Jelínek (FC Prague Slivers)
3. Rob Arkell (Pig Hunters)
4. Robin Arnull (Wincobank Ironopolis)
5. Grigory ‘The Killer’ Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
6. Jaume Medina Abascal (Rochdale United)
7. Malte Wehrda (FC Rünenberg)

Best Talent:
1. Mustafa Tharwat (The Warriors of Sahura)

2. Ross Oram (Pig Hunters)
3. Jean-Marie Lesueur (SK Brann)
4. Roland Jolidon (FC Rünenberg)
5. Günter Lepers (Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno)

Best Youth Player:
1. Scott Sands (The Charles Colbourne appreciation society)

2. Miguel McNamara (Hartwell Hornets)
3. Bum-Goon Lim (Chosun Young Boys)
4. Fahmy Abd El Rahman (The Arrows of Sekhmet)
5. Samin Mondol (Tranquebar Talent Factory)

1. Gu Xianjing (AS Uijeongbu 07)

2. Grigory Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
3. Václav Louženský (FC Prague Slivers)
4. Loke “Naglfar” Dommergaard (Horus Falcons)
5. Jes ‘Kniksen’ Steinicke (SK Brann)

Best blog:
1. SK Brann

2. AS Uijeongbu 07
3. FC Rünenberg
4. The Flaming Wodkas FC

Best Blog Post :
1. Zombie (The Flaming Wodkas)

2. It’s up to you, he said! (FC Rünenberg)
3. Legend (Los Mejores Futbol Club)
4. A Decade On Hattrick (Wincobank Ironopolis)

Best Image:
1. Steinicke at Nymark (SK Brann)

2. Lonely Manager (The Flaming Wodkas)
3. President Kiknavelidze (The Flaming Wodkas)
4. Five goals Bolshakov (Football Club Tranquebar)
5. Dogfight (AS Uijeongbu 07)

Manager Of The Season:
1. Horus70

2. Hubeq
3. Politzia

About Hojris

The manager and proud owner of MS Odense since 2008 and manager of Football Club Tranquebar since 2013. Member of Mission Superliga since 2009, Chairman of HTU Managers since 2011 and the founder of HU-Press (2011). Last but not least former host on Radiotrick, and also had a short stint as MOD in Denmark (2011-2012).